Selling on Amazon: How's the internet giant ticking?

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Inspired by the violent Discussions on selling on Amazon Best of HR –® Let's now discuss the opportunities and risks that the marketplace offers to potential start-ups.


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Markus Fost markus-fostMarkus Fost is the winner of the Vendor Award and in business development as well as a member of the Management Board at metabo.


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How does Amazon® tick?

Amazon®.de opened its virtual doors in 1998 after the parent company Amazon®.com, founded in Seattle by Jeff Bezoz in the year 1995, has already achieved a remarkable development. Nowadays the company belongs to the Fortune 500.

The secret of success is likely to be found in the founder's basic attitude: "We see our customers like the invited guests at a party and we are the hosts!" - This quote has been handed down by Jeff Bezoz, multi-billionaire and founder of Amazon®.com and hits the nail on the head.

If you really want to understand how Amazon is ticking, you have to look at the history of the company.

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The story of Amazon®

Amazon® started as a pure online bookstore. The process quality of a smooth processing and fast delivery convinced numerous customers.

Amazon® therefore quickly expanded the range to include media-related products Article and thus became a mega department store that covers almost all product groups that people consume, from A to car tires to Z to toothbrushes.

How high are the sales

The sales of Amazon® in Germany are generally not published, but these can be derived relatively precisely over the 10-K Filings of Amazon®. The figure below shows Amazon® derived revenues in the years 2007-2010 by product group.

As can be seen from the table, the non-media sector was already in the year 2010 a nearly as strong sales column as the media sector itself, and in the meantime it should even exceed this significantly.


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Rapid growth also in Germany

The rapid growth of Amazon®, which also takes place in the German market, can also be seen. This can only be achieved by a massive expansion of the product range or range.

This is why Amazon®.com began its opening up of its leading e-commerce platform in 2000, also for retailers and retailers. The Amazon® volume was born.

Full service for retailers

This enables retailers not only to use the entire sales platform, but also offers them logistics services, e-fulfillment or e-payment services as convenient online payment methods.

Thus, Amazon®.de, taking into account the market traders in the year 2010, comes to a trading volume of 4,9 billion. Taking into account the annual growth in sales of Amazon®.de over the past four years, which is an average of approx. 34 per cent per year, 2013 has a forecast of a trading volume of 11,8 billion EUR in Germany alone!

The secret of success

Thus Amazon®.de is not only by far the largest e-commerce provider on the German market, but also the online retail company with the highest growth rates. In e-commerce, Amazon® can therefore be described as an absolute “market maker”, similar to Apple® in the area of ​​IT / entertainment electronics.

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Amazon's mission is to be the place where customers quickly and conveniently find everything they want to buy, and at a great price. This mission and Amazon's vision to be the most knowledgeable company in the world have so far been unmatched.

What counts for the customer?

Here, Amazon® takes into account six main aspects, which are the most important to the customer in the long term, such as a favorable selection and a wide assortment. You will find an overview on the following figure: amazon2

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  1. Benjamin Wagener

    So if you already publish excerpts from a book here, then you should make it consistent and publish the content mentioned in the extract accordingly.

    “Figure h in the appendix shows the derived sales of Amazon® in the years 2007-2010 by product group.”

    What attachment? The picture is missing.

    “So the table above shows that the non-media area
    Already in the year 2010 a nearly as strong sales column as the
    Media sector itself, and in the meantime it has even become clear
    should surpass. "

    Which table? There is no to see.

    So the whole thing has an effect, just copy & paste divided into several parts, without sense and understanding. The series “The 7 pillars of the resilience success factor” is also not much better, because not one article after another comes after the other, but in principle only one article, which is formulated accordingly, piece by piece is expanded.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Benjamin,

      thanks for the hint. Unfortunately, we made a mistake and displayed the wrong table. The first table above was originally at this point, but I have you then wg. of the layout. We correct that. I have asked the author for the correct table. Can take a while, sorry.

      What bothers you because that excerpts from books that you would otherwise have to buy expensive, make available free of charge? If we were to contribute all the parts, no one would read because of the length. And the resilience series is very well received, as the positive feedback proves:

      • Benjamin Wagener

        It does not bother me that extracts from books are published. I would just customize it a little for publishing in the blog in the wording. So it reads for me simply very wry.

        • Simone Janson

          I will pass this on to the authors. Unfortunately this is always a bit difficult with the rights between publisher and author. And also a question of time.

          In addition, books are written quite differently: for example, you are automatically bouncing more, because you have a lot more space, a blog post quickly gets to the point and communicates directly with the reader. Unfortunately, the authors do not always have the time to write a blog post.

          • Benjamin Wagener

            Then I would consider whether it would not be more meaningful then the readability because of the reading sample as a PDF or so in a framework of the literary work and the respective excerpt commenting blog article. But finally, this is your blog, you need to know what you like.

          • Simone Janson

            Hello Benjamin,

            yes, the request for printable texts we had schonmal.

          • Benjamin Wagener

            Well, the texts are also printable. Ne round copy & paste or appropriate supporting browser addons and done.

          • Simone Janson

            I would have thought also, but it gave just the request. Apparently, many readers would like to have an expressive button. And: of course, the texts are not as nicely legibly formatted as in the PDF, but that is just synonymous complex.

    • Simone Janson

      The table is now here ;-)

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