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Confident applicants in job interviews: this is how companies can react creatively

Employers and applicants often have different ideas. This is how applicants should be self-confident and authentic - but not too much, please. But how should HR managers react when exactly this occurs?

Brazen is cool: self-confidence or cheek?

How confident can applicants be? And would every applicant who behaved like this fly octagonal back out the door - or not? At this point I would like to take up an older, but still very exciting and appropriate example that is simply too beautiful to let it disappear into oblivion:

A job interview at Springer in which an applicant is hard to beat for his audacity. He telephones, ignores the waiting personnel and at the end hits them with his own concept with a military tone.

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The concept counts: How applicants convince with quality

At first you tend to dismiss the whole thing as funny, but not serious advertising. However, the applicant has three decisive qualities:

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  1. He is very self-confident and therefore incredibly convincing in itself.
  2. And he takes an old rule to heart: He gives men and women the cold shoulder first, which is clearly irritating to them. But be careful, quite a few people jump on disinterest.
  3. After all, he also has a finished concept in his pocket, which underlines his skills. Say: He knows what he wants.

Self-confidence in the job interview: what if ...

I admit, of course, such behavior is excessive in a real job interview situation. Nevertheless, it invites you to take part in an interesting mind game - also with regard to the possible future shortage of skilled workers: What happens if applicants simply turn the tables?

Employer branding and a shortage of skilled workers Company before the question: What happens if an applicant appears very self-confidently in the interview? Is that creative and realistic? And what happens when you actually appear like this in the interview, regardless of which company? Does anyone want to try it out and then report on it? I imagine interesting.

What are companies really looking for?

It must be said, however, that Springer was not looking for employees at the time, but for young entrepreneurs, so-called media entreneurs - that makes appearing in the video more logical. Perhaps you have actually realized that you are not fit for the future without really creative minds? In the job description it read like this:

MEDIA ENTREPRENEURS is an initiative of Axel Springer AG for the implementation of business models around digital media. For this we are looking for talents that are so innovative that you not only invent new jobs for them, but even found entire companies. Are you the creative entrepreneur with entrepreneurial spirit who wants to shape the media of tomorrow? Then we offer you our competence and our know-how from over six decades of international media experience, a large network of experts and the optimal working environment - individual and suitable for you and your plans. Inspire and convince us of your ideas, we are curious.

Creative personnel marketing of companies?

As a company, you could now strike back just as creatively and confidently. Like Jung von Matt some time ago. They not only make a name for themselves again and again with tasteless advertising, for example with the Castor transport.

Instead, in this example, they also advertise on their own behalf. Personnel marketing, to be more precise. Because the advertising agency was looking for reinforcement in the art direction at the time.

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Target group-specific instead of social media

I found out about the idea via Twitter. The way is really creative, you can't complain - and above all, it reaches exactly the target group:

Where other Facebook- Designing pages or tweeting a bit, the advertisers deliberately took a completely different route: They asked 15 photographers to help them. Because photographers regularly pass their work around in creative offices. The art directors leaf through the folders. And so you can now find little references to job offers at Jung von Matt in the photos of the 15 helper photographers. Target group-specific addressing!

Bold business woes?

But there is also criticism of the creative action - from Robert Voigt, for example, who complained about the attention to detail and above all the implementation:

“The approaches are okay, but the clues in most of the photos still look careless. Perhaps it has to be that way for the message to stand out. ” And has a creative idea for less attractive jobs: “What do you think? Will the garbage disposal company soon advertise open spaces with labeled garbage bags? ”

But another completely different aspect is also worth considering: How should the competition react when Jung von Matt unravels their employees in this way? What is so nicely described as Trojan recruiting is in reality a brazen poaching on the verge of unfair competition. And even if that didn't happen at the time: Such an action could backfire for companies that want to take up this idea - for Jung von Matt as well as the photographers and art directors involved.

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13 responses to “Self-confident applicants in job interviews: this is how companies can react creatively”

  1. Job interview: tips, weaknesses, preparation | PROFESSIONAL PICTURES says:

    […] I would like to present you with a funny video that turns the tables for once: All power to the applicant during the interview. Matching this with my interview ZEIT ONLINE on the subject of self-confidence to the new [...]

  2. Tanja Handl says:

    In my opinion, there can be no question of a concept - it is precisely this point that creates the final punch line (“Don't look in, I said!”).

    I think Springer is NOT looking for someone like that - but they address people who understand what is happening in the video and what is being talked about. It is likely that they want someone who is self-confident but polite - and who has a concept that you can really read.

  3. Oliver Springer says:

    The spot is great and shows the stronger position of applicants or employees in view of the shortage of skilled workers / demographic change. In the future, companies will increasingly “apply” to potential employees.

    Anyone who knows how to use the internet to present themselves - which can also be done soberly in the form of a specialist blog that has been privately run for years - will be noticed by smart companies without a targeted search.

    As in the commercial, however, nobody should treat their interlocutors - regardless of status and other power relations. It's the 20th century, not sustainable and not in the interests of the company. The future belongs to a more honest corporate culture based on partnership. Maybe the spot will make you think about it.

    The only sympathy with the applicant in the spot: He has a concept. I like this as a content preparation. And just not the kind of preparation, which is above all a good impression of the applicant artificially generate.

  4. Leo Kaltenbach says:

    Search f. Article in world Your opinion: What happens if applicants just turn around the spit like here in the ex.

  5. jobboerse blogger says:

    Search f. Article in world Your opinion: What happens if applicants just turn around the spit like here in the ex.

  6. Simone Janson says:

    Search f. Article in world Your opinion: What happens if applicants just turn around the spit like here in the ex.

  7. Christoph Athanas says:


    the video clip evidently really stimulates discussion and in terms of range it is really great. Whether it brings the right applicants - remains to be seen (or not).

    The discussion, incidentally, in several places on the web. Articles can be found at:
    Recrutainment blog, detailed article and various comments:.
    - WollmilchsauTV 39: Does employer branding have to amaze ?!

    And in the HR BarCamp Group on Xing. If you are registered at Xing, you can follow it and get involved:

    Best regards,
    Christoph Athanas

    • Simone Janson says:

      Thanks for the hints! What I'm looking for, however, are opinions about what happens to such an applicant - not about how good or bad the video is!

  8. Simone Janson says:

    Search f.Artikel i.Welt Opinions / Quotations: As an applicant d.Spieß synonymous times turn around? Bsp Please comment on the blog! Thank you!

  9. Holger Froese says:

    Creative talking-talk: Turn the game around - what do you think? #Business

  10. Silke Loers says:

    RT @SimoneJanson Creative interview: just turn the tables - what do you mean? #Canditature

  11. Liane Wolffgang says:

    Creative interview: just turn the tables - what do you mean ?: The question that comes up to me when ...

  12. Competencepartner says:

    Creative interview: just turn the tables - what do you mean ?: The question that ...

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