Practice quick wit and rhetoric: dissing like professionals

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We all know them: people who are never embarrassed about an answer, always have a loose saying in store, and they emerge from every tricky conversation situation as the radiant victors. It's just that in the blood. Correct? No. Accomplishment can be learned and trained. Best of HR –®

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Best of HR Berufebilder


Best of HR Berufebilder


Best of HR Berufebilder


Afterwards you are always smarter

Who does not wish the logic of the seemingly brazen law "In retrospect you are always smarter!" to break through and be smart in advance? How often do we think that a different, better reaction would have helped us in certain situations - if only we had been quick-witted.

There are situations in which we are suddenly confronted with unforeseen situations when talking to others. "Quick sayings", inappropriate criticism or even open, personal attacks. "And what's next?" In these moments, we often lack the spontaneity or the courage for an appropriate, fast and intelligent counterattack.

Assess the situation correctly

In order to achieve this, the situation must first be correctly assessed. Quick wit always needs an occasion. Anyone who is “just like that” and in principle always “quick-witted” does not take his counterpart seriously and prevents any meaningful communication. It is therefore important to know whether a funny comment, a snippy remark, a cheeky counterattack is the order of the day or not.

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One important point is the opposite. How well do you know your conversation partner? Suppose it is your boss. If you know that he is an absolute choleric, who goes to the ceiling with every harmless rejection or joke, you might want to do without your agility. All? No not really! For: even a silence that is manifold can be ready.

Spontaneously cheeky?

But for too long, you should not be concerned with the situation analysis. Because this is what is important for spontaneity: spontaneous reactions! This certainly includes a certain risk. So you should know beforehand what you can risk and what is not.

You need to be aware that quick responses are rarely particularly nice. Because of our upbringing, we often automatically defend ourselves against being "cheeky". This does not mean that you should insult, expose or belittle your partner in any way possible.

Strikingness is not mean or brutal

On the contrary, repartee has nothing to do with brutality, disrespect or meanness. Anyone can do that. The goal of quick-wit is his own sovereignty to protect. But not at the expense of the sovereignty of others.

In order to be ready for a meadow that will give you respect and improve your image with others, and in the best case also with your conversation partner, you have to be careful not to be hurtful. Do not encounter a ludicrous insult with one.

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Being sovereign without hurting

Try an absurd remark, for example by answering: "Oh listen: they are playing our song." In this way you maintain your sovereignty without hurting the other person and maybe - in the best case from your counterpart - you might also get a few laughs.

You express that you have not violated the ludicrous insult and give the other the chance to save yourself to the level of the game by the playful element that lies in your answer. For you have already made this clear, she or he can give you nothing.

Schlagfertigkeits culture

HipHop and rap have become a part of our culture, which is no longer to be forgotten. At least as far as the younger generations is concerned, this music style is part of everyday life. Here, however, it is not a question of musical preferences or aesthetic criticism of a particular form of music. This is left to everyone personally.

But what is interesting about hip-hop in our context is that there is a real “quick-witted culture” if you will. Individual rappers compete against each other in so-called battles and compete in a quick wit.

Who disgest better?

One begins and “disd” (in German: “insulted” or “provoked”) his opponent. He can then defend himself or "dissipate" back and so on. The audience or a jury then decides which of the two has better "dissected" the other - who was more quick-witted.

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This does not only sound like sports; this is also one. The competition between the rappers is very big (usually also sporty), so that an intensive training is necessary to insist on the stage.

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