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Robots instead of recruiters & HR managers? 6 megatrends of radical change

There are many indications of a change in occupational profiles in human resources management; quite a few are already in full swing - and by no means just digitalisation. But new challenges require new skills. 6 Trends in Digital Transformation.

Best of HR –®

What must the recruiter tomorrow?

Last week we went to Best of HR -® about the changes in the job profile of human resources, which by Digitization and automation can be obtained. But robotrecruiting and artificial intelligence are only half the truth.

Because even if one believes by the strong media presence, there would be no topic other than digitization: Due to the profound changes in e-Recruitings also the job profile of the recruiters in the digital age changes more and more in almost all areas - and not just by digitization ,

6 Megatrends of the future

The recruiter of the future will have highly developed media and digitization skills and will have to have communicative skills to exchange with different target groups in various platforms, as their demands and expectations of jobs are increasing. 6 Megatrends of the future at a glance:

1. Digitalization also records recruiting

Process and selection automation, analysis and platform tools, social media and more are becoming permanent companions of recruitment and not only make recruiting more efficient, but also more accurate and efficient in analysis and selection processes. Chatbots are already trying to identify ideal candidates through an automated telephone conversation. Constantly changing process and applicant management tools require the recruiter more and more to keep his know-how permanently up to date.

But digitization has its limits, which will also be an important task for the recruiters. To recognize the cultural fit and the importance of soft skills or the mood of the Employee Experience in all its nuances, to name but a few examples, digitization will hardly ever really create. The recruiters of the future will have to combine tools and technologies wisely, but must also critically question and relativize their statements and applications.

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2. Recruiters are becoming more and more marketing professionals

With the increasing importance of active sourcing, ie the proactive search, but also research techniques are needed to track down the best talent and employees with search engines and in profiles of networks. And SEO - optimizing search engine findability for the career website - will probably be another example that will soon make the recruiter 2.0 more than just three enigmatic letters.

Understanding and applying marketing principles and helping to shape Network- and HR websites and web analytics (analysis of key figures to assess the success of personnel marketing activities on the Internet) will be future requirements with increasing importance.

3. More and more employers will apply

Soon it may not be the applicants who are looking for jobs, but employers and Company who focus on a talented and capable workforce apply. If the change to an employee market continues to advance on the labor market, the recruiter of the future will need “sales skills” and thus a more holistic understanding of business and business.

Let us not forget that Active Sourcing is actually a domain of headhunting, which is based on years of experience and well-developed networks, which requires knowledge in the construction and maintenance of networks.

4. Media competencies are becoming increasingly important

And for better and faster exploration of motives, psychological knowledge could also gain in importance, namely to recognize personalities, talents and basic values ​​of people. Because this will not be possible in the future either with algorithms or with e-tools - only with empathy and psychological know-how, needs and motivations of people in an effective way Communication with the appropriate content forms and their attention and Motivation to win.

The recruiters of the future will certainly have to have above-average media competences, as the networking and coordination of all platforms and channels, their character and strengths, and the assessment of the target groups' pledges are necessary to find the best in the right place at the right time.

5. New expectations and behavior of applicants

The ever-improving level of education, the relativization of job and work as a living value, and the transparency of the Internet with employer rating platforms, to name but a few examples, mean that applicants for jobs and employers expect more and more and more.

Work is no longer just a way of earning a living but should also contribute to the personal development and enrichment of life of employees and their private lives. Candidates become recruiter customers, whose needs they have to fulfill holistically and target group oriented. This rethinking and targeting of new needs and changing values ​​in the work and professional lives of candidates is probably just as relevant as digitization.

6. Social competences and emotional intelligence

A digitization expert, however, will not be - or at least not only - the recruiter of the future. But in the age of digitalization, more than ever, he must be able to work with marketers, web programmers, and HR specialists to articulate their needs to them.

But social competences and emotional intelligence in personal face-to-face direct contact with applicants in internal and external communication and the Candidate Experience as a whole will nevertheless remain core competences with or without security due to all upcoming digital changes in order to find the best of the best do.

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