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Damian SickingDamian Sicking has more than 25 years of experience as a specialist journalist and (chief) editor, among others for or He is also in demand as a speaker and moderator of large and small events. At the end of 2016 he published his second book under the pseudonym "Bernhard Diener". Before starting his professional career, he studied philosophy, German, general linguistics and sport. He lives with his family in Munich. All texts by Damian Sicking.

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The 5 Best Books for Self-Determination & Financial Freedom: A Strategy for Success {Review}

Self-determination, financial freedom and independence are above all a matter of the right strategy and mental attitude - that is the message that these prominent authors convey in their books.

Tip: You can download these books here directly view & order (via Amazon)!

The start to financial freedom begins with clearing up mistakes

One does not talk about money, they say, and in fact the topic is downright indecent, many people are even afraid of dealing with questions of money and their private and professional financial planning.

“Your start in financial freedom” is another component of the private financial planning concept that began in 2020. The married couple Stefanie and Markus Kühn have been advising on all questions relating to investments, old-age provision, insurance and inheritance planning for over 20 years. Since May 2020, video clips of the authors' daughter have been appearing every two weeks on the Youtube channel “Clever Money”, in which she explains money for young people.

There is always a story behind money

“Money is never just money, there is always a story behind it,” says Stefanie Kühn, who is also the author of Best Of HR -® is. A common reason why people do not care or care poorly about their money or are afraid of financial decisions is that beliefs and imprints of the past that they carry around with them. In over 5.000 conversations, the financial advisors saw that a good strategy had to be worked out. “It's not that difficult if you approach it systematically,” says Markus Kühn.

And that is exactly what this book is about - from the past to the future, from dreams to goals, with a system to success. In addition to the basic knowledge, mental "life hacks" get the readers to stick with it and bring their finances into shape. Because money is not a disgusting, stressful topic, but one that can be really fun and enjoyable - if you approach financial planning with the right strategy. The positive message they convey: everyone is forge their own happiness and everyone can learn how to handle their money correctly. Absolutely recommendable.

Get rich, healthy and wise thanks to Tim Ferris

Getting rich and getting healthy and wise at the same time - that is Tim Ferriss' approach. But first of all the question is allowed: Why should you buy a book that is a monster of over 700 pages in oversized format and weighs 1,5 kg? If you're in bed and want to read it, you need both hands to hold it, and after a short while your arms get heavy. So why should you wear a book like that to yourself? There is only one reason: Because it’s awesome.

The book is, so to speak, a written “best-of” of the podcast talk shows that Ferris has been running with more or less prominent guests for several years. Most of the people in the book are not known in Germany - and some are probably not known in the States either, but they are still very interesting people. But you can also find a few well-known names in this country such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marc Andreessen, Tony Robbins, Peter Thiel, Scott Adams, Kevin Costner, Paulo Coelho and Jamie Foxx.

Ideas from the world of celebrities How others do it ...

They all chat a little about their lives, giving insights into how to keep fit, what drives them, what they eat, what they do to sleep well, what rituals they have, how best to invest your money, which Error something to be avoided at all costs, and so on and so forth.

All things that we know about ourselves and that have already preoccupied us. For the most part, that's very inspiring. But there are also many things that leave us completely cold because they do not affect us. But as Ferris himself says: What interests and excites one is completely irrelevant to the other.

People are just different. “This book is a buffet,” writes Ferris, and everyone should choose what they like best or what they would like to try. That is why his “rule no. 1” for reading his book is also: “skip a lot”.

Be careful with the golf ball!

The book is divided into three major parts: Health, Wealth, and Wisdom. For Ferris these are “the three pillars on which life is built.” In addition to the summaries of the conversations with his talk show guests, the book contains so-called “topic chapters” in each area, in which Ferris himself comments on certain questions. These sections alone justify purchasing the book. Among other things, it's about unusual and effective body weight exercises.

It is also - typically Ferris - easy to read and easy to read. Often it is also funny and humorous. On page 30, for example, he gives the tip to roll your foot on a golf ball in order to increase the mobility of the hamstring muscles. The warning: "Put a towel under the golf ball so you don't slip off and shoot your dog out!" Inspirational, entertaining, instructive, optimistic. Buy it, read it, give it to your relatives and friends as a gift.

3 Abbreviations on the career path

Wouldn't it be great to discover a career path and then, of course, take it right away? This is exactly what Shane Snow, the author of “Smartcuts”, thought and set out to discover these abbreviations.

This very broad book has come out: in his book, Snow effortlessly feeds the thread from Alexander the Great over Michelle Phan to Jimmy Fallon. An interesting book that stimulates the way to think about new ways and to look for new possibilities.

To work hard for life has had its day

Of course you can do your own, for your promotion Company or the lifelong dream of working hard abroad for decades. Most of them do that too. But you can also take one of the many hidden shortcuts. Shane Snow explains in his book "Smartcuts" what they are, how to find them and how to use them.

The New York journalist gives you a lesson in lateral thinking, in finding new approaches to solving old problems. Anyone who takes an unconventional approach has the best chance of getting his objectives faster than the well-trodden career path, so the author's promise.

The secrets of the flyers

Snow pursued the question of how the “high-flyers” from business, Politics and society manages to achieve so much more in a short period of time than the average. He meticulously worked out the formulas for success - the smartcuts - of the innovators portrayed in the book.

Among them are not only company founders, but also scientists, athletes, computer experts and hackers, US moderators and US presidents and even a YouTube star. Completely different types - nevertheless they exist, the common denominator.

Just working hard is nonsense

Snow has designed three idealtypic shortcuts, which can be applied almost universally and can therefore also fend their own career and make everyday life easier.

Nice quote: “According to conventional ideas, a talented and ambitious person only has to make an effort and work hard to get happiness. It would be like if a surfer only had to wait long enough in the same place in the water for the right wave to come. ”There are many people who are quicker and easier to ignite the turbo for their careers. Snow tells their stories and explains the patterns behind the smartcuts.

Earning by Doing: Smart guide for new shareholders

And again it comes to the topic of finance: Interest rates are historically low, so the stock market is an attractive opportunity to earn income. But what do you have to pay attention to? Oliver Roth, a professional stock market trader, shows with his book what small investors need to know in order to be successful on the stock market.

For those target groups who have been watching “Börse vor eight” on TV for some time, who are tired of playing the lottery and would like to speculate in stocks - if they had the necessary basic understanding of stock market trading. Oliver Roth closes these gaps in knowledge with his book "Earning by Doing". Concretely, clearly and free of any technical jargon, the former soccer professional explains what makes successful shareholders. Good: Right from the start, Roth has attracted small investors to the Sense, not the professional traders. The author does not require any previous knowledge. All technical terms are explained in detail once, many also several times.

7 rules for investors - all not so difficult

In a loose chat tone, Roth describes the correlation of bullish and bearish movements, of stock wealth by derivatives trading, inflation and indices. His personal heights and depths are also discussed. This does not seem as stiff as the presentations of the economic press.

All quite logical, if you understand it: the author whets your appetite. And that is exactly his message: Stock trading is almost as easy as playing the lottery, only the chances of winning are significantly higher, as long as you stick to his tips translated into everyday language.

Hitting the right note for more self-determination

Roth meets the right tone for the stock exchange beginners: understandable, optimistic, straight ahead! This is probably the best book for all new shareholders, who want to know exactly, without suffering from professional literature.

Lothar Seiwert also hits the right note: of all people, the Pope of German Time Management declares the same for dead. His book "Ausgetickt" is a work full of thought-provoking impulses, peppered with entertaining anecdotes and stories that always consistently steer towards the basic question: How does it succeed, to lead a self-determined and sovereign life?

The wrong job leads to burn-out

Work until you drop. More and more and faster. And if you're really good at the job, you'll just get more work done. Same overload at leisure. My house, my car and so on. Remedies promise seminars and guides on self-management and time management. How do I organize myself so that I can get everything on the chain?

In the middle of this debate bursts Professor Dr. Lothar Seiwert with his book “Ausgetickt”. Wow! Lothar Seiwert has worked hard with it. “I'm no longer your time management pope!” He seems to hurl at his readers (and fans) with this book.

For more sense at work

Ironically, the so-called “time management pope” doesn't want to know anything more about time management tools, all the tricks and aids. Because, he is convinced, it's not about how much or how long we work. It's about whether we work independently or independently.

Because time management can be done differently. According to Seiwert, what matters is not how long you work, but what you work. Easy said. The question "what should I work" was far from answered. And that is exactly what Seiwert is doing now and is making up for it very impressively in his new book. A self and timeCoaching-Book at its finest.

Working more and still less stress?

"I'm sorry, I was wrong. We all have to say goodbye to time management if we want to have time again. ”If someone so radically throws the basis of his work (and his income!) Overboard, he must have reasons.

For Lothar Seiwert, these reasons are experience, curiosity and courage. The key question for his reorientation was simple: Why are there people who are on duty around the clock and yet give a completely relaxed impression, while others are stressed to the point of burnout in a “9 to 5” job.

With full diapers is good stink

And what's more, why do even the unemployed suffer from stress? The conclusion is obvious. It can't be because of the amount of work. So all that remains is the type of work. “He's good at talking”. Seiwert knows the objections to his theses: Once you have enough money and a great job, you naturally have no stress.

But after all, not everyone can turn their hobby into a profession. Conversely, a shoe is out of it, says Seiwert. And his counter sits. He brings examples from the everyday world that everyone knows only too well. On one side of the waiter with the bright eyes, on the other side of the muffle.

Matching must be right!

Here the postman who delivers the sunshine with every parcel, there the stressed guy who just “throws off” his parcel. The same jobs, completely different interpretations. So it's not about the money, but about the right fit. If this is not the case, generous break regulations and a huge salary will not help.

Seiwert shows what “fit” means with the example of the former Swiss heart surgeon, who gave up his job and his salary in order to realize his lifelong dream of becoming a truck driver! As he says in retrospect, it was his second birth.

What are people really afraid of?

The book “Ticked Out. Better self-determined than externally controlled “is not a closed theory, but a tentative forward movement with surprising insights. Lothar Seiwert draws on three sources: personal experience, knowledge and intuition.

He dares to ask new questions and he also dares to give answers that do not fit into the political mainstream. “What are people actually afraid of?” He asks. What is meant is: what is stopping people from doing what they actually want to do?

The really important questions

This is an important issue, given that we live in one of the richest countries in the world at historically unprecedented levels of prosperity.

In his book “Ausgetickt”, Lothar Seiwert makes his way from time management pope to life philosopher. A book full of thought-provoking impulses, peppered with entertaining anecdotes and stories, which always consistently steer towards the basic question: How do you succeed in leading a self-determined and sovereign life? "

Look into the book & order

You can order these books directly via Amazon, take a look at the book or find out more bibliographical data. Just click on the picture. You can also use the entire Read the review here!

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