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On February 28.02.2018, 2, the panel discussion “Curse or blessing? Open economy put to the test. " The changes in the world of work were discussed - among others by Sascha Lekic - Director IT and Mobile Communication BXNUMXB at Samsung and Simone Janson.

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherConsultant and head of the Instituts Berufebilder Yourweb.


Rethink! Acting in networked worlds

Under the motto “One Samsung”, Samsung wanted to show in the Cologne location XPOST from 27.02.-01.03.2018 as part of its roadshow how new technologies enrich the lives of consumers across product boundaries and how they can improve their everyday work and lives.

But the event also allowed critical undertones: On all three days of the Samsung Summit 2018 “Rethink! Acting in networked worlds ”with numerous discussions and lectures.

Panel with Samsung Manager

Amongst the numerous speakers who provided important input on topics such as Open Economy and Work 4.0 and who provided perspectives on the changing world of work, I was also the editor of Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® and one of the 20's most important bloggers.

Together with Sascha Lekic, Director IT and Mobile Communication B2B at Samsung Germany, Alexander Steinhart, CEO of Offtime and the network economist Dr. I will discuss Holger Schmidt, moderated by Ole Tillmann, on the topics of open economy, new work and changes in the world of work. More precisely about the following questions:

The topic: What will the working world of the future look like?

The working world of the future will be significantly different from today.

  • But is an improvement to be expected?
  • Will people work more independently and be more qualified?
  • Do breakthrough digital innovations drive the efficiency and productivity of our economy and create new jobs?
  • Or will people gradually become “incapable” and redundant as a result of the increase in intelligent machines?

Both future scenarios seem plausible and polarize strongly in public perception. While digitization promises some people freedom and flexibility, it appears to others as a source of insecurity and threat.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

How is the change in the working world currently showing?

By the way, you can already notice the changes that the new world of work brings in many places today:

Anni Roolf, who always makes me think and from whom some of the lines of thought and examples mentioned in the discussion also come, recently spoke to Facebook pointed out to the new academic precariat: Relentless insight into the university system.

And we have recently on the Situation of honorary teachers below the poverty line, which Facebook an exciting discussion about the change in our work and value system as a whole relaxed:

System problem vs. individual performance

This is how Christina Pautsch, until 2017 CPO and managing director of our cooperation partner iversity Learning Solutions GmbH, found something:

This is a huge problem that is frighteningly poorly talked about. Unfortunately, it not only affects integration teachers, but also many other teachers working on educational institutions whose programs are funded by public funds. The error is already in the system: private-sector education providers apply Ministries are involved in providing funds for asylum seekers, the unemployed, single mothers or otherwise disadvantaged persons, and as a rule, those who offer their services the cheapest are awarded the contract. Exploitation is therefore not only approved by the state, but is systematically brought about by the principles of promotion.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®-Author Ute Blindert, on the other hand, was of the opinion that such working conditions should not be offered:

I'm really wondering why you want to do this? I quit teaching because of such conditions. Yes, I know that there are constraints, and rent and food have to be paid for, but could not there be other ways than to go along with it?

Variety of factors

Whereas I am of the opinion that a large number of indivudual-psychological and economic factors come to bear on this problem.

I think what is often forgotten in the whole discussion is the question of what security each individual has - e.g. through family or partner. On closer inspection there are huge differences. The whole meager earnings naturally also attack self-confidence, which is not very pronounced in the humanities and creative minds anyway - and as a result, many then think they have no choice. Christina Pautsch, however, I think that it is a bit tougher in Berlin because the city has little money, but there are hardly any alternatives to Berlin and there are a lot of freelancers.

Where do you see the problem, what are your experiences and your opinion about changing the working world?

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  1. Alice

    Digitization, New Work, Change in the Workplace: With credit, but it simply depends on employees and companies to fit together. The human component has to be right. And computers will never do that.

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    Great discussion, with what you say you have something right! In digitalisation, one should not forget those that are being deprecated by them.

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