Application and Job Search for Graduates: 12 Tips for Perfect Online Reputation

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For job search also continues to be among one of the most important ways yes, in times of job recommendations by employees increasingly important: the personal recommendation of candidates, which is a very important indicator of its quality to employers.

Application and Job Search for Graduates: 12 Tips for Perfect Online Reputation

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Luise Köhler Luise_KoehlerLuise Köhler is an online editor at the ABSOLVENTA job exchange.


Without a personal recommendation, it is not

If your own employee recommends a new candidate, this is based on a special relationship of trust. This automatically benefits you as an applicant.

It is therefore advisable always to inaugurate friends and acquaintances, if you are looking for a job. Because even if social networks, online job boards and Co. offer many opportunities, a personal conversation can sometimes say more than a thousand typed words.

Your own reputation in the net

As part of their own job search, one should always keep in mind that the staff also use the Internet to get information about applicants and increasingly also to search for suitable candidates.

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For this reason it is advisable to keep an eye on the reputation of the company - the so-called online reputation. This means that one not only avoids publishing unwanted or too private information on the Internet, but also deliberately places references.


The starting point here is the professional profile in the business network. From there you can set links to reference pages, such as the homepage of clubs or initiatives that you belong to or your own blog.

Likewise one can link his published presentations and study works. This gives the potential employer a good overview of services already provided and their own commitment.

Use online job exchanges correctly

In addition to their own positioning in the net, one usually does not go around the active search via online job portals. The problem: in Germany alone, thousands of them are on the net. It is hard to keep track.

In principle, a distinction is made between generalists who offer all types of vacancies, job meta search engines that collect job openings from all job exchanges and special job exchanges that focus on a particular target group. According to the Crosspro-Research-User Survey the latter are becoming increasingly important not only for university graduates.

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Special job exchanges: increasingly important for graduates

The advantage: In a special job exchange, only vacancies relevant to a particular industry or target group, such as university graduates, are published. Many job seekers therefore give them greater competence when it comes to finding a suitable job.

More and more companies are taking advantage of this to address the most appropriate candidates - without scattering losses. For the job seeker it is the great advantage that one finds high-quality and above all suitable jobs and does not loose the overview in the wust of the offer.

How some applicants throw themselves out of the race via Google

Especially in times of tight jobs, it is important with his Casting to get the best possible impression. But who is then asked in the interview, whether he likes to drink a thirst, can be sure that he did not succeed: Much more likely, the HR has found the pictures from the last party on the Internet. A faux pas that is avoidable.

It can be more than embarrassing when you're suddenly being asked about old photos or network posts at the interview. Because the reputation is damaged first, it is difficult to iron it again. Therefore, one should actively take care of his online reputation in good time.

12 tips on what you can do to improve your online reputation

Look for entries about yourself: You should know what you can find on the net about you .. Use Yahoo and Google and people search engines.

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  1. Stay up-to-date all the time: two minutes a day is enough - ask about your online image as often as your private one eMailget s. If you have set up a “personal Internet news service” at Google Alerts, this will be done automatically via anyway eMail.
  2. Create your own content: Even if you can not always prevent negative content - with your own content you make sure that only positive things about you appear on the first search pages on Google.
  3. Operate Search Engine Optimization: Make Sure You're Found - Professionals Call It Search Engine Optimization (SEO Search Engine Optimization).
  4. Your own domain pays off: Important for findability in search engines: Get your name online - with a homepage that bears your name (.com, .net, .eu, etc.).
  5. Create as many profiles as possible: Create as many profiles in social networks as Xing, Facebook and Co. as possible and network them with each other. Of course, only information that you want to find should be included here. Therefore, do not create more profiles than can help you.
  6. Own blogs or homepages are better: Studies show that the best and most effective image maintenance in the network is operated with its own Internet presence (homepage / blog).
  7. Blogs - the best image maintenance: Search engines love blogs - the more often you update your Internet presence or write new entries in connection with your name, the sooner your page will be at the top of the search results.
  8. Posts in other blogs: Sometimes it is enough to be specifically interviewed by bloggers or journalists or leave good comments in blogs. Guest contributions in a renowned blog can also help.
  9. No ostrich policy: Avoid the “ostrich policy”. Whoever does nothing and does not communicate leaves the field to others.
  10. Acting in time: If you only become active when you notice that there are unwelcome content circulating on the internet, that is too late, because image cultivation first has to be laboriously built up.
  11. Have unfortunate data deleted: If you discover unwelcome information about yourself on third-party websites, you can ask the operator for deletion. However, you usually do not have a legal handle. If your image problem gets out of hand and you can no longer cope with it as an individual, do not be shy away from going to professionals. There are so-called Reputation Defenders that help restore your reputation.

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  1. Katharina Heder

    Which is also important for your own reputation: Some jobs are simply not expelled, but mediated through their own network.

    In that sense, it is simply about making suitable contacts online.

    • Simone Janson

      Thanks for the important hint. We have already published a lot of this - an overview of the most important theses can be found here: job-social-recruiting /

  2. Competencepartner

    Application & Job Search for Graduates - Part 3: Online Reputation - Without Recommendation, it's not just ... # Profession # Education

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