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Self-determined organization in the home office and on the go: 7 tips for the right mindset

What causes us stress is not too much work, it is work directed by others. And social conventions and the opinions of others often control us more than we are aware ourselves. What can we do against it?

Is Time Management Dead? No, but external control!

Some time ago, of all people, the pope of time management, Lothar Seiwert, declared time management dead. Because he has recognized: We cannot live more stress-free if we organize our time as efficiently as possible. But if we work independently instead of outside. Or in short: Those who do what they enjoy and what they can represent in front of themselves and others, live and work better.

External control is not only triggered by a boss who tells us what to do and what not to do. On the one hand, there is the notorious inner critic that we have to win over. And that's hard work! But there are also plenty of external critics who stir up our fears with their opinions and implicit expectations - and maybe let us do things that we don't want to do at all. How strong these expectations or resistances are can be felt at the latest when you protest against them.

An example from the social media sector

Everyone is talking about independent working in the home office. And this discussion shows very clearly: Self-determined work still does not want to work perfectly. Be it because the superiors do not trust themselves, their own self-discipline - or because everyone involved is still clinging to social conventions from the last millennium despite various technical innovations that could actually make their work better.

Some time ago, for example, a social media manager wrote and Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®-Author on why she is different from Facebook had passed. She has been heavily criticized for this - especially by her own colleagues in the industry. They doubted that a social media manager could afford to be on Facebook to renounce. The social coventions send their regards. But the young woman continues to go her own way. And defends it with clever arguments. For example, that in an increasingly complex world, specialization in certain areas is unavoidable. And that social innovations are only possible through such measures.

7 tips for self-determined work organization

I have summarized the arguments for an independent, self-determined way of working and also explained what exactly makes this more efficient. Below you will find 7 tips on how to find your own way despite criticism and outside regulation:

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  • Specialize: The world today is complex, knowledge unmanageable. This also applies to the internet and social media, which are constantly differentiating themselves into new developments. Nobody can see all technical developments. One has the entire strategy in mind, the other individual tools.
  • Just no perfectionism:  Of course, specialization also requires that you openly admit to excluding certain areas. This is difficult in a perfectionism work culture. For example, not every social media manager is proficient in handling critical comments. That is human and understandable, and one can be open to it.
  • Strong together: A good alternative to fighting each other is to cooperate. According to the motto “Together we are strong”, different skills can complement each other. Unfortunately, it is used far too seldom because at the end of the day everyone prefers to roast their own chicken and squints for the best place by the campfire.
  • Choose wisely:  Regardless of the specialization, it is important to find out where your target group is so that you can achieve your goals. For this you have to choose wisely: For companies that want to sell something or reach students, Facebook be your first choice. If, however, institutions and educational institutions want to reach company representatives, Xing as a business network and Twitter as a direct contact platform seem to be the more sensible communication channels.
  • Be an innovative trendsetter:  Younger people in particular have faced Facebook increasingly turned their backs and looked for new forms of expression. If you want to set trends instead of just chasing after conventions, you have to do things differently. It is normal to be criticized.
  • One cannot afford to work according to regulations:  The said Article Katharina Antonia Heder has also been criticized because there is a difference between the personal preferences of a social media manager and his professional duties. I see it differently: doing the job according to regulations, only doing tasks because they supposedly belong to them, usually does not lead to success. In today's world of work, we simply can no longer afford to invest time in something that we are not wholeheartedly involved in.
  • Use personal preferences:  On the contrary, everyone should specifically use their personal preferences. Those who do what interests them most are usually particularly good at it. So if you want to be professionally successful, you should invest your time in developing your own strengths.

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2 responses to "Self-determined organization in the home office and on the go: 7 tips for the right mindset"

  1. Meike says:

    As a social media manager, you are responsible for communication within the company and in social networks. You publish news, respond to internal and external inquiries and accompany discussions about products or services. An article along with an interesting book presentation https://urbandivision.de/social-media-manager-das-neue- Handbuch-von-vivien-pein/ gives an insight into this profession and the work. The activities of the social media manager often fall within the remit of press officers. Social media managers are mostly employed in PR agencies or the communication departments of larger companies and are often similar or, in the best case, interfaces between sales, product management and marketing.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Meike, thank you for the comment. You are absolutely right.

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