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No topic is as exciting when looking for a job as salary - and yet a well-kept secret. This has now been decrypted in a study - including an interview with publisher Simone Janson.

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Career entry, career and salary by state and industry

Especially for young professionals and young executives, the question is interesting: How much do others earn in the same occupations and industries? The content comparison portal salary.de has analyzed 49.646 salary data of academic employees with up to six years of professional experience from the last 12 months and to Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Founder and publisher Simone Janson interviewed.

It was also discussed which professions are chosen most frequently after graduation, how to get up to management positions and which federal state has the most money. The result in brief: Academics earn the most after graduating in Baden-Württemberg (48.000 euros). In an industry comparison, the automotive industry (51.900 euros) does the best. The change in management positions usually takes place at the age of 30.

Top industry for young professionals: the automotive industry

Baden-Wuerttemberg is the most lucrative federal state for academic entrants with a starting salary of around 48.000 Euro every year. Bavaria (46.500 Euro) and Hesse (45.400 Euro) also have a relatively high salary level. In the new federal states of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony, however, graduates receive significantly lower salaries. There they are each under 40.000 Euro.

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The highest starting salary is paid to academics in the automotive industry. Here they earn around 51.900 Euro at the start of their career. The mechanical and shipbuilding industry (49.500 Euro) as well as the software industry (49.400 Euro) are lucrative sectors to enter the world of work.

Academics work most often in these professions

Social and social scientists deserve 35.700 Euro at the beginning of their career. They are most often used in social work and education and receive 34.300 Euro annually. Mathematicians and computer scientists earn 47.300 Euro in their first three years of employment.

Employees in this field increasingly start their careers as developers or IT consultants and receive an annual income from 46.200 or 50.000 Euro. A degree in technical-mathematical fields obviously provides optimal conditions for the salary negotiation.

Economists earn around 41.800 Euro

After graduation, engineers receive a salary of around 47.800 Euro and work predominantly in project management and construction. Here they earn a gross annual income of 47.000Euro. After studying economics, graduates receive 41.800 Euro at the beginning of their studies.

Most often they work as controllers or business consultants. Professionals in all subjects are increasingly in the 30. Age to executives. With three to six years of professional experience, they earn a gross salary of around 77.700 euros per year. Around 29 percent of executives drive a company car and receive an annual premium of approximately 8.000 Euro.

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All results at a glance

Starting salaries (maximum of three years' professional experience) for academics

Starting salary academics in general Median Average
Bachelor 42.585€ 45.778€
Master 46.314€ 48.416€


By region

Academics by federal states Median Average
Baden-Württemberg 47.957€ 49.812€
Bavaria 46.500€ 49.578€
Hesse 45.406€ 48.375€
Nordrhein-Westfalen 43.409€ 46.222€
Lower Saxony 43.258€ 45.430€
Hamburg 43.007€ 46.016€
Rhineland Palatinate 42.701€ 45.495€
Bremen 41.989€ 44.356€
Schleswig-Holstein 41.443€ 43.991€
Saarland 41.168€ 44.111€
Berlin 39.768€ 41.915€
Thuringia 38.043€ 39.276€
Brandenburg 37.994€ 39.557€
Saxony 37.018€ 39.123€
Sachsen-Anhalt 36.627€ 39.820€
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 35.367€ 38.006€


By industry

Top industries Academics overall Median Average
Automotive industry 51.876€ 55.070€
Mechanical engineering and shipbuilding 49.462€ 52.010€
Software 49.364€ 53.526€
E-Technology 49.180€ 52.454€
Banks and financial services 49.011€ 51.895€


Starting salaries by subjects

Social and social sciences Median Average
General 35.680€ 37.647€
Professional favorites
Social worker / social worker or social worker 34.339€ 35.739€
Editor / -in 32.689€ 35.194€
Online Marketing Management 33.903€ 35.727€
Industry Favorites
Social facilities 34.186€ 36.292€
Advertising and PR 34.145€ 34.277€
Media and press 33.959€ 35.957€


Mathematics and Computer Science Median Average
General 47.250€ 49.195€
Professional favorites
Software Developer Backend 46.160€ 47.880€
Software Developer Frontend 42.419€ 43.821€
Employees in IT consulting, analysis and conception 49.996€ 52.854€
Industry Favorites
Software 45.127€ 46.711€
IT system houses 45.807€ 47.894€
Automotive industry 50.685€ 54.146€


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Economics Median Average
General 41.773€ 44.120€
Professional favorites
Controller / -in 44.944€ 47.546€
Business Consultant / -in 50.660€ 53.352€
Online Marketing Manager / -in 39.957€ 42.045€
Industry Favorites
Advertising and PR 35.416€ 35.953€
Tax advice and auditing 39.973€ 41.435€
Automotive industry 48.130€ 49.989€


engineering Median Average
General 47.786€ 50.031€
Professional favorites
Engineer in project management 46.838€ 49.371€
Engineer in construction 47.415€ 49.325€
Employed in technical research and development 52.465€ 54.693€
Industry Favorites
Automotive industry 52.288€ 54.922€
engineering office 42.393€ 43.849€
Engineering 48.722€ 50.848€


Salaries of executives by subject

Executives 3-6 years of work experience Q1 Median Average
General 67.203€ 77.693€ 80.932€
Mathematics and Computer Science 65.144€ 75.673€ 82.087€
Economics 63.191€ 71.787€ 78.960€
Social and social sciences 41.752€ 61.672€ 64.356€
engineering 70.177€ 75.071€ 81.064€

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