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Self-determined and financially independent living: 3 factors and 5 tips

Self-employed or entrepreneurs are always active. The days in the company are long. And not infrequently it is also about home at home Company and the desired goals. Life could be so beautiful, if you could enjoy the success financially independent once.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Self-employed and finances: until exhaustion

With enough work, the desired success and financial freedom must eventually come to an end. So at least the train of thought of many entrepreneurs and self-employed. Family or friends will fall by the wayside, as well as often enough their own free time. This can quickly lead to physical and mental ruin.

It is necessary to break this train of thought: working less and earning more is possible. However, to really achieve this goal, entrepreneurs need to work on themselves first. Three factors are important:

1. Financial success through the right attitude

If an entrepreneur is not at peace with himself, this will always block the way to success. Fear, doubt or negative beliefs prevent the breakthrough. In order to reach its goals in a motivated way, it requires a new mindset.

With the right mindset, you can succeed from the victim to the SCHÖPFER: to become. Nothing is as it is. And nothing has to stay as it was until now. We can always make a difference if we no longer focus our energy on what does not work but on what we have, want to achieve, and want to be.

A small but essential element in order to realize his personal and financial goals is the realization: As an entrepreneur / self-employed person, we are the master or wife of our decisions. And once you have decided to realize your goals, you will also find the necessary strength.

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2. The right financial strategy

For many, financial independence is an essential part of a self-determined life. You can afford what you want, whether traveling or a new car. Or financially support his sweetheart. In order to achieve this, however, we first have to adjust ourselves to wealth. This will only succeed if we are aware of what we can and want.

One obstacle is negative beliefs. But even unconscious fears and doubts keep us from really believing in it. And if we do not have faith, it's hard to strategically implement our desires.

Contrary to the assumption that one does not obtain wealth due to high expenditure, this problem lies much more often in the revenue. It simply flows to little money in the cash, to save necessary. So entrepreneurs need to build more revenue streams to achieve their goals.

3. Success through the right sales method

With the digital information age, customers have not only been spoiled for choice, but have also become more volatile. The wishes are changing fast and the loyalty decreases more and more. Now it is up to the entrepreneur to use this change for himself. It should be seen as an opportunity, not a problem, because you can not change it anyway. Those who individually develop the right sales method can take away from customers this tormenting choice.

A clear goal and clear brand positioning in your own target groups are basic requirements for success. It is also important to stand out from the mass of offers, to be visible to the right target group at the right moment. Interested parties must find companies, products and services online. People can no longer do that. This requires systems that ideally work around the clock.

Even though online marketing is a crucial strategy nowadays, a business owner should not forget to work on his sales technique. No matter how prepared you are, whoever is bad at selling will never achieve financial prosperity.

Conclusion: 5 Final Tips - The right mix makes it

Success magically attracts people. So why should not it be possible to magically attract success as a self-employed and entrepreneur?

  1. Programming the Mindeset for Success: And all without more work because we - our mindset programmed for success - know that it is possible. But above all, because we have done our homework: All relevant processes in the company are decoded and modern sales methods work for us - if necessary, day and night.
  2. Breaking away old, old beliefs: Breaking one's own old beliefs can be a difficult undertaking for many entrepreneurs. For lack of time, many self-employed people pick out only a single, very specific strategy out of the multitude of possible methods. Perhaps they will even become true masters in this, but the desired success often does not materialize. Why is that?
  3. See the big picture: It is necessary to see the above factors as a whole. Only through the combination of different approaches entrepreneurs turn away from others and will finally see the desired results. And best of all, who masters all this, can work less and at the same time earn much more.
  4. Stay tuned to achieve set goals: Granted, achieving the set goals is not as easy as we thought. It's just about starting, implementing and staying tuned.
  5. Enjoy life more: Once you have understood how to approach it and actually do it, you will soon be able to enjoy not only your private life, but also the work much more.

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11 responses to “Living self-determined and financially independent: 3 factors and 5 tips”

  1. Nathalie Holl says:

    I would like to encourage you with my comment that you continue to continue your great work, have a nice morning!

  2. Holger Priske says:

    Well that's really esoteric ramblings today.
    There is nothing in there from finances.

    You should believe in something, find inner contemplation and enjoy your life ... Ohmmmm.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Well, it's just about the right attitude to money. For example, if you think that you earn less, you lower your prices. Frequently observed problem with self-employed.

      • Holger Prieske says:

        + Simone Janson Only in the article is nothing in it.

        It says “Believe in your success - then you have it”. Or so in that sense. Ebony esotericism.

        "Be at peace with yourself"
        "No negative beliefs"
        “If you sell badly, you won't achieve anything”.

        These are not the latest economics lessons.

        Not wrong, but empty.

    • Simone Janson says:

      I have also written several books on the subject of self-employment - but they cost money ...

      • Holger Prieske says:

        Should I proofread for clarity?

        How can an HR manager know about the self-employed, which means smaller entrepreneurs with 2-5 people who do not have or need an HR department?

        Tips on the same level as mom's “take care of yourself” are not helpful to me. I just don't know what that should mean or what to do.

        • Simone Janson says:

          Maybe start with your own comments. Which HR manager are you talking about? I've been self-employed for almost 20 years and know myself very well with the topic of self-employment.

          • Holger Prieske says:

            Me too, so they have nothing ahead of me, and the baker who's been 20 years old, probably not.
            You are in a social network and that is more for exchange than for the one-sided advertising of a service, ie advertising.

            But their contributions tend to be from and about large companies, in a language common to graduate economists who try to impress each other with words.
            It starts with calling Human Resources HR, content as content, and services as products.
            You do not notice that after a while, if you only live in this world.

            However, it cuts off the small self-employed as a target group.

            What I here in the introduction text z.Bsp. is completely missing, is the idea that work is fun, that maybe life is just because beautiful, because you can and may work on something interesting.
            Joie de vivre is not just about sitting in 5 star hotels on the beach. That is rather the ideal of wasteland and boredom.

            The attractiveness is just to fly to Stockholm or Barcelona for a conference, and to take some time for a visit to the city.
            Somehow everyone knows that - but nobody says it.
            Instead, you go somewhere whining "Oh god - the day was so long and exhausting".
            You can be dishonest towards others, but please not towards yourself - otherwise you will get depressed.

          • Simone Janson says:

            Hello Mr. Prieske,

            I'm sorry, if you feel attacked about “having ahead”, at least I wasn't.
            I'm also sorry if you don't feel addressed by our posts: You can find it under berufebilder.de - StartUps & Finance | Best of HR - Berufebilder.de numerous older articles, which are also aimed at small self-employed people, so you have to search a little more extensively among 4000 texts.

            However, work priorities sometimes change, so that this target group is actually not really in our focus anymore.

            Since there is currently a very extensive information offer for exactly this target group, are you perhaps better off somewhere else?

            Unfortunately, I myself am involved in an important project and, unfortunately, I have to stop this aimless discussion at this point.

            Thank you for your understanding.

          • Holger Prieske says:

            The proof of whether someone feels addressed remains open.

            I have not started a discussion here and addressed anyone, I just said my opinion about this one article.

            Other items were better.

            Every author should have an interest in getting better and not just pose with "I am perfect - everything is fine as it is - if the reader does not understand what is wrong with the reader".

            That is exactly how your reaction is.

          • Simone Janson says:

            Well, I'm not the author and the author, Mr. Weinstock, will not read your comments here. I also doubt that he claims to be perfect. My suggestion: Write these in the future under the post in the blog, then she will read there and the right addressee and answer. Many Thanks.

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