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51Lars Schäfer is a speaker, trainer and is considered a leading expert on the subject of “Emotional Selling”. After training as an industrial businessman and marketing specialist, he worked for 15 years in the office and in the field. Since 2004 he has been an independent sales and communication trainer specializing in “customer loyalty through emotional selling”. He offers sales training for the field service, shop staff and sales engineers. More information at www.emotionalesverkaufen.de

Sales leads: 6 tips for perfect completion

When talking to a sales or customer, one thing that matters most is the conclusion. In the double meaning of the word, the decisive factor for the customer journey is how they end the call.

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Get a perfect finish

Whatever comes to your conclusion: Please make sure that there is a qualification at all. Summarize what has been said, what has been agreed, and what is still to be done: This creates binding and secure for the customer.

It doesn't matter how your customer felt when he entered your shop or when you saw him in his office for the first time: after the conversation, he should be in a good mood! Like the speech, the first words, the last words are remembered.

6 tips for perfect completion

That's why I'll give you 6 tips here for the perfect call to a meeting - including wording for a conversation end, with which your customer is really satisfied.

1. The recommendation strategy

At the end of a customer meeting, you can ask factual or personal questions, be creative and original. There are, however, a few other strategies that are promising and trigger positive emotions for the customer:

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If you decide to do this, please make sure that your customer is really someone who needs references. There are a lot of people who are extremely individualistic, to whom you don't sell anything that “everyone else has”.

2. give safety

On the other hand, there is security for other customers if they know that they are Article has been sold millions of times and if the market leader also uses it. Such references are extremely important, especially in the service sector, more precisely in sectors in which you cannot show a finished product.

That is where your trust builds up, so please pay attention to clear and unambiguous phrases.

3. The appeal strategy

If you notice that the atmosphere of the conversation is relaxed and confidential, that is, the customer has gained trust in you, feel free to "mentally nudge" him briefly. You appeal to the needs that your customer has: for example, pride, the urge for freedom or his individuality.

  • “You are known in the industry for innovations…”
  • "If you don't like this suit, who will?"
  • “If YOU can't afford this dream car, who can?
  • "Your company is made for such an efficient production line."

Of course, the customer should feel flattered, so you really only say such things, if you mean so.

4. The humor strategy

What's stopping you from being humorous at the end? If you had an open conversation with your customer, if you have laughed every now and then, then you can also complete sales with a sense of humor.

An ironic "Come, buy now, otherwise the night watchman will include us right away" or a self-ironic "Order quickly, otherwise my employer will launch a new model again" brings you a step closer to your overriding goal: a customer to win who trusts you and will be happy to come back.

5. After the conversation, the customer should be in a good mood

If you are really struggling and the customer is not allowed to buy, then the following sentence helps you: You do not get every customer. But you should at least try. The last sentences are decisive!

Here you have a great opportunity to strengthen your impression of your personality so far. Whether we call it professional farewell or emotional conclusion: the decisive factor is what the customer still connects with you a day later.

6. Here are 5 formulation aids and examples of successful final sentences

  1. The most important tip first: thank you for the order. Not this automatic thank you, but the thank you, which comes from the heart. It is by no means a weakness, if one admits that one is pleased, and then expresses. On the contrary, it demonstrates strength and sovereignty and makes you personable.
  2. Point the customer out or shortly before going out for news: "The next time I visit, I'll bring you xxx." This creates curiosity and you have a hanger for the next conversation.
  3. If you work in the retail trade and are not on site at the same time every day: Let your customer know when they will find them - if they still want something: “If you have any questions: I am always open from Tuesday to Thursday from 14 : 00 a.m. in the shop, on Fridays from 12:00 p.m. Please feel free to contact me again. ” This shows him that you are genuinely caring.
  4. Even if it is time and time again to the Floskel, it is perfectly in order, the customer still good shops or even many nice customers to wish. As long as it is serious and authentic, he will be happy about it.
  5. Send your customers home with positive words and give them a serious feeling to be there for the purchase. Create commitment, because that also creates trust.

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