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Self-coaching self-help & self-love - 1 / 3: Achieve goals with self-support

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Help yourself to achieve goals! You are worth it! For what do you want from life, work, relationship and family? What do you wish for yourself, your personality, your character and authenticity? And why do not you have it yet? Because there are always some obstacles!

Self-coaching self-help &amp; self-love - 1 / 3: Achieve goals with self-support

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Sleeping Beauty must save itself!

Well, when the fairy tale prince rushes by and saves you. But even more beautiful would be if Sleeping Beauty saves itself! Because that works probably then a bit more reliable than with randomly riding princes.

Who is always reliable in your area? Who knows you better than your best friend? Herself! It's great if you have a best friend, a reliable partner or a good coach. But even these three can not always be with you. Not always when it matters. Then you should be able to stand alone your husband or your wife (can). Yes, I know, you do it anyway anyway! But how?

Stand alone can stand in the way instead of themselves

Most of the time we stand in our way. Fear, doubt, skepticism, or pessimism (when I am supposed to do that, I never do, I should really, but ...) never rely on facts but on a one-sided perception.

This is a killer attitude, because it leads to passivity, even helplessness, at most still half-hearted attempts: you see again only one side of the medal. Hide the other one again!

Focus on your own abilities instead of killer setting

Draw your attention away from your own weaknesses to your own abilities and possibilities. No matter how small you appear, what you can do in front of an obstacle: Just do it! Even the slightest is better than lamentation and idleness.

Do not wait until times or circumstances get better! Or until you are "better off", that is, a constructive attitude comes from yourself. Actively seek a better attitude! Get yourself in the mood!

With Self-Supporting Sentences in 3 Steps to the Goal

But how do you coach yourself? For example, with "Self-Supporting Sentences": first aid sentences, "now-coache-me-myself" sentences. As always with examples: let inspire, do not copper. Adjust one of the following thoughts until it suits you.

1. Typical Self-Supporting Sentences

Typical Self-Supporting Sentences include:

  • "I'll finish that too!"
  • "This is not as difficult as it looks."
  • "Okay, I'm afraid - but fear is activated!"
  • "I can do it when I get full rein."
  • "I'll stay so long until that goes!"
  • "Others have packed it!"
  • "I concentrate on the task and not the result!"
  • "I've done something like that before!"

2. Make your own power set

Found something? Nothing? Make your own power set! So what are you going to build up in the future? The great thing about such thoughts is: We know exactly that we do not really believe one hundred percent.

But the mere thought builds us up somehow. And the more often we think of our compositional slogan mentally, quietly or semi-aloud, the stronger it acts. And so, over time, a wonderful catalog of constructive attitudes emerges.

3. Catalog of constructive settings

New attitudes help us break out of the impasse of passivity. This is how we find new ways to open up new perspectives and give us above all the opportunity to act self-determinedly.

  • That's a problem? Yes, but it is also a task (even though it may be tedious)
  • I can not solve that. But how can I influence it?
  • I can not influence what happens to me. But I can influence how I react to it!
  • Which settings I still have available
  • Does this attitude bring me closer to my wishes and goals? If not, which creates the rather?
  • Is that what I'm thinking yet a fact? Or is it already a setting?
  • When I do what I always do, I get what I always get. So what could I try new?

Is not that a wonderful feel-good-catalog?

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