Samsung Galaxy in the long-term test: Mobile office - conclusion after three months of testing {Review}

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Disclosure & Image Rights: The mobile phone provider o2 Business has made various test devices such as the HTC Desire S smartphone and the Nokia Bookle 3 G available for unlimited testing for free - along with a free mobile Internet or mobile flatrate. Rights .

The Samsung Galaxy i7500 I had three months in the test, together with a data and telephone flat rate of oEs can be everything a smartphone can, with small structural deficiencies. And can be used, contrary to popular opinion also offline, without data flat rate.

Samsung Galaxy in the long-term test: Mobile office - conclusion after three months of test {Review} mobildes-buero

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


What does a mobile phone really need?

The disadvantage of Android as the operating system: It comes quite naked and therefore you have to install everything for a high-performance use.

Only the basics are already there. But actually that's not so bad - after all, every Jeck is different and each smartphone is adapted to the needs of its user in the uses.

The office function at a glance

Therefore, finally, for me the most important function of the whole smartphone: The use as a mobile office. Clear, calendar function, contacts, eMails. But I need the little guy for more: for example, to read PDFs and to write notes - password management and data transfer included.

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My mobile phone should be mainly one: Calendar and manage contacts. View and edit office documents, read PDFs and ebooks, retrieve mails, and maybe a few social media applications - in the order! This is why I say so expressly, because the numerous social media applications, as they are implemented in many smartphones almost forcibly implemented, hardly interest me.

Contact, calendar and eMails sync with Google

The Google features are not a problem, just enter your username and password and the contacts, eMails and appointments from Google on the phone. The disadvantage: Who does not want to entrust his sensitive data to the data octopus, is probably in the fix. Surely there is some other way to go around google - I just did not test it and it probably will not work that easily.

I have been synonymous for over a year my mobile data from Linux and Thunderbird with Google. Because already with my old Windows mobile phone I had as Linux users exactly here always the biggest problems. I use the Thunderbird Addon Lightening with Google Calendar and a special Google Calendar plug-in - the calendar entries from my desktop are automatically sent to Google and my mobile phone. The Thunderbird addon Zindus is used for the address book - and Thunderbird can be matched with the Google address book just as easily. For the e-mals I use Imap. Only for the tasks I have not found anything so far, but you can also enter into the calendar.


There is also an ingenious program, which saves me a lot of effort: Keepass. This is my Passwordsafe, which works both on Linux as well as under Windows and the Nokia netbook and also under Android on the mobile phone. The one or the other unsafe, but for the work on different devices it is essential for me to have my passwords always encrypted - otherwise I am experienced insane.

Data transfer Galaxy PC via FTP

I have already reported how I compare contact and calendar data between mobile phone and PC. But how do the rest of the data (music, ebooks, etc.) actually get on your phone? And, as a journalist, not unimportant: Can I write texts with the part?

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The data transfer was admittedly not easy: I spent a lot of time fiddling with how to exchange files - photos, music, but also ebooks or simple .doc files - with my mobile phone. The supplied PC software from Samsung is yes, as described here, a slippery disaster - no matter which of the operating systems I testedl. Since it did not work with the cable had another solution ago: over the Internet. For example via FTP.

If you know what you have to look for, you can quickly find the solution: The free app SwiFTP makes a mobile phone (on request, password-encrypted) FTP server. You simply transfer the data from the really easy-to-use program into an FTP program - and then you can easily play and run data. However only with WLAN connection for the mobile phone - but the actually has everyone.

Read PDFs and e-books

In this way I can play my entire music collection, for example, or my e-book library. While a practical MP3 player is already integrated, I need an extra program for the latter. Although Documents-to-go, the mE Best Office program for Android, with which one can read and edit all types of Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint); even a PDF reader is integrated. The PDF files are exactly what I hated on my old mobile phone: The PDF files are simply displayed, you can zoom them on a decent font size, but then you have to scroll left to read from left , Although there are ways to convert PDF files to other, readable formats on the PC - but make the times with 3 GB to e-books.

The app BeamReader solves this problem: can textView option you look at just the typeface of the file to display - and the PDF is for practical e-book, the lines are no matter what font size to wrap on the right side and you can PDF read like an e-book. After that I've been looking for quite a long time.

Writing on the galaxy

What I find initially very difficult is typing on the phone: Even in landscape mode with a rotating display I find the keys too small, I always type the wrong letters and I'm not as fast as on my old Qtek 9090 with a larger screen. The software BetterKeyboard and all real keyboards do not change the pressure points.

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Also annoying is that you often have to produce special characters long by long pressure of certain keys. In my opinion there would also have been room for the special drawing tapestry: after all, umlauts and, especially, ß are often used, but signs like ¢ but rather rarely. On the other hand, autocomplete: the words are displayed between the keyboard and the text field, rather than automatically in the text field itself. Several selection options are offered.

Word on Android: easy annoying!

Extremely strange, I find the fact that the mouse pointer in Word documents back to the beginning of the document when I turn the device. That may be due to Officetogo, it is always annoying. So, if you're writing on longer blog posts like me on the road, it's a good idea not to change your orientation while writing. However, this is impractical if you change your seat in between times - for example when changing from one bus to the other. Then you have to search each time the place in the text again.

The keyboard, to which I am slowly getting used to a good day's practice (when traveling by train, when else do you have so much time), is also the reason why I have not used the phone as a means of communication until now, as it did actually thought is: Although Facebook Touch and AndTweet (there are also rows of other programs for social media applications) nicely done, but even typing short messages is for me still quite a Murcks. I recently received one eMail: It took me half an hour to reformulate a few lines and then send them back, which finally failed because of the missing Internet connection.

Conclusion Office features

For the basic functions, the SamsungGalaxy is a really nice, easy-to-use phone with minor build errors. The writing and communication functions could be a little more practicable for my taste, but this is probably just a matter of getting used to the small display of newer smartphones.

In the case of word processing, the fact that the cursor jumps back to the beginning of the text when turning the display (which happens to be faster than one) negatively affects the speed of typing texts on the go.

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Conclusion construction

After all, the device is stable, it has survived several crashes. One drawback is that the battery cover was not seated on two test phones from the start - a cell phone that needs to be fixed with Tesafilm just looks less stylish.

Conclusion operating system

I am excited by the Android operating system, the simple data comparison with Google and the many fast-to-use apps. Especially MapDroid could be an ingenious, free offline navigation solution - if there was only one search function.

Looks from the fact that Android 1.5 is now a somewhat outdated system, which has not hurt me so far, but the price / performance ratio of the SamsungGalaxy really.

Conclusion data connection

The whole pleasure is reduced by the UMTS connection of o2, which simply did not work for me in decisive moments.

Last but not least, by the time I was staying at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin-Mitte during the Webinale: Only with great difficulty did an Internet connection come about.

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Conclusion memory

Great is the size of the memory: With memory you can easily and without hooks to write multi-page texts while listening to music. Anything but normal is the 8GB large internal SD card: The almost twice as expensive Palmpre has not so comfortable included memory on board.

Only rausnehmen you can not the internal SD card, which makes the data exchange via FTP required. If you feel like it, you can still upgrade your own SD card to 32 GB.

Overall Conclusion

Despite deficiencies due to it price-performance ratio a recommendable mobile phone!

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    And I had once read that they wanted to equip Berlin area-wide with Wi-Fi, but probably does not seem to work, as I was told recently ... sigh ... More hotspots would be just awesome ...

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