Salary Requirements Communicate: The 17 Best Tips for More Money

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Those who want to earn more should demand more - even if that Chef eg constantly moaning about the bad order situation. The 17 best rhetoric tips for more salary.

Communicating Salary Wishes: The 17 Best Tips for More Money Communicating Salary Wishes: The 17 Best Tips for More Money

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Why salary negotiations are meaningful

They do a lot. And the boss should remember that too! Experts even advise to demand more salary now, because nobody else dares. With the request for more salary you support your standing in the Company: They show that you can do something, that you are aware of it - and that you have other alternatives as well.

And even if the boss is constantly complaining about the bad job situation: not simply kinking the salary plus at the same time annoying while they have twice as much work. Help your boss take a little more leap: show him what you have done for the company, because bosses forget something like that. Underline your value for the company rhetorically.

The 17 best tips for salary negotiation

  1. Boost self-esteem: Self-confidence is important in salary talks. Instead of self-criticism, you should therefore look at your strengths. Keep a journal in which to write down your achievements.
  2. Popularity counts: The salary depends only on 10 percent of the performance, but to 60 percent of the degree of recognition at the supervisor. Please log in to the meeting more often, or take over renowned projects.
  3. Collecting Information: Gather information for your reasoning: What is the company really like? What salary is usual in the industry in a particular position and with this task area? What do colleagues earn?
  4. Just do not complain: Do not complain about higher prices, but emphasize what you have done for the company - that convinces much more!
  5. Concrete demands state: "In fact, I would have earned a bit more salary" - thus signaling that you yourself do not believe in success. You have to quantify your salary requirements in detail and, if necessary, justify how you get this amount.
  6. Do not be put off: When men say no, that does not necessarily mean no. Rather, you should now enter into negotiations with the boss.
  7. Make a success storybook: Preparation is everything. Keep track of what you do for your business over a long period of time. You have won new customers or completed successful negotiations? Write it down. Particularly important are services with which you have brought your firm concrete measurable benefits, such as additional profit.
  8. Do not fall with the door into the house: "I want more money!" - who falls so with the door into the house, has already lost. The boss immediately switches to resistance. Better: Ask for a conversation about your advancement and perspectives in the company: "I would like to talk to you about my development." This shows you straight away that you want to do more for more money.
  9. Suggestive questions: Your boss will probably find the best suggestions for himself. Therefore, with a suggestive question, give him the idea of ​​paying you more: "Do not you agree that my work is very important to the company?" Moreover, if your boss says so now, later he can shatter claims badly ,
  10. How to react to counter arguments of the boss: The boss disagrees? Give it a point, then counter with a counter-argument: "Yes, I know, we have to save money. And I contributed a lot in the last year. Should not that be honored? "Attention: A" yes-but "indicates that you have not really picked up on your boss's arguments. A connecting "and" works better.
  11. Always emphasize your performance: Even if you are looking for more money: Always emphasize what you have done for the company and that you are ready to do more: "I have already gained many new customers. And I want to get involved even more. I will certainly be even more successful if I am even better motivated by an additional financial incentive ... "
  12. Do not be distracted: Be impressed when the boss suddenly yells at you: "Why should I just give you a raise? You are not in your position for very long. "Or:" Today you want more salary and tomorrow everyone is sitting here. "Continue to argue objectively:" I think my situation must be considered individually ... "
  13. Anticipating Counter-Arguments: Sometimes it's better to anticipate and rebut arguments that you expect from your boss: "They'll say you can not pay my salary increase. But I'll bring you twice as much ... "Attention: Of course, you can wake up sleeping dogs and bring arguments to the boss.
  14. Get the boss in the mood: When the boss is in a good mood, you can achieve more. Talk to his feelings with positive metaphors. He likes to golf? "With this project, I have managed a hole-in-one." He is a passionate mountaineer? "With the motivation of this additional fee we could reach the summit together."
  15. The body speaks: If you want to assess your boss correctly during the conversation: pay attention to his body language. He presses his lips together, lowers his head, or clenches his fists. Change of subject, because he becomes equally angry. He pulls up the eyebrows in astonishment or lifts the palms of his hands? Ask if he understood them correctly. The boss rolls his eyes or plays around with objects? He got out of the conversation - talk to him directly.
  16. If the boss says "No": If there is absolutely no salary increase in it: Show your willingness to compromise - but not without making your point: "With that I would be satisfied only for the transition. But we can talk about it again later. "
  17. Alternatives call: If the boss defies all arguments at his "no" remains: demand compensation, such as company cars, a bonus or privileges. Such a thing is often more lucrative even net than more money.

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