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{Replica} Samsung Trend Report Development of the world of work: With Magdalena Rogl, Teresa Bücker and Simone Janson

The world of work in digital transformation - a topic that has also been the subject of intense debate in the HR industry lately. Samsung has now published a current trend report on the subject, which is also being received in the media.

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New world of work - #NewOfficeRoutines

The current trend report from Samsung, under the keyword #NewOfficeRoutines, addresses the far-reaching consequences that technological, socio-political and spatial change processes have for the world of work. The trend report has already been received by various media such as W&V.

For the report, Samsung has interviewed several personalities who are experiencing and discussing a new mobile work routine in a special way. Underpinned by the results of current studies, the Trend Report provides readers with inspiration on how to make use of the manifold possibilities of modern working concepts and how to actively shape the workplace of the future.

"I no longer differentiate between private life and work." - Magdalena Rogl, Head of Digital Channels at Microsoft

Smart networked and secure work environments are at the heart of tomorrow's working world - this is what the experts in the new Trend Report agree on. In addition to innovative solutions designed to meet the requirements of the digital future, people are more than ever the central hub.

"I no longer differentiate between private life and work," said Magdalena Rogl, Head of Digital Channels at Microsoft, in an interview. "I think that the potential for people's productivity actually goes hand in hand with the new devices, because they enable us to work when we can and want to be productive."

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“Above all, employees want more flexible working hours from their workplace model.” - Dr. Holger Schmidt, net economist

In a world dominated by artificial intelligence, original human characteristics such as creativity and intuition will play an increasingly important role. For companies, the understanding of the interaction between the human and the digital world becomes a reality success .

Dr. Holger Schmidt, network economist and expert in the field of digitization: “Employers usually see themselves well ahead and well equipped for 'new work' when they offer home offices and provide devices for mobile work. Employees particularly want their workplace model to offer more flexible working hours, location-independent data access, fast network connections, paperless work and less attendance. In the competition of companies for the best digital minds, these factors, in addition to the quality of the job, the remuneration and the work environment, will become more important factors in choosing an employer. ”

"We shouldn't just transfer work home, we should rethink it fundamentally." - Simone Janson, editor of Berufebilder

The experts in the trend report emphasize the paradigm shift in the world of work that is currently manifesting itself: “One should remember that fixed working hours and work locations are legacies from the industrial age,” says Simone Janson, editor of Berufebilder.

“However, we no longer need this 9-to-5 rhythm in the information society. The idea that success is measured by how long a person works is simply out of date. We shouldn't just transfer work home, we should fundamentally rethink it. ”

"Modern technologies that enable us to fully exploit the potential of this new world are already there - it only takes the courage to use them." - Martin Böker, Director B2B Samsung Electronics GmbH

In addition to Magdalena Rogl, Dr. Holger Schmidt and Simone Janson report on the bloggers Vreni Frost and Sonja Köllinger of Tech and the City, Melanie Petersen of t3n, Rudolf Pütz of Vitra, and Teresa Bücker of Edition F on their individual experiences with new work routines.

Martin Böker, Director B2B Samsung Electronics GmbH, also presents five theses on working in the “Open Economy” 1 in the trend report, which pick up on the essential trends in the working world of tomorrow. “The various insights show us how increasing technological networking is redefining concepts of work.

This in turn has an adaptation of existing work routines to the logical consequence, which leads us to the threshold of a new age. Modern technologies that enable us to fully exploit the potential of this new world are already there - it only takes the courage to use it, ”says Martin Böker, Director B2B Samsung Electronics GmbH.

Further statements from the Trend Report:

  1. Teresa Bücker, editor-in-chief of Edition F, on the enormous potential of new work routines for people and society: “For me, new work means above all more humanity. Work can be fun, it can help us develop personally, but new work should also mean thinking more holistically. ”
  2. Sonja Köllinger, blogger at Tech and the City, on the freedom of a blogger: “For me, creativity doesn't work at the push of a button. I only noticed how much this affects my productivity when I switched from classic 9-to-5 jobs in a busy agency to self-employment. I don't want to do without the flexible lifestyle anymore. ”
  3. Melanie Petersen, editor at t3n, about working off the desk in the Sabbatical in Barcelona: “The remote time showed me how high my employer's trust in me is. For me, that also increased the motivation not to disappoint my bosses in this regard. ”
  4. Rudolf Pütz, Managing Director of Vitra Germany, on the physical change of office space in the course of digitization: “The individual workplace is becoming less important, people are looking for the best option for the job they are currently performing. Today, modern office solutions are equated with open, homely work environments. ”

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