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Roswitha van der marketRoswitha A. van der Markt is a management consultant and executive coach for HP, Siemens or SAP.van der Markt studied humanities in Munich, Amsterdam and Pretoria and has more than 25 years of international management experience, including as a managing partner of the world's leading management consultancy Accenture. She holds an Executive MBA from Harvard University in partnership with MIT, Sloan School of Management (Boston, Mass.). She is also Commercial Manager (Babson College) and winner of the German University Software Prize. Roswitha has been working since 1998 van der Markt as an executive consultant and coach for first and second level executives as well as an author and business speaker. Her international customer and experience background includes companies such as Accenture, Siemens, Fujitsu, Infineon, HP, Oracle, SAP, Allianz, BT, GE, Telekom, as well as outstanding medium-sized companies. As an expert in business transformation, change management, leadership and human performance, as well as strategy and organizational development, she oversees mandates in Eastern and Western Europe and the USA. She also held lectureships at Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, the Otto-Friedrichs-Universität, Bamberg, the Technical University, Dresden, the IE Business School, Madrid and was project coach of the IEWS (Institute of EastWest Studies) and UNESCO for multi-national projects for the economic and democratic development of Eastern Europe She describes herself as a digital baby boomer and has been working as a digital nomad for almost 20 years. More information at All texts by Roswitha A. van der Markt.

Der VW-Skandal & Werte im Wettbewerb: „Made in Germany“ = Höchstleistungs-Betrug?

The VW scandal led not only the world market leader, but the entire automobile industry into the crisis. The DAX has also suffered. Digitization is not enough. The software, the bits and bytes, has a structure and a system, which generates value, but no values. Values ​​are, however, decisive competitive factors.
Lead values

From the market leader to the fraudster

At the end of July this year, Volkswagen was celebrated as the market leader. In the first six months, the group had sold more vehicles worldwide than its competitor Toyota. It is not only the world's largest automaker, but also achieved Objectiveto be the world's leading auto company too. Three years ahead of schedule.

Only two months later, the discovery of the deliberate deception of the authorities and customers caused a massive slump in VW shares, such as the entire automotive industry and the DAX. Switzerland is now prohibiting the sale of manipulated vehicles. Focus online refers to Bloomberg that the falsifications of exhaust gas values ​​apparently in large parts from Germany were controlled.

Der Nachrichtendienst beruft sich auf vertraute Personen des US-Geschäfts von Volkswagen. Da der Konzern in den USA nicht die notwendig versierten Ingenieure zur Manipulation gehabt hätte, habe wohl die höchste Führungsebene in Wolfsburg die Manipulationen betreut. Ist nun Höchstleistungs-Betrug die neue Marke für „Made in Germany“?

Dinosaurs VW vs. Google, Apple, Tesla

Die Marke VW stand bislang mit ihrer Leistung für das Image „Made in Germany“. VW und Audi bauen exzellente Autos, ihre Modelle gehören zu den besten der Welt. Bislang bestand die Herausforderung darin, die Marktführerschaft in Zeiten von Digitalisierung und Industrie 4.0 weiterhin zu halten und auszubauen.

VW hatte bislang eher auf alte traditionelle Technologien gesetzt. So bestand auch ohne Skandal die Gefahr als Dinosaurier unterzugehen, weil noch kein mutiger Schritt ins 21. Jahrhundert gewagt wurde. Tesla, Google und Apple stehen schon länger in den Startlöchern, um die Autoindustrie anzugreifen. Die jungen Generationen sind nicht mehr so „auto-affin“, sprich statt Auto als Statussymbol, lieber Car-Sharing. Ihnen ist vor allem Nachhaltigkeit und Flexibilität wichtig.

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Market leadership with digitization and industry 4.0

What is urgently needed: impulses and talents from other industries for the digital upheaval. Global studies of personnel consulting Russell Reynolds Associates show that decision-makers in the automotive industry are absolutely dependent on the digital know-how of other industries.

The profiles of the top management team, however, are very homogeneous. They hold 15% more firmly to existing beliefs, are 11% more perfectionist, and stick to traditional career patterns: 92% of managers are male; 75% come from the same country as you Company , 63% sind seit mehr als 25 Jahren im selben Unternehmen. Was dringend benötigt wird, sind digitale „Change Agents“ auf oberster Führungsebene.

It is therefore only a question of time when ready-to-run competitors with good sustainable offers attack the automobile market. Instead of manipulating, VW would have had to focus on sustainable innovations for years. Whether VW sees this development, this technological crisis as an opportunity, unfortunately, is now no longer solely for debate. The Group must fight for its existence at all levels.

The German economy can not afford a weak VW group

Achieving world market leadership through deliberate deception leads to harsh consequences, which will not only affect the VW Group, but also the automotive industry. Even if those responsible are identified and held liable, the group shakes its foundations.

Penalties and claims for damages from countries, authorities and customers will use up the company's cash reserves and the group will probably start further provisions on the profits achieved. The funds will be tied for years. Where, then, are reserves for sustainable new developments. VW stands before a massive slump and even if this crisis can be mastered financially and technologically, one thing remains open: Will one still believe VW?

More dangerous is the worldwide loss of trust

Building trust takes a long time, but it can be destroyed in a second. This has now happened: worldwide customers, authorities, entire countries, their own employees have been massively violated in their own values. If, in parallel to news about the VW scandal, advertising slogans about sustainable excellence on all channels are still being proclaimed, and the truth is proven to be completely disappointing.

Dann fühlen sich Kunden wie Mitarbeiter nicht nur getäuscht, sondern richtig „gelinkt“. Wenn Vertrauen so enttäuscht wurde, braucht es sehr, sehr lange, wenn überhaupt, bis man wieder Vertrauen fassen kann. Daher stehen klassische deutsche Werte auf dem Prüfstand: Hohe Qualität, Nachhaltigkeit, Sicherheit, Zuverlässigkeit, Vertrauen, – nicht allein Technologie.

Corporate Governance - the system has failed

Is it about value-oriented ones? Guide or is it more like shareholder value? The Board of Management and the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG follow the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code in the version dated May 13, 2013 (declaration of compliance dated November 21, 2014). In the Corporate Governance Report, Investor Relations, you can read about the protection of the company, the executive bodies as well as the protection of the employees:

"Responsible, transparent and value-creating corporate governance:
Die Zukunft des Volkswagen Konzerns hängt entscheidend davon ab, ob es uns gelingt, den Unternehmenswert stetig zu steigern. Das Vertrauen unserer Kunden und Investoren ist dafür eine elementare Voraussetzung. Dieses Vertrauen stärken wir durch eine transparente und verantwortungsvolle Unternehmensführung, die in unserer täglichen Arbeit höchste Priorität hat. Im Deutschen Corporate Governance Kodex sind Empfehlungen und Anregungen für eine gute Unternehmensführung und -kontrolle festgehalten. Die Inhalte des Kodex wurden von der zuständigen Regierungskommission auf Grundlage wesentlicher gesetzlicher Vorschriften sowie national und international anerkannter Standards der Unternehmensführung erarbeitet.“

We need value-oriented leaders

Geht es bei einer solch „wertschaffenden“ Unternehmensführung nicht allein um Profit, um die Steigerung des Shareholder Value, so hat das System selbst die Anleger nicht geschützt. Statt Profit und Wachstum erhebliche Verluste. Das Bekenntnis zu einem Corporate Governance System ist nicht ausreichend, sondern allein der Geist, d.h. die Menschen und Werte, die dieses System tragen. Wo waren Verantwortung, wo Transparenz? Wo stehen die Mitarbeiter und die Kunden, die an diese Werte geglaubt und sich auf die Aussagen des Unternehmens verlassen haben?

We can always ask ourselves what has actually gone wrong and it is easy, ultimately, to fix one or a few guilty. It does not benefit us all, as long as we

  1. Value only as a material appreciation, in terms of shareholder value.
  2. Data analysis, quarterly data analysis, and increased profits
  3. Confidence in technology and material market leadership.

Systems are noisy and smoke: what we need are leaders who understand ethically, what integrity and responsibility mean, for their own personal value system, for the trust of employees who want to be proud of their performance, for the customers who rightly use them Claiming values ​​and critically questioning them up to social responsibility.

Digital transformation is not enough

The digital transformation offers great opportunities for our society. However, we should avoid only looking at the visibly rational, the material, the data and facts, but at the potential for success through people, their spirit, their vision, their ethics and values, which only visions, even utopias, become reality to let.

Big Data können Wissen aus Informationen, Gewohnheiten und Erfahrungen zwar analysieren und wiederkehrende Verhaltensmuster erkennen. Sie können Systeme und damit auch Menschen manipulieren, aber sie liefern keine Antwort auf unsere Frage nach dem „Warum“, nach dem Sense and the relevance of our work. Both knowledge workers and customers have this claim. They question the purpose, purpose and vision of the company.

Value-oriented leadership as an ethical corrective to the digital world

The focus shifts from the purely material consideration of rational, result-oriented performance to value-oriented leadership, which sees the decisive competitive factor in the appreciation of the individual, social and cultural skills of employees. Through values ​​and diversity, through personality. The character of the company spiegelt reflects the character and values ​​of managers and employees.

We need the courage to get rid of our factual and numerical faith. Courage not to rely on the genius of data and systems. They are not the truth, are manipulatable and can not guarantee corporate governance. More humanity and responsibility is needed as an ethical corrective to the digital world.

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