Applying for the future - 5 tips: How to make your resume a success

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Hand on heart: How convincing is your CV? And you probably spent hours and hours making it as perfect as possible. After all, it is our ticket to a company. 5 tips for the Casting the future. Applying for the future - 5 tips: How to make your resume a success

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5 questions and answers about the CV of the future

For the CV of the future, 3 has crucial questions:

  1. How important the CV is to employers.
  2. How do future applications have to look?
  3. Which channel is the most suitable for the application?
  4. What does he look like, the perfect CV?
  5. How can we best present ourselves to the employer?

We all want to leave the job interview with a smile on our face. But to be invited in the first place, we need the right curriculum vitae. At least at this point, many wonder if they have an honest CV opportunities over the competition. According to a recent Monster poll, just under 80% of respondents have never been to one Casting lied.

Study shows a view into the future

Excellent. To be honest does not mean anything bad. It is absolutely important to present your employer sincerely and authentically.

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So here are five tips on how you can apply creatively, honestly and successfully in the future - based on the Monster study series “Recruiting Trends 2016” and “Application Practice 2016” from the Center of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS) at the University of Bamberg.

5 Tips for Applicants

With an honest curriculum vitae, you can wrap your employer around your finger, using the best application form,

1. Creative and unusual hangers

If you are looking for a job vacancy, you are not the only applicant. Especially with good addresses the crowds are high. In the top 1.000 companies, 48 receives applications for a job offer - almost half of the applications are considered intensively. So that their CV falls below this 50 percent, a recommendation:

Creativity and individuality are important components of professional life - of course this starts with the first step, the application. Consider a cover letter with a creative hanger and convince with a fancy resume. But watch out, it's not about being convulsively creative. It is about providing evidence of the skills and knowledge required for the job. The more creative the industry, the more creative the application can be, because that proves that you know the business

2. Please note the application form

Their own personality is to show from the beginning and to emphasize the advantages and knowledge. But how do you best approach the application? One possibility is the visualization in the form of an application video or an infographic. According to the Monster study, companies see a growing importance in this. Nevertheless, the classic cover letter is still up-to-date and an important part of the application. However, this will decrease in the future.

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It always depends on the industry in which you are applying. The personal application can take place in the form of a classic personal cover letter, but also by submitting an individual application video or by creating a creative infographic to the person. You need to be clear about whether it is appropriate for the job and the industry.

3. Short profiles are on the advance

For companies, short profiles, such as those from careers networks, are becoming increasingly important. The profile includes your application photo, curriculum vitae as well as special abilities and knowledge. It can be published in careers networks and Internet job boards. The benefit of such a profile? Companies can quickly get a brief overview of your person and know who your application is.

The Monster study found that short profiles compared to last year have become much more important to jobseekers. The surveyed participants assume that this trend will continue in the future. The company survey also shows a similar trend: Although the short profiles still only play an important role for a few companies, this will change in the future. Get familiar with careers networks.

4. One-click application as a future trend

Digitalization is making our world ever faster. Simply creating a short profile means that time-consuming application procedures and cover letters can be shortened by importing your current applicant profile from a career network or résumé database into the database of the desired company with a click of the mouse.

Results of the 2016 recruiting trends show that 17,3 percent of the surveyed Top 1.000 companies classify the one-click application as an important application channel, which will become more and more important in the future.

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Therefore: Dare to send one-click applications in the future, because more than half of the companies are open to this application form. The advantage for you? You save time. According to the Monster study, many of you would like to miss the cover letter in an application, and some even have your cover letter written by someone else. But remember: Honesty lasts the longest.

5. The right channel for your application

According to the Monster study, the paper-based application portfolio has had its day. In view of the first four tips, it was already clear that the trend is moving more and more towards “online”. Companies increasingly tend to apply via form, while job seekers prefer to over eMails want to advertise.

However, make the effort to fill out a form, it should not be a reason not to apply for the dream job. The advantage of a form application: Companies can ask you relevant questions and you can systematically answer questions about your CV.

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