Failure and get up again: make mistakes instead of perfection

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Of course everyone is uncertain, even top managers. The problem, however, is that the fear of mistakes in everyday working life is taboo: Perfection is required, mistakes are considered embarrassing. With unimagined consequences. Failure and getting up again: making mistakes instead of perfection Failing and getting up again: making mistakes instead of perfection

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


A misstep costs us our lives

Actually, we are firmly convinced that any small misstep can cost us reputation and status.

Missing colleagues just seem to wait for our un-perfect being to put our failures to the pillory.

The warning is already waiting?

The boss beckons perhaps in the absence of perfection with a warning. And with the next dismissal wave one could stand also on the shooting list.

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The current economic situation, better known as the economic crisis, further intensifies these fears.


However, this is the only way to lose the chance to constructively deal with mistakes and learn from them for the future.

It is often the case that not a few employees at all levels of the hierarchy spend valuable time on denying, covering up, glossing over, or even blaming others for mistakes made.

The goal becomes secondary

The actual goal, to achieve something productive together is secondary, yes sometimes even completely in the background.

Much more is in some Company a veritable competition culture matured, in which it is only about trumping the dear colleagues on flawlessness: And it goes so far that whole industries fears the internal audit more than the competition.

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In this way, perfectionism in thinking becomes a corporate culture and error avoidance - albeit unconsciously - a corporate goal. Because of perfection there is hardly any room for innovation and entrepreneurial action.

Risk avoidance instead of success

Because instead of putting all their energy into achieving success and taking risks and accepting setbacks, such failover cautious behave accordingly cautiously and defensively.

Perhaps they even manage to do nothing wrong, but at a high price: those who follow the avoidance strategy also avoid making those important decisions that are so important for personal progress, but also for the whole economy.

Fear of innovation = fear of starting a business

The GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP MONITOR annually evaluates the start-up conditions in 42 countries and gives the Germans a real poverty report: the size of the fear of risking something new, especially in Germany,

Especially with regard to the overall social attitude towards self-employment, we are currently ranked 3. Only in countries like Urquay, Slovenia or Hungary is the skepticism to become self-employed even greater. 46,5% of the interviewees between the ages of 18 and 64 years would let the step into self-employment completely - for fear, it could go wrong. A real dilemma for Germany as a business location.

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A question of motivation

However, not only for companies, but also for the individual, the desire for perfection can become a boomerang. Because in the long run, you are only being overwhelmed by perfectionism and too high demands! As the?

In the end, you lose all motivation. Paradoxically, therefore, a particularly high level of endeavor can lead to much less achievement in the end. As the?

People just work better when they are motivated and happy to be involved. For those who just want to do their job well usually think forward, positive and optimistic. He assumes that he can cope well with the tasks ahead, is motivated - and thus particularly productive.

Flow instead of perfectionism

Psychology Mihály Csikszentmihályi, in this context, speaks of Flow, the desire for a virtuous drive, and the utter abandonment of a task that leads people to move forward with enthusiasm and solve problems. The reason for this are the biochemical processes in our body: The euphoria that we feel when we have completed a stressful work satisfactorily, we owe, among other things, the hormones norepinephrine and serotonin.

These evoke positive feelings that act as a reward for the previous effort. If this so-called Eustress occurs regularly and in doses, it stimulates the immune system and has a motivating effect. Recent findings in brain research even show that stress promotes faster brain cell fusion. And as the skills grow the more you do the job, you'll have to face new challenges if you want the flow experience to continue. These are the starting points for new ideas that move people forward.

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Healthy challenge instead of overburden

However, this works only if you work purposefully and the challenge fits your own abilities. If the requirements are too low, boredom sets in, they are too high, frustration and overstrain. In both cases, motivation suffers.

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