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How to train resilience: 10 tips for balance and success

Some time ago we left Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® asked the somewhat provocative question whether success can be trained. A study by the Bertelsmann Foundation says very clearly: Yes, resilience can be trained. The question is how? 10 tips.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

What is the benefit of resilience training?

Who deals with the topic of resilience, inevitably comes to the question: Can you train resilience at all? And does that make any sense?

Now one can say, clearly it is meaningful and helpful, more relaxed in dealing with difficulties, so to become more resilient. The important thing, however, is to use efficient methods to properly train this resilience. More decisive than quite concrete exercises here is the fundamental attitude with which one approaches things.

10 steps to balance and success

How resilient, so balanced one reacts to a thing, is clearly a question of the right attitude. If you follow these 10 tips, nothing stands in the way of your Reslienz.

  1. Network and connect you: A good relationship with family, friends or others is important - as well as the ability to accept help and support others. Some people find their satisfaction in activities in clubs or social commitment. Belonging to others strengthens personal resilience and confidence.
  2. See things calmly: You can not avoid or avoid stressful or unsightly things, but you can influence how you see and interpret such events. Trying to focus on the present can also improve future circumstances.
  3. Do not be afraid of change - just before you come to a standstill: Accept that changes are part of your life. It is possible to change the course of action and the goals. Accepting these unchanging conditions can help to deal with it.
  4. Follow your goals: Realistic goals are important, which are easier to pursue rather than focusing on unattainable goals. Ask yourself every day: “What helps me to pursue my goal - and what doesn't?”
  5. Responsibility and active action are important: In difficult situations, active action is required. Difficulties running from it does not help.
  6. Chances are growing out of the crisis People often learn from difficult situations or losses. Many people who have experienced tragedies have a better relationship with their environment, appreciate life, have a greater sense of strength and self-worth, even though they feel at the same time more vulnerable.
  7. Train a positive view: Confidence in one's abilities as well as ability to solve problems and trust their instincts improves resilience. What helps is an optimistic, hopeful perspective.
  8. Always keep an eye on the perspective: Even if you have very painful experiences, you should look at them in context and keep an eye on the long-term perspective. Protecting against exaggerating things.
  9. Take care of yourself: Pay attention to your own feelings and needs. Engage and relax. Driving sports regularly. To take care of oneself helps to deal with challenges better.
  10. Meditation and spirituality continue to help: There are other ways to improve resilience. Some people meditate, others write about their deepest thoughts and feelings and thus work out their trauma. The key is that everyone must find their own path to more satisfaction.

Conclusion: a question of attitude

These 10 tips for more success and balance show so clearly: resilience is trainable - and it is above all a question of the right inner attitude and a positive attitude to things.

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In this sense: Good luck with your personal resilience training.

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