Companies and senior customers: Get ready for the target group of the future!

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The seniors of today (and tomorrow) are the richest and only growing audience. The new target group grows where few people suspect: the old! And not only when it comes to rollators. High time to take a closer look.

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What you should know about the target group of the future


The people in Germany are getting older. Demographic change is not only the social system, but also the Company facing great challenges.

Former manager Helmut Muthers specializes in the megatrend "social aging" as well as the opportunities and challenges resulting from the aging of customer and employee structures.

What does the older company mean for business


In his book he comprehensively and comprehensively examines the question of what this development means for companies in Germany and how they have to be prepared for it.

For example, Muthers has observed that "today's older customers buy significantly differently than in the past and, above all, distinctly different from young customers."

Higher demands and expectations


Thus, writes Muthers, the demands and expectations of older people are much higher than the younger generation, above all in terms of politeness and service, and if the expectations of the companies are not met, the older customers will draw much more radical consequences :

They switch to the competition. As a rule, they do not give a second chance. Even supposed little things can have devastating consequences.

Love withdrawal because of 2 Euro


As an example, the author mentions a married couple who celebrated his wedding day in a very good restaurant and at the end of the evening overpaid more than 150 Euro for food and drink. Everyone was in the best mood, and the waiter could also enjoy a generous tip.

The good mood disappeared immediately, as the couple should pay two euros at the coat rack for his coats. The couple was so upset about it that it turned its back on this restaurant forever and also told friends about this negative experience. The restaurant is said to have gone bankrupt some years later.



With his book, Helmut Muthers presents an "Instructions for the up-to-date handling of the 50 + generation of consumption and work professionals".

The book contains a wealth of suggestions, tips and examples on how companies can often adapt to the needs of the aging population - be it customers or employees. A good and readable book on an important topic.

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