Samsung Galaxy in the long-term test: And again the battery is empty {Review}

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The Samsung Galaxy is priced, in comparison to other smartphones, good in the race, but comes with the old Android 1. What disturbs me however far more is the battery. For my taste is too fast!

Samsung Galaxy in the long-term test: And the battery is empty again {Review} When does the cell phone with solar cells come?

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Experience: How long does the battery last?

The battery problem unfortunately have the most smartphones. When I look at it, I find the battery of my Nokia netbook, which is loose for the whole day or even longer, once again twice as good. Also the Samsung Galaxy is unfortunately no exception. When are the first cell phones with solar cells?

I was especially painfully aware of this during my last holiday - and at the Eurovision Song Contest: On vacation, I have, as one does so, called from home on the way. Then on the Amalfi Coast hundreds of photos were shot from the moving bus, because the memory cards to my camera were both full and the mobile phone camera reacted much faster than the lame camera. The 5 mega-pixel photos can really be seen.

In the evening I was in constant panic, the bus to miss, because the battery was of course empty and I had no choice but to leave the Galaxy off. I then often times simply asked for the time.

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Accumulator GPS, Internet and social media

But what would have happened if I had, for example, still wandered, as I had planned, using the GPS function? What if I would have tasted the horny landscape during the bus ride with Italian music via headphones?

And what, if I belonged to the type of workaholics who are not on vacation on the beautiful beach of Positano eMails - exactly the people with whom mobile phone network operators make money? Then I would stupidly depleted at least two batteries.

No permanent communication with the Samsung Galaxy

At the Eurovision Song Contest, I had the phone charged for half an hour before - but probably not fully loaded. Until the appearance of Lena, I was able to mittwittern then - then the battery was empty. I would like to have the points and the victory also like to get on Twitter. Too stupid, too!

But fun on the side: Even if you are not on vacation or other special occasions, I feel the battery as a real disaster.

After all, like all smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy is designed to use the mobile Internet. But that is exactly what partially drains the battery faster than you can say "beep". Anyone who wants to make a few business calls while on the move will quickly look very old. It doesn't help to switch down the screen brightness or switch off in between.

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How to save electricity?

Only those who use the mobile phone, as I occasionally, for MP3 or E-Books, notes or as an address book and telephone, Internet and GPS only occasionally, comes well over the rounds. Also MP3 can be easily heard a half day,

The mobile phone network operator, for me is a smooth argument against Flatrates of any kind: Even if the o2 in the cheapest variant is already a mobile flat rate for 8,50 Euro (but only with a mobile phone tariff), I ask two and a half months test phase fixed: Why should I pay if I can not use the flat rate then but not to the desired extent - among other things because these leave the battery too fast?

Mobile handbag navigation

With the most important argument for a smartphone was for me the possibility, it also as a mobile handbag navi to use. For example with Google Maps. Or one of the numerous alternatives. GPS is included. The practice looks different.

I especially liked the idea to have a mobile city map in the form of Google, because I moved to Berlin just a few months ago. Why this eg with my Nokia netbook does not work and which alternatives there are, we discussed here scon in detail. So now my try with the phone.

Ask instead of navigate

The disappointment followed on the heels: the first time the data connection failed. And that in the middle of Berlin-Mitte. I had spontaneously made a business appointment via Twitter and was therefore rushed out of the house in a hurry, without first figuring out the place on the computer - with the idea: You look on the way in the train, where you actually go exactly to the phone thanks ... and that did not work.

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So I had to ask someone on the street (luckily I had a rough idea of ​​the direction) - and of course he joked when he saw me frantically pushing around on the Galaxy: "Well, all the modern parts don't really work, how? But you can also ask happiness, for example, about real people. ” Samsung Galaxy in the long-term test: And again the battery is empty {Review} Google Maps

Maps Offline and Free

Exactly at such moments, it is desirable that Google Maps also works offline. Well, after all, in a similar situation the next time the target can be searched for and the search result, which is stored in the cache, then offline.

In all other situations, there is Map-Droid: This is a free program app, which allows you to download all maps on mobile phones at a relatively quick rate - and they are always available offline. Yes, the program even searches for updates. In this respect, this is the best free offline navigation aid I've ever tried, really awesome (and I've tried a lot of mobile phones, because OpenStream Map has a lot of programs to download offline maps, but the use of which is incomparably more complicated)

For makers of MapDroid so my heartiest congratulations, what a super program. It would be even better if the maps were somewhat more accurate and the whole search function. The latter is indeed the big point, because the app is nothing more than a city map on the mobile phone, where one must already know about where to go and then look for an eye.

GPS Compass

Although the Samsung even GPS - just a year ago this was completely unthinkable in this price class - and MapDroid even works with GPS. But unfortunately, the GPS positioning is anything but exactly: How stupid, that I unfortunately have to know exactly where I am and not a location three block blocks to get further indicated.

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This is not the fault of MapDroid: In a first test of the GPS function with Google Maps, I was walking on the Wannsee: While I Google Direction you indicated my exact location, transplanted with the GPS in the middle of the Wansee ... and in the dead of winter , brrr ... For hiking, the GPS is so completely unsuitable. Let alone the fact that the GPS solution is the largest power / battery recharger ever, because after only one hour, the battery was virtually empty.

Conclusion: Still improving

My personal conclusion: Google Maps is among the free navigation solutions still the number. Only offline it does not exist. Nokia maps could help here: For Windows Mobile there is the free program Smart2go - but unfortunately not for Android. MapDroid is just downloading and updating the map material the most practical at all - but unfortunately without a search. Stay only paid solutions, such as the mobile city plans of the company envi.con, which has me because of the resolution and the lack of updability never really convinced. And all solutions feed on the battery.

So who is surprised that I still carry around with me various Falk city maps in addition to the phone? Granted, their folding is not quite my thing (I prefer everything at a glance in front of me), even the search in the register is impractical, they are not always up to date (just in Berlin, this can be a problem ...) and at Rain and in the dark it gets difficult ... but at least that is in terms of battery safe number. In order for me to change completely, there has to be something left!


Markus Fabri just pointed me via Twitter to Telmap. This is a navigation software that o2 has recently been providing for its customers for free.

Well, it's not completely free, because as I read the comments on the blog may: Obviously you can retrieve the maps only with an o2 data connection, not download free offline. Of course that's just as useless as google. But I can not try it anymore because the o2 test period has ended.

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