Career Advancement: Coaching and Training for Masters

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Executives in the craft have many nuts to crack and master numerous challenges. This is especially true for the young masters and shift managers, who are still at the beginning of their careers: Here a special coaching helps.

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Why a coaching for masters is so important

For freshly baked masters, changing to the role of the boss is not always easy to cope with. But even senior department heads are often addressed by the employees as mates. Whether it is a young executive or a master who has been running the shift for many years, he knows the procedures and knows how his team has to work. That is why his decision can not be questioned, especially when quick reactions are required.

In the daily work process, however, something unforeseen can always happen: then the boss has to make a decision within seconds and the team realizes it just as quickly. The master is also responsible for the motivation of his team. To accomplish these tasks, he completed his training until the end and gained a lot of experience. In some industries, executives can also take a bachelor's degree.

Which topics in the coaching for Masters play a role

Coaching is about clarifying important topics from the workplace and looking for the appropriate solutions. The most important points refer to

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  • the role of the leading force
  • the expectations of the employees, the team, peer peers and supervisors of the master
  • the correct behavior, if the instructions of the master are not followed
  • potential problems with employees older or older than the supervisor
  • the feedback on certain actions
  • the own work organization.

In addition, new aspects will be highlighted by the coaching measures. The possibilities for further education show how the masters can develop further and thus promote personal character formation.

Master coaching in the technical field

Many specific further training programs are available in the industry and in areas such as electrical engineering. The constant electrotechnical innovations require a constant update, because the masters should know how the work environment can be optimized.

This works with subject-specific seminars and workshops for trainers. It is often possible to organize visits to factories in order to learn in a practical way. Such systematic measures can greatly advance professional careers. The masters expand their specialist knowledge: This improves their future chances in the dynamic working world of technology.

The start to the master life

Whoever has just made his master, it is often difficult at first. You have to learn to get through to be recognized by the employees. From colleague and Teamplayer one develops to the boss: This step may not be accepted by all employees. Moreover, their own expectations are not necessarily realistic and the new responsibility means more stress. You have to cope with conflicts and gradually manage to delegate yourself confidently.

This can be learned - it may take many months on a professional day, but the special coaching for masters is a good support. The workshops offered focus on a single person or on a small group: the learning atmosphere remains personal and it is easy to tackle the individual problems individually.

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A change in leadership - how does the new master?

Typical difficulties arise at the very beginning of the Master's period:

  • the unusual leadership role
  • lack of enforcement
  • the conversion from the colleague to the supervisor and thus often from the Duzen to the Siezen
  • Distance and isolation from the employees who were previously familiar
  • the feeling of having to be an example

To overcome these hurdles, the new champions have to define their own goals and also the joint plans with the team. It also means setting boundaries without losing the confidence of the team.

As the new boss in a department, it is important to assess the situation as objectively as possible and, if necessary, to communicate expectations. This happens through close cooperation with the team, but you shouldn't be too buddy.

Coaching or studying as a further education?

Employees need to be trained in small operations such as cleaning but also in large industrial companies with several production areas. In addition, the bosses have the responsibility for investment decisions and for changes in the processes. Since there are constant changes in the various industries, it is important not to lose touch. This can only succeed if the entrepreneurs and executives are ready to develop and to constantly learn.

For Master, there are separateCourses and also the option. to study. However, the study programs are still limited. Among other things, the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Oberbayern has been offering a bachelor's degree especially for master craftsmen since 2012. Further offers are available, for example, on the Rhine-Ahr campus in Remagen, Rhineland-Palatinate, and in Hamburg. Also a distance study is possible.

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The master coaching as preparation for difficult situations

The demarcation and also the high requirements in a responsible job make it necessary to develop complex strategies. These serve to protect one's own health while at the same time respecting the team. The superiors feel like a role model and know that each of their actions is being observed. For some, this means a burden, others come slightly better with it clear. A certain self-confidence should be present, otherwise you are probably not born to the boss, even if you have master training.

Within the framework of a master coaching, different situations are played through and experiences gained. In this way, certain mechanisms can be trained which have an impact on the load capacity and performance. At the same time, many of these strategies can also be applied to teamwork. The key points are:

  • Respectful communication
  • Valuation, however, differentiation between the boss and the employees
  • Compaction and optimization of work processes
  • correct assessment of the healthy work environment
  • its own position on environmental protection and social commitment
  • positive attitude to motivation promotion - with incentive systems such as bonuses.

Special features of the training for Master

In the craft sector, there are many ways to complement the vocational training. In electrical engineering and in other occupational fields there are many possibilities. The continuing education programs are not only geared to the specific subject areas. The masters and department heads in particular often want more insight into business administration, marketing decisions or other work topics that usually only touch them marginally.

As part of practical business management, the masters learn more about the basics of financial planning, for example. Scientific topics can also be interesting to learn more about material behavior in production and thus broaden your horizons. Continuing learning increases motivation in daily work, while at the same time improving professional competence and economic foresight. Last but not least, coaching for masters is about social learning ability in dealing with colleagues and also self-critical observation.

How it goes with the master coaching further upward

The steps of the career ladder are easier to create with a coaching. On the basis of practical examples, specific solutions are sought in the interactive workshop. This is usually not a frontal teaching, but a direct training. This is often the case for study subjects such as business management or other special fields. In the foreground is the practical proximity, which means a surplus value for the student master.

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The system of such advanced training increases the professional competence and also has a positive effect on the communicative abilities. As a result, the masters after a coaching have almost unlimited prospects for the future. After studying, they may be able to ascend to the top management level and decide on the various aspects of the company. A possible change of the employer also makes the training level much easier.

The coaching as a solution - if the master's self-awareness is missing

Your own appreciation is indispensable to a department or a whole Company respectively. You can feel this at the latest after completing your master's degree, when you have suddenly "overtaken" your previous colleagues and should now delegate them. Self-confidence can be trained in a workshop or course of study if it is not strong enough.

However, the craftsmen often do not have enough time to graduate. Moreover, the discrepancy between inexperienced high school graduates and older masters who study together is too great for the two to feel comfortable in such a course. This is precisely where the special training for the masters takes place. This means that the vocational path of education is by no means completed: in the absence of self-confidence and also in the case of professional problems, further study and coaching programs are open.

What about the expertise in master coaching?

The knowledge level of craftsmen and craftsmen generally focuses on their subject area. School education is less good than for high school graduates and students, so the bachelor's degree has to work with the craftsmen with other prerequisites. Nevertheless, a responsible vision and vision is expected from the masters.

After all, they have the right to study in a large part of the German federal states. The willingness and the eagerness to learn, of course, play important roles in completing such a study. As part of the aptitude test can determine how strong the personal commitment is actually.

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The interpersonal factor in the coaching of the master

The masters gain even more sovereignty during their studies. Some of the students work with a mentor and work on their personal “soft skills”. In the course of their further development, they learn to deal with their weaknesses in addition to their strengths and to use them in a positive way.

On the basis of extended professional knowledge and personal coaching, the champions eventually develop into really good bosses. In doing so, they serve the entire company and feel well in their role.

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