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Sandra Schubert portrait_small_squareSandra Schubert is a sales expert - for Mercedes, O2 and VW, among others. Awarded as Senator by Junior Chamber International, the worldwide association of young businesspeople, the business administration graduate is the driving force behind positive psychology in sales and is recognized as a professional speaker by the GSA / SHB. Nationally and internationally known simply as "the SCHUBs", she develops sales concepts and tailor-made sales training, trains on the subject of new customer acquisition, recommendation management and communication - for Mercedes Benz, O2, Rodenstock, VW and RedBull, among others. More information at All texts by Sandra Schubert.

Sales success is a question of charisma: Happy & motivated with customers every day

Happiness is an essential in the sale success, The happiness of the customer, but also the personal happiness of the seller, which he radiates. That is why it is important to be mindful and grateful for the many little moments of happiness in everyday life.

Schubert_ moments of happiness

What is happiness anyway?

Without a doubt, the job of salesman has “what it takes to be a lucky job”, in other words, a dream job. In order to achieve this happiness, a salesperson should have certain character traits in order to be happy in and through his profession.

But now is the time to give an answer to the question, what is happiness anyway?

Luck - a defintion attempt

Happiness, according to Ed Diener, one of the most well-known scientists in the field of positive psychology, is the ability to feel a lasting, subjective well-being. The recipe for this subjective well-being is composed of different ingredients, some of which are already lit.

In various studies, people who describe themselves as particularly happy were asked again and again, what, according to their assessment, the ability to feel this happiness comes from. The unanimous answer is: "It is the ability to enjoy the little things, the daily moments of success and happiness!"

Moments of happiness

What moments of happiness are meant? First and foremost, those that originate from the practice of the salesperson's profession, such as the sense of achievement after a successful sale.

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Just do not please make the personal happiness of this single, depending on the industry quite rarely occurring experience. Positive, successful experiences in sales can be eg:

  • An interesting new company or a new exciting person.
  • Having your own product or your own company positively anchored in the conversation partner.
  • Got a tip or a recommendation.
  • To have developed a possible solution or novelty with the customer.
  • Or just have a good conversation.

Daily success is important

If we only consider the order or contract conclusion to be a success in sales, then we lack the daily successes. Rome was not built in a day and so many customers also needed longer for their purchase decision.

Therefore, it is important to strategically plan and carry out the intermediate steps to conclude a contract, and to evaluate it as successful if it is achieved.

Intermediate steps on the way to seller luck

If, for example, you think of the telephone acquisition of new customers, then an identified decision maker is already an important step in the case of a target customer. Once you've had a good first conversation and your own name, that's already a second stage victory.

If it comes in a further discussion to the demand and order clarification, we are again a crucial step closer to our final goal.

Many steps lead to sales success

Many steps lead to the final sales success. And even with the order, the distribution channel is far from over.

If we do this, we will automatically have more sense of achievement and thus record moments of happiness.

Experience moments of happiness

Selling takes a lot of energy, but also gives us a lot of energy back. It is crucial that we regularly reward ourselves and integrate the ability to enjoy in everyday life:

How strong is the seller's ability to experience small moments of happiness and integrate them into their own day-to-day sales? And how well is his mindfulness designed to seize such chances of luck and not let it pass unused?

My tip no 1: Create your Schmunzelliste

Answer the following question: Which things do I conjure guaranteed and always a smile on my face?

Use the mind map below to make your personal list of moments of happiness or "smile list". From now on you can ensure your personal moments of happiness in your everyday life every day!

Happiness moments in the salesman's day schedule

Because: Decisive for our continued well-being is to be mindful and grateful for the small happiness experiences that happen every day.

It is also important in our calendars to consciously plan happiness experiences and to take the time to follow these beautiful appointments with yourself and others. The sum of these little moments of happiness make a big, long-term happiness.

My tip no 2: make a daily fortune!

At the end of each day, ask yourself very consciously: “What did I do well today?”. Make a ritual out of it. The best thing to do is to write down at least three positive experiences from your day-to-day sales.

Create a nice lucky diary for yourself or use the note function of your smartphone or iPad. You will see how you train your positive perception and thus your ability to be happy in the long term.

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  1. Peter Lowenhagen says:

    Fortunately, most people have many very personal moments of happiness in life. And when the first moment of happiness comes early in the morning before you go to work, the day starts off right away. Here is a suitable cartoon on the subject>

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    Only a happy seller is successful - 3/3: Happy every day as a seller: Happiness is… #profession #education

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