Self-motivation - 12 Instant Tips: Get out of the habit trap

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We should be successful, productive and always in a good mood - but we can not always do it. 12 tips to get out of the motivational hole. Because we do more than we often believe.

Self-motivation - 12 Instant Tips: Get Out of the Habit Trap Self-Motivation - 12 Instant Tips: Get out of the habit trap

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Lack of motivation: Against the big and small sag

Who does not know them, the small and big slacks, motivational holes and drops in productivity - in short: the moments in which suddenly nothing works, even though you have so much to do? And then you suddenly hang around, have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, can only laboriously get up to doing the bare necessities, even though you were so enthusiastic yesterday.

But, as our picture shows, we often do more than we think. Often we just have to throw overboard depressing beliefs such as ballast and also reconsider one or the other habit that we might have thought of as creating identity, and then start with that positive energy.

Self-motivation - curse and blessing

But beware: Especially about self-employed and even more people who work alone at home, hovering these motivational difficulties constantly like a sword of Damocles - and indeed in several ways.

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Because on the one hand, the blessing of free timing in such situations quickly becomes a curse, because no one forces, for example, to work out in the morning. On the other hand, there is also a lack of regular contact with others who would help you to get out of the motivational hole. But what do you do against temporary or permanent demotivation? Here are some suggestions:

12 Instant Tips to Keep Motivating Yourself

  1. Recognize reasons: First of all, find out the reason for the motivational hole. Are you just overworked or are there underlying causes?
  2. Switch off: Often a low of motivation or even a disease is a signal of the body that it simply needs rest. So instead of trying to work it out at any cost, it helps to put an end sooner, to enjoy peace and relaxation, but also exercise in the fresh air.
  3. Treat yourself: Those who work perfectionistly, but stressed permanently, think lastly that doing something good in between can sometimes have unimagined effects on productivity. "Do that, but then finally ..." you think, but the mountain of work never gets smaller. Result: We lose sight of what we actually work for, and with it we also lose the fun of working.
  4. Something nice undertake: If you want to treat yourself, you should just do something that is fun for him - alone or together with nice people. Laughter works wonders.
  5. Think positive: Especially when we are tired, we often judge situations much more negative than they are. It helps to focus on the positive things in life or at work - and maybe just a night to sleep over it.
  6. Rethink goals: Sometimes we are so busy with our work that we completely forget why we actually do certain things. We should ask ourselves that just in between times. Because sometimes we find it amazed that our goals have changed - but we are still on the old track and should as possible change lanes in order to get going again.
  7. Set new goals: If you realize that the goal is no longer appropriate or if you have already achieved your goal, then it helps to set new, better matching goals. This is not as easy as it sounds, because often your own wishes have been buried under a mountain of duties. Sometimes it helps to bring back childhood and adolescent goals or to remember moments when you were really happy and contented. What did you want then, what was better then? That's exactly what the new direction should be.
  8. Do something crazy: To develop one's goals, it sometimes helps to do something crazy and absurd. For example, a few years ago, I decided to integrate travel much more into my professional life, even though it did not actually have much to do with my work and therefore did not seem particularly sensible. It has given me a lot of inspiration and opened up new sources of revenue.
  9. Change little things: Again and again I read or hear about people who have decided to make radical changes in their lives. It does not have to be that sometimes it helps to change little things to become more motivated.
  10. Just say “no”: These little things include, for example, that you simply say “No” instead of constantly being bothered by other work. Or that you hand over work to others.
  11. Talk about the problem: To be clear about goals and motivations, it can help to talk to others about motivational issues and goals. This can also help, for example, to remember past goals. Only: The more people you ask, the more different opinions you get.
  12. Looking for professional help: When all else fails, and you just can not figure out the motivational hole, you may just be in the midst of depression - and then do not be shy about seeking professional help.

Conclusion: Conscious change of habits helps against missing motivation

If you act so consciously and perhaps even get rid of many a cherished habit, it is not so difficult to free yourself from the motivational hole, as you think.

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