How international semesters of career help: Get into the adventure

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More and more students graduate from a foreign semester. This means not only doing something for the career, but also pure adventure. But what has to be considered? How foreign countries help the career: go into the adventure study-abroad

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Comfort or adventure?


A few years ago quite a few students for an overseas semester to enter, is growing more and more. However, this is not the only reason why one can push the career decisively.

For the Germans and young people in particular are very down-to-earth and often have difficulties getting used to the new life. However, it has been particularly promoted in recent years that the fear of building a "new" life for a year is falling.

Is an international semester necessary?


In itself, it is always so beautiful that in Germany a professional deficit dominates. However, and you have to see quite clearly, the employers are particularly selective. Jobs that you have for a lifetime are no longer there, and many professionals are simply swapped after a few years, as they become too expensive.

To this end, new employees, if possible, are hired directly from the university, thus reducing the initial salary again. Many employers are no longer satisfied with their studies and require further study, which makes it more difficult for them to get a good job. An international semester may be helpful.

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Experience abroad in the CV


The reasons for this are diverse. Not only because the language, usually English, has been greatly improved, and this is almost perfect in spoken and written. Also, the student can score with foreign experience. For the most part an internship is also completed during the semester abroad, which can also be very helpful (source:

But also the fact that you have "alone" in another country has found right, brings a lot of plus points. This shows the future employer that one has a certain organization and also independence. Thus, a foreign semester is not necessarily necessary, but it can actually open doors and is practically the "icing" in the curriculum vitae.

How to help foreigners of the career: go to the adventure study-abroad2

What are the advantages Company?


Even companies that hire someone with a foreign experience have certain advantages. Because not only the language skills are an advantage, the following points are also very interesting for companies:

  1. The company has a location in the country If the company has a location in the country, it is of course advantageous if you have already gained experience here. This is probably the case with market characteristics. But the culture and the local mentality are also particularly important for the company if you want to work together internationally.
  2. The company hopes for contact If the new employee has contacts to another country, the company also hopes to profit from these contacts. Especially when the company is currently building something in this country.

Further information


Of course, this always depends on many factors, whether a foreign semester is striven for. Many useful information about a semester abroad can be found at

Here, prospective customers can get information about all important things in advance, receive tips and help and can choose from a list, with numerous universities, their favorites. Furthermore, there are a lot of experience reports that could make the decision easier.

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