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Application - the best cover letter: 10 Do's & Don'ts

Covering an application, also known as application letter, is a challenge for many applicants - and quite honestly, nobody really likes it either. Dr. Job shows 10 Do's & Don'ts applicants should be aware of. Who likes cover letters? You have discovered an interesting job advertisement? Then it's time to bring your application documents to fruition. Once the curriculum vitae has been updated, the job profile of the job must be examined in more detail, followed by a letter of application. "Ladies and Gentlemen ...," Hello Mr. Meier ... "," I hereby apply ... "Cover letters of applications are tricky and no one really knows what to write. The cover letter reflects your motivation and abilities. The way to the perfect cover letter The wording is always dependent on the advertised job and the company behind it. In the best case, you already clearly show in the application text that you are the perfect candidate. Dr. Job wants to make applicants as easy as possible and reveals five Do's & Don'ts in each case, which you should keep in mind when writing the application text. What should not be missing? What can you do without today? Do's Take What Are You Applying For? Referring to the subject of your application, refer to the title of the vacant position and the company. To do this, use the original name used in the job description (eg "Process Engineering / Chemical Engineer (m / w) at XY Co. KG."). But even the salutation has some pitfalls: more general or address someone directly? Study the job description carefully and see if you can not find the name of a specific contact person. If not, a call and a consultation with the company are worthwhile: "To whom can I address my application ...?" This shows commitment and interest. Use your cover letter also for form applications Form applications are very much in vogue. This is mainly due to the fact that they ... Read more