Application - the optimal cover letter: 10 Do's & Don'ts

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The letter of a Application, also known as application letter, is a challenge for many applicants - and quite honestly, nobody really likes it either. Dr. Job shows 10 Do's & Don'ts applicants should be aware of. Application - the optimal cover letter: 10 Do's & Don'ts application - the optimal cover letter: 10 Do's & Don'ts

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Who likes cover letters?


Have you found an interesting job vacancy? Then it means: Application documents on Vordermann bring. Is the Curriculum vitae once updated, the profile's requirement profile has to be looked at more closely and then the application letter has to be written.

"Ladies and Gentlemen ...," Hello Mr. Meier ... "," I am applying for this ... "Job applications are tricky and no one really knows what to write, and the cover letter reflects your motivation and abilities.

The way to the perfect cover letter


The formulation is always dependent on the job and the company behind it. In the best case you already show clearly in the application text that you are the perfect candidate.

Dr. Job wants to make it as easy as possible for applicants and reveals five Do's & Dont's, which you should always consider when applying the application text. What can not be missing? What can we do without today?

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  1. Take a look What do you apply for? Take in the subject of yours Application Reference to the title of the vacant position and the company. To do this, use the original name used in the job description (eg "Process Engineering / Chemical Engineer (m / w) at XY Co. KG."). But even the salutation has some pitfalls: more general or address someone directly? Study the job description carefully and see if you can not find the name of a specific contact person. If not, a call and a consultation with the company are worthwhile: "To whom can I address my application ...?" This shows commitment and interest.
  2. Use your cover letter also for form applications Form applications are fully up-to-date. This is mainly due to the fact that they are extremely practical due to the time savings involved - especially for companies. But for applicants it is often the case here: Only an application with cover letter is a complete application! As a rule, forms do not exempt the applicant from submitting a complete cover letter. This can usually be integrated under the heading "Upload additional documents" (or similar). Please refer to the information on the application process for a reference to the required documents.
  3. Leave a signature Add a handwritten signature at the end of your application text. Together with your name in print letters, you support the credibility and validity of your application text and can not be missing in a professional cover letter as well as in your CV. Use an appropriate pencil and scan the signature borderlessly.
  4. Stay consistent Even if the curriculum vitae and the cover letter are separated files, they still create your digital application portfolio. Therefore, you should pay attention to a uniform layout - not only the font, but also the font size, the line spacing as well as the foot and / or header are to be found in cover letter and CV.
  5. Be brief Certainly you have a lot to tell, especially when it comes to explaining gaps in your CV or changing your business, and to put them in the right light. But in general, a cover letter should not be more than one page. Therefore, focus on your essential professional qualifications that are relevant to the job and specifically formulate your motivation. If you can convince here, there is still enough space to explain everything else in the personal conversation.



  1. Avoid the inconsequential Take enough time to write your application text. The reader should notice that you have really dealt with the job. Qualities such as teamwork, flexibility and a sense of responsibility are important, but most often do not distinguish you from other applicants. Take a close look at the tender and consider how to reconcile your particular strengths with the requirement profile of the job. For example, if the job requires an "independent and diligent manner of working," you may prove your experience in independently managing projects that require a high degree of self-organization, conscientiousness, and sense of duty.
  2. Do not hide your personality Be individual and avoid standard phrases like "... I am applying for the position ..." or "... I could immediately identify with the profile of the advertised job". Be yourself - dare to give your application a personal touch, whether through a little humor, a special style of writing or a creative start. Show with a little tact, why you are the best candidate for the company.
  3. Avoid careless mistakes Please handle your application conscientiously. After all, there is nothing more annoying than grammar or spelling mistakes caused by pure negligence. In the worst case, even if the other qualifications meet the requirements of the position, this even threatens to be selected from the application process. To avoid these mistakes, ask friends or acquaintances to read with an alert eye over your text. Alternatively, it helps to cover the cover letter a few hours and then have a look again.
  4. Do not make it hard for the reader Just as in a well-written story: Put up sensory sections. This will help the reader to understand their application text more easily. Consider: Per application, a person responsible for the staff usually does not spend more than two minutes (according to our experience). So write an exciting short story and no novel. You should also refrain from long chess sets. This contributes significantly to a positive overall impression of your person and increases your chances of narrow selection.
  5. Avoid impropriety You should not lose a bad word about your old or current employer, not just in the application interview, but already in the application form. This could be a sign of lack of loyalty on your part and will not be seen at a potential new employee. Nobody would like to imagine how bad his opponent could talk about him in the future.

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