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Application with motivation letters in the job: 5 steps - individuality is trump

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While in the case of applications for a workplace, a motivation letter is often left out, these are usually a matter of course in a study application. They can also be very helpful for applicants.


Writing for you: Sonja Bayer is a Betriebswirtin & Personalreferentin at SOLCOM Unternehmensberatung GmbH.

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Letter of motivation - an underrated instrument

Motivational writing is not only an annoying part of your application, but can be a decisive factor in the selection process. But this is unfortunately underestimated by many contenders.

When the motivation letter is exactly used and how you can distinguish yourself successfully from other applicants, I will show you in the following five steps:

1. Reasons for motivation

With the motivation letter, which is also known under "the third page" and thus follows the cover letter and the CV, the applicant has once again the chance to emphasize his qualities. But be careful: Use the creative cover letter only if it is explicitly desired or you feel that you can achieve a decisive advantage for yourself. For some of the staff only see the repetition of already given information of the preliminary pages, so that they are not given any attention and your work was futile love effort.

Instead, spend a good deal of time writing a well thought-out and job-specific motivation letter instead of adding a slightly modified version to each application. Especially in the creative industry, such as journalism, where a decent style of writing is a good thing, more attention is paid to the letter of motivation. But also Company, which receive tons of applications, use the letter to make a first preselection.

2. Why is individuality so important?

The motivation letter carries your personal touch and, depending on the content request, either includes your central skills or your direct motivation for the job you are writing. Often, the two points can be combined so that you can put your skills directly into the workplace.

Based on your motivation writing, it is possible to deduce how intensively you have dealt with the job. Do you go into the details and show an active interest, or do you only scratch the content of the website and go into the mass? As you put a motivation letter, which shows true commitment, the next section illustrates for you.

3. How should a motivation letter be built up?

In principle, a DinA4 page is perfectly adequate for motivation writing. Finally, only the most striking points are included in such a letter. Writing is, in principle, written in the I-form.

The name, address, telephone number as well as e-mail address belong to the letterhead as in the usual cover letter. In order to underline the individuality of your motivation letter, you also use a direct contact instead of a general approach. However, you must be absolutely sure that an incorrect addressing is a criterion for an immediate exclusion of applications. In addition, you can use your motivation letter to demonstrate your verbosity and good writing style. A well-chosen formulation can therefore be a decisive criterion in the course of the application process.

  1. The teaser A small but decisive part of the writing makes up the heading. It provides the reader with an incentive to read your cover letter. However, you do not achieve this by means of flat, uninspired and trite formulations, such as "motivation letters", but by a chosen offensive address: "Why I fill your position optimally," "That qualifies me for the post ..." or "That you should know me ". For the sake of clarity of your motivation notes, you can insert subordinate sub-headings.
  2. The introduction Choose a clear and meaningful introductory sentence, which animated as well as the heading for further reading. Again, it is necessary to keep away from standard flutes à la "I am very much for ..." and instead to operate creative self-service. Here you should list your main argument, which is why you are suitable for this position. To emphasize your motivation once again, it is helpful to name a career goal to which you want to arrive. This not only conveys the reader's sense of purpose, but also provides him with a well-thought-out career plan, which underpins your argument.
  3. The main part Try to see the motivation letter as a kind of supplement to your cover letter and resume to prevent unnecessary repetitions. Highlight individual aspects that have not found place within the standard application documents but still represent a relevant criterion for the application. If your CV contains gaps, you have the opportunity to take a position and submit a plausible explanation. At the center, however, is your motivation, why you should have this job and you should have it. As honesty lasts longest, you should always state your sincere motives rather than let yourself be guided by what the other person would like to hear. Do not worry!
  4. The end Here you have the possibility to issue a self-confident statement with regard to the position. Put a clear and direct response: "I am looking forward to a positive feedback in the form of a personal conversation." The subjunctive used here frequently weakens your previous argument and should not be used if possible.

4. What points should the motivation letter include?

A motivation letter should of course not only convince formally, but also content. In general, therefore, it should include the following aspects:

  • Why do you want this job absolutely?
  • What makes you particularly attractive at this job?
  • What sets you apart from the other applicants?
  • What profitable qualities do you bring for the job?
  • Why choose one for you?

5. Fazit

In order to make your motivation letter a successful project, you should never take over this or related articles parts one by one. The article is only an orientation and source of inspiration.

The writing lives through your own performance and embellishment. With strong reasoning, well-founded motivation, and obvious interest in the business, you have a solid foundation for successful writing. I wish you success !

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