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Andreas Schwarz is Head of HRD and Organizational Development at Media Company.

Self-Marketing for Applicants: Traumjob thanks to Employee Branding

Applicants can learn a lot from their potential employers. How to position yourself as a brand, for example, as an employee branding, analogous to the employer branding of companies. The joke here: Instead of searching for yourself, let yourself be found. You can find out how to do that here. branding

Self-marketing - an important factor for career success

More than ever, companies are fighting for the best minds on the job market. They attract with sabbaticals, ipads and flexible working hours to win the talents for themselves. It is close to the idea that the demanded workers can sit back and wait to be found. Or?

However, for the individual on the way to the dream position it is still not easy for the individual: A key factor for professional success is now more than ever a good self-marketing in the form of an own employee brand. This describes how to act as an employee in the public and - especially - how to be perceived.

3 Tips for Employee Branding

The basis for a successful employee brand is that the individual is aware of his strengths and successes and communicates them appropriately - be it in the CV or in discussions with supervisors or network partners. The starting point for this is deep self-reflection. Key questions:

  1. What can I do really well?
  2. What can I do even better than others?
  3. Which projects did I succeed in and what were they? Success Factors?

Employee brand and application process

Feedback from colleagues, friends and, if possible, superiors, also provides valuable hints and additions to self-reflection. Is the self-assessment estimated with a stranger estimation? Or differing from each other? If so, it may be due to the fact that the individual is under or over-estimated in some points, or that he has not been able to show his strengths clearly enough.

As soon as there is clarity about expertise and personal success factors, these need to be transferred to the application documents. In addition, a suitable oral brief description - a kind of “90-second spot” about yourself - should be developed. In this way, you can get to the point of what you “can” and “want”.

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Stay authentic and communicate purposefully

Important for all engagements and conversations: stay authentic! The effect of a professionally designed written as well as personal appearance will be ineffective if the potential client, employer or network partner gets the impression that the presented profile does not correspond to the core of the applicant's personality.

The second principle is: Communicate with target groups. This means that the individual should always keep the addressee's concerns in mind. In the best case, you present yourself as a “problem solver” for the interlocutor.

Position yourself on social media platforms consistently

In order to strengthen your expert status, it is advisable to create a personal website or blog on your own subject. Specialist communities are also increasingly found on the social web, for example on platforms such as facebook, Xing, LinkedIn or Experteer, with whom you can expand your professional network.

It should always be considered, which image you want to convey and how to present yourself accordingly. Because the target group is very heterogeneous. My recommendation: Everybody should emphasize what distinguishes him from others - and how he has already successfully supported others. These include example projects, references or success stories.

The Internet as a personal career platform

But not only career networks are relevant for the employee brand. HR managers and headhunters may also be interested in Facebook-Profiles, personal blogs and other activities on the social web - because here you can get an idea of ​​the potential applicant beyond the classic channels.

You should be aware of this and only share content with the interactive public, which would also be revealed in life outside the Internet. My tip: Everyone should take care to draw a uniform picture of themselves on all channels - on and offline. Then there is nothing to prevent a strong employee brand.

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    Very interesting article. This is exactly what it is in the executive search: to be well positioned and possibly found by a headhunter. ting /

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      Thanks, we will forward that to the author.

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    Self-Marketing for Applicants: Traumjob thanks to Employee Branding by Andreas Schwarz via PROFESSIONAL IMAGES - Recommended contribution YBba7p4Wj5

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