Application and selection of personnel Bad Practice: Women belong to the stove?

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Women's quota and gender equality are the subject of heated discussions. But neither in the job nor in private life, we are already as far as many think. Insights into the personnel selection in a German Company. Application and selection of personnel Bad Practice: Women belong to the stove? job interview

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Open letter to a person


Recently there was on Edition F one looking open letter by reader Anne-Lu. I became aware of this Nina Kalmeyer via Facebook, The letter was addressed to the staff member of a - unfortunately not mentioned - company, in which the young woman had been made representations for a job.

The application documents had apparently convinced that the applicant had been invited to the Assessment Center, had convinced here, too. In the last round only she and another male candidate were left, both had to give a presentation.

This is how personnel selection in Germany is


The description says a lot about how staff selection in Germany actually works: "There were four men and a woman sitting at the table, she was the Equal Opportunity Officer and she looked at me with a smile, I shook your hand and introduced myself ... Everyone took notes, nobody asked for more about my family or our model of life. "

Women belong to the stove?


The constellation is indeed good for intimidation, especially if the gentlemen at the table not even imagine. But the fat dog at this description is yet to come: The woman did not get the job, it was already suspected. Behind the scenes, she was told that she was too inflexible for an 40-hour job because of her two children.

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She had not even been interested in the fact that childcare was completely organized by day care and husband - they had simply opened the drawer in their heads and put the applicant into it. Finished. The most glaring statement of the text but for me in a subordinate clause: "The catch is my children, the competitor would have one too, but that's where the woman is at home."

Deep-seated prejudices in the mind


The example clearly shows that this was not about childcare flexibility, but about advanced arguments and deep-seated prejudices. And it shows once more where we really stand when it comes to gender equality in Germany - despite all the discussion on the issue of the female quota.

Perhaps it would have been better, Anne-Lu would have tried the general Equal Treatment Act and had complained about this obvious discrimination - the whole of the media had been accompanied. Then the name of the company would have gone through the press as a frightful example, and perhaps at least some of the people with similar attitudes would have led to some frightened reflection.

Personally, I understand very well that she has spared this stress, which is also really expensive. And who wants to be in one? Company work in which he has sued. However, this only shows once again that the supposed private problems of many applicants also have a political dimension. And that's why you have to talk about it. So let's go for it!

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  1. Thomas Maier

    This is a particularly negative example of unsuccessful personnel selection. Although an elaborate AC was carried out, great mistakes were made in the personal conversation, whereby the meaningfulness of the selection process is lost.

    In principle, the conversation is intended to solve all doubts. In this case, the issue of flexibility on the part of the children should have been addressed. If unclear points are not addressed in a personal interview, the decision will be made later on by reason of speculation and that is exactly what is to be excluded.

    Companies can also consult external consultants for the selection of personnel, in order to avoid such cases. Through a professional selection of employees, employers decide for the right candidate or the right candidate and the positive external impact of the personnel selection process is also not to be despised.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Maier,
      thank you for your contribution, which have brought you very nicely to the point. One wonders why the applicant was invited at all. Your self-promotion but I took out.

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