Pay Transparency Act & Duty to provide information: 2 X 5 Tips for more money

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Since 6. January 2018 applies the tightened form of the fee transparency law. It aims to provide equal pay between men and women, but critics complain that the scheme is not going far enough. 2 X 5 tips on how to really get more salary. Pay Transparency Act & Duty to Disclose Salary: 2 X 5 Tips for More Money Payments Transparency Act & Duty to Disclose Salary: 2 X 5 Tips for More Money

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What does the remuneration transparency law bring?

The Pay Transparency Act entered into force in July 2017. His goal: Employees should be able to ask the employer for information about what colleagues earn.

Above all, this is intended to close the so-called gender pay gap, the pay gap between men and women. Because, according to the theory, who knows what colleagues earn, the boss has an argument for more salary.

5 hurdles for the obligation to provide information

Unfortunately, this higher goal is hampered by all sorts of hurdles, because the following rules apply:

  1. In order for an employee to submit a request for salary information, it must be Company at least 200 employees have.
  2. The information can only ever be given to colleagues who have a similar job as themselves.
  3. What this means in concrete is in one Guide of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, In a nutshell, similar activity means: You have to be able to replace each other in the company.
  4. And the information may be given only for colleagues of the opposite sex.
  5. Last but not least, at least six colleagues of the opposite sex must have similar jobs as you.

More money: workers can do that instead

It turns out, therefore, that in practice a great many obstacles stand in the way of the specific obligation to provide information and that only a small proportion of employees are able to find out the salary of their colleagues and from this an argument for more salary can be derived.

So who wants to argue with the boss a higher salary, it is good not to rely on legal regulations, but to convince his boss with good arguments. We have listed the most important tips:

1. Consideration is expected

If you want more money, you have to offer something to your company. This means showing appropriate commitment in advance and assuming additional tasks. But not only: Skilled workers can often score with specialist knowledge or special skills that are useful to the employer.

Here further training can help. And top scores with good contacts are an image gain for every company. Networking early in the game pays off later in the payroll. However, whoever does not offer such a value, but is merely dissatisfied and wants to claim his salary claim at all costs, is quickly on the shooting list.

2. Do not be put off

Chefs push the salary negotiations quickly before the bad economic situation, even if this is not so bad in practice. Because they know what signals they send to their employees - namely: "People, works well, keep your feet still and just does not come to me with the demand for more salary."

However, employees who hold their own should not be deterred by such attitudes, because this is exactly what bosses usually do. "Right now!" - the motto should be much more. Because especially skilled workers with special qualifications can benefit from the shortage of skilled workers in the labor market despite the crisis - and not only with new hires.

3. Work a lot and talk about it

But the money sailed is not usually from heaven: Even if you have worked well for many years, bosses usually perceive this as a matter of course. As a result, hardly any company thinks that they will voluntarily pay more to their qualified employees.

On the contrary, supervisors even learn to counter salary wishes in seminars. For this reason, high-performance employees should look for themselves with the boss and emphasize their outstanding achievements for the company.

4. Why salary requirements are good for the career

Not only is a salary increase more satisfying, but it can even foster a career: anyone who does a lot for a company underlines the need for more money. Because it is important for every company, particularly in times of crisis, that the well-qualified employees are motivated and do not quit internally from frustration about insufficient payment.

In addition, qualified, well-paid employees are less likely to be dismissed because it is more difficult to replace them and a correspondingly high compensation for the company can become expensive. However: everything with measure and goal. The requirement should correspond to the industry and personal qualifications.

5. Alternatives to salary increase

An alternative to the salary increase can be a performance-related payment, a model that is becoming more and more popular in Germany. In addition to the fixed salary, the employee can also receive a performance-related bonus.

Important are, however, that is exactly agreed, which goals must be reached, in order to get the plus. For employees, however, this remuneration always entails the risk of getting less than with a fixed remuneration.

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