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Samsung ATIV Tab 3 in the workflow test: tablet as an emergencyebook-Replacement? {Review}

After I recently tested an Ultrabook, I was in the last few weeks with a Samsung ATIV Tab 3 on the road, which the manufacturer gave me kindly for a few weeks. Still, the tablet technology does not quite convince me.

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First impression

The Samsung ATIV Tab 3 looks without doubt also chic with its white design. However, the combination of tablet with protective cover and keyboard does not only seem a bit fragile at first glance.

For me the question was the question: Can a tablet with keyboard replace a netbook or even Ultrabook and a complete mobile workplace solution? My answer: Not yet.

The device comes with the following equipment:

measures and weight

  • Operating System Windows 8 (32 Bit)
  • Model / Processor Intel® Atom ™ Processor Z2760 (1,8 GHz) with 1 MB Intel® L2 Cache
  • Samsung 8 Special Features Samsung SideSync, S Note, S Player +, S Gallery, S PhotoStudio, S Camera +, Evernote, Microsoft OfficeTrial, Settings, SupportCenter, SW Update, Norton Internet Security (60 days Trial)

Product information

  • Article name Samsung ATIV Tab 3 XE300TZC-K01DE
  • Item number XE300TZC-K01DE
  • EAN 8806085728486
  • Recommended retail price incl. VAT 769 €
  • the model
  • Model color Marble White


  • Main memory 2 GB
  • Memory Type 2 GB DDR2L - 800MHz
  • Breakdown Main Memory Onboard 1 x 2 GB


  • Display 10,1 ″ (25,65 cm) touch LED display
  • Resolution HD (1.366 x 768)
  • Brightness 400 Nit


  • Graphics card Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator
  • Graphics memory shared memory

storage media

  • SSD 64 GB e.MMC onboard


  • Wireless 802.11a / b / g / n (2 x 2)
  • Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0


  • Audio Stereo Speakers (0,64 W x 2)


  • Webcam 720p HD Webcam (front), 2.0 megapixel Webcam with Flash (rear)


  • Type Bluetooth Book Cover Kexboard

Pointing device

  • Display unit S Pen


  • Power supply (V) 40 Watt
  • Standard battery 2 cells (25,6 Wh)
  • Battery life * 8 hours


  • USB 1 x micro-USB 2.0
  • Headphone / Microphone 3,5 mm Headphone / Microphone combo
  • HDMI ™ 1 x Type D Micro HDMI
  • Multi Memory Card Slot MicroSD Multi-media Card Reader

measurements and weight

  • Dimensions Housing (W x D x H) 257,4 x 8,2 x 165,3 mm
  • Weight 550 g

Working with keyboard

My first focus is the question of whether to write with a tablet and keyboard and how can work with a netbook of the same size. The answer: Conditional.

Taping on the Bluetooth Book Cover Kexboard is just as easy and easy as on other keyboards.

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It even works when I have the device on my knees or on a small folding table on the plane. However, the tablet is of course much heavier than the keyboard - the fragile construction therefore tends to tip over at the back.

Battery life and Bluetooth connection

In addition, the keyboard has an extra battery that needs to be charged extra. So you still have to take a charger with you. Annoying. However, you have to confirm the battery of both keyboard and tablet really excellent running times.

Also, the Bluetooth connection between the keyboard and the tablet must be made at the first time by entering a special code. Not more complicated, but I still a step too much, which is synonymous with the laptop.

Mouse or stylus?

A crack point, however, is that I always use a mouse as usual. As a man is still armed in his old way of working, instead of embarking on the new form of work.

I then solved the problem in such a way that when writing I stuck the stylus behind my ear and used it as a mouse pointer when needed - probably not quite in the sense of the inventor and quite unwieldy when working but the only practicable solution.

Alternate Workflow?

I even tried to write with the stylus by hand. The font recognition works amazingly well, you can easily paste the written text into a document. What unfortunately does not work is to work with the stylus directly eg in the Open Office document:

If you could just erase and replace letters and phrases manually, it would be a good, alternative workflow - and you probably would not need a keyboard anymore. This possibility shows a real progress of this system.

Cracking point operating system

Because the crack point when working is as so often the operating system: The Samsung device comes with Windows 8. This has the great advantage that you can install and use your usual programs, such as OpenOffice, as usual and do not have to deal with any apps.

However, if you consciously do without the installation of Microsoft apps, like me, you also have the disadvantage of having to fiddle on a touch screen with the small, mouse-buttoned buttons of the standard software. Only with his chunky fingers you have no chance, without stylus it does not work.

random access memory

Because Windows 8 simply can not decide what it wants to be: A mobile operating system as in the Start menu or a desktop solution.

Another disadvantage is that Windows 8 on a device with 2GB memory - a little less at a recommended price of 769 Euro - not really dazzling works.

I have saved the test with the graphics program, when I realize that the software alone opens only time-delayed. This could, of course, have other reasons.

Problem connectivity

Another problem with Windows 8 is the non-recognition of SD cards from 4 GB. Probably need it for its own driver, under Linux functions that problem-free. So, however, I have not managed to get the micro SD card from my camera in the tablet to run.

Result: Just quickly check the photos on the tablet is not. What is even worse is: connection with the PC is also not. Because synonymous with the USB cable does not really work. Result: Data transmission is possible in my case only via Internet and Dropbox. This is weak.

Wi-Fi with weaknesses

The WLAN seems to have weaknesses. For example, the automatic DSL connection does not work in my office, I have to reconnect the device every time. No other of my devices is having such problems.

In several hotels on my last press trip to Tenerife, the device sometimes got no connection - but it may also have lain the hotels, where it worked flawlessly with my some years old smartphone.

Suddenly the WLAN no longer works

Once I had to reset the device however even on the system settings from the previous day. Reason: apparently had any unintentionally driven update or perhaps a virus (from the anti-virus software under?) The WLAN off.

Only after the system reset it went again. But when you're abroad and do not have much time, it can be a real problem.


Such a tablet-keyboard combination could be a fine thing, if it would function easily. However, this combination still has too many weaknesses. The price / performance ratio, if you look at the memory, is not really true. The only advantage for me is the weight and the long battery life.

On the other hand, I consider the work with the stylus to be sustainable - the tablet as a notepad, which could also work directly on the text, would be a good alternative to a laptop with a keyboard for me. However, according to current status, I would rather be one Ultrabook as I have tested it here, which also offers in the price-performance comparison more.



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