Successful in Sales: 2 X 3 Tips for Better Selling

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Sales is a difficult thing for some people, but comparatively simple for others. We show them in 2X3 hypotheses using the example of pharmaferies to help successful distributors.

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Harald Smolak Best of HR –®Harald Smolak is a client director and HR director at Atreus.


Sales at the example of medical practice

The practice is full of patients of Dr. Müller [1], a cardiologist. A man with a suitcase, like everyone else, is waiting for the longed-for call for his concern. “How open will he be to the benefits of my products this time?

Six weeks ago we had to interrupt our conversation due to an emergency. I know that he prefers to use a competitor's medication. I think he has something against me, is always so buttoned up and has far too little time for me, constantly looks at his watch and is happy if I clear the field for other patients as soon as possible. ”

Doctors and pharmaceutical representatives - a difficult relationship?

For example, the internal dialogue of a pharmacist could take place before a doctor's visit. Why do doctors still have the time to talk with external employees? The times for generous incentive events and gifts from pharmacists are over. What are the benefits of this conversation? Is it the power of habit from former times, pure courtesy of doctors or the quick update of news from pharmaceutical products?

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This question cannot be answered that easily because the motifs can be as varied as possible. What would be useful for doctors without perceiving a pharmaceutical representative as “Chronophage [2]”?

  1. Hypothesis - knowledge transfer: News about studies, facts about specific advantages of a drug can be quickly transferred to the doctor through current material and samples. The doctor has something in his hand and does not need to read this through specialist magazines or the Internet himself.
  2. Hypothesis - Information about peers: Pharmaceutical officers have a good overview of their customer base, who advise you professionally. They are an interesting “sounding board” of the medical scene.
  3. Hypothesis - invitations to work groups and events: Interested physicians can acquire additional expert knowledge with little effort through the participation of organized working groups by pharmacists. Lectures on occupational therapies give the physicians a platform to be perceived as a capacity for therapy success.

What makes a successful pharmaceutical remover?

All three hypotheses are valid arguments for taking a time as a doctor for a pharmaceutical salesperson. However, these advantages are likely to be used by all competitors. So what makes the difference for a successful physician-pharmacy remedy?

If we assume that certain patient images are treated similarly by comparable competitive products, the technical advantages of a manufacturer rarely lead to a successful conclusion of a call.

Despite the highest level of competence, a pharmaceutical officer is always on the shorter lever to suggest to the doctor what would be better for his patients from the point of view of the representative of a pharmaceutical company. It would be almost disrespectful to assume that a “demigod in white” has so far provided his profession with insufficient “right” remedies.

So what makes the difference between the pharmaceutical experts who are more successful in convincing their doctors with their products?

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  1. Hypothesis: Doctors are also people and have needs like their patients and pharmaceutical representatives: A doctor is not only a specialist who should always provide the right diagnosis, therapy and fast healing for his patients, he is also entrepreneur, manager, consultant and private a person with hobbies and family responsibilities. This is very often forgotten by his environment. His clients, the patients, have high expectations that are not always met, especially if you have to wait for long waiting times impatiently and the doctor can spend little time for each individual, whether cash or private patient. In addition to the additional topics of their own staff would be a little time-out, as a change between the patient's help. A conversation with a pharmacist could be a successful change to patient talks, but only if he does not have to respond immediately to the needs of the salesperson. Already the clumsy attempt to convince the physician for the drug to be reprehended leads very quickly to the rejection, disillusionment and defense with the aim to get rid of the employee as quickly as possible. Despite the best preparation and the attempt to put on the last conversation, it does not lead to the longed-for success with a too fast professional start. It seems rather disrespectful to the doctor, who takes the time for a sales assistant despite the stress. Conversely, the committed pharmacist wants to bring the maximum amount of information into this short talk time, so that the doctor can finally use the advertised products for his patients. The focus of the conversation is usually not identical to that of the doctor, his client. This requires important information that helps the salesperson to recognize what is important to the doctor in this conversation. Unfortunately, this is often not considered at all.
  2. Hypothesis: Sales professionals recognize the motives of their doctors: Successful sales people know the needs of their customers. They investigate the trigger stimulus of the doctor about which he would like to speak right now. This mindfulness leads to a fruitful dialogue with great respect at eye level, which pays for an effective customer-doctor relationship regardless of a professional preparation for the conversation. Recognizing what could motivate the doctor is key to the success of this business relationship. It’s not just the factual level that people like to adjust to and that is best done through studies Article and want to underline the flyer. If the trigger stimulus of the doctor about which he would like to speak is recognized, the doctor is rewarded in his subconscious and opens up much more towards the concerns and needs of the pharmaceutical officer.
  3. Hypothesis: To create a benevolent atmosphere of conversation: Similar to the doctor, the pharmaceutical officers, who expect the doctor's full attention, feel the same way. This is disillusioned by long waiting times in the practice and in the greeting by the introductory words of the doctor, "... I have very little time for you today ...". Right now it is important not to let this situation happen in three minutes with a prepared conversation of 30 minutes. Rather, it is about finding out why the doctor chose this entry for the interview. Is it his lack of interest in the sales employee's concern? Is it a bad conscience because he promised something in the last conversation that he couldn't keep? Is it extreme stress from patients, staff issues or things that concern him regardless of his role as a doctor? In this situation it is primarily a matter of gaining the minutes of your attention in order to make the conversation positive with sympathy and appreciation, even if the technical part of the conversation may experience a subordinate period. The doctor knows what a pharmaceutical representative stands for, which products he represents and what is important to the sales man. For comparable products, successful direct sales are determined by the people and not by numbers, data and facts.


Successful pharmacists succeed in recognizing the triggering of a conversation with their doctors at an early stage, in order to reward them with targeted questions. They have a high flexibility in adapting their prepared dialogue as they recognize what needs my client in this situation from me right now.

They can more easily distinguish what are the needs of my doctor from their own needs as a salesman without losing the focus of a successful sales conversation. In doing so, you develop a customer sales relationship on an equal footing, which is perceived as a valued partnership from both sides.

[1] name is fictitious [2] Griech: Chronos = time and phages = eaters

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    Successful in Sales: 2X3 Hypotheses of
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