ARD report - the program for research The Legend of Skills Shortage

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A few weeks ago I received a request from the ARD broadcast report of Bayrischer Rundfunk: One was researching the topic Skills shortage on the detailed discussion on the topic Best of HR –® and searched now for further information or interview partners on the topic. The show, which sticks out, was broadcasted last night by 21.45 on ARD.

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What exactly is it about?


While the industry with ever new panic reports before the Skills shortage warns tens of thousands of well-trained and highly motivated German engineers looking for a job. How does it fit together?

Pia Dangelmayer and Wolfgang Kerler have compiled this report for report MÜNCHEN. For the contribution they have on researched, and all sorts of new insights and figures for me.

Who was interviewed?


The article quotes some well-known acquaintances who have come up again and again in the course of the multi-year discussion. For example, Prof. Gerd Bosbach, University of Applied Sciences Koblenz, who in a panel discussion focuses on the statistical lies of our society.

Marco Dadomo, press spokesman of the Association of German Engineers eV, who is not only on Best of HR –®but also persisted in the report broadcast on the shortage of skilled workers. And finally Tanja Mett-Bialas, engineer communication technology printing, who finds no job.

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The script can be downloaded here.

The program can also be seen here in the BR-Mediathek.

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  1. hype enforcement hea

    #ARD Report: The Legend of # Trademark Attitude

  2. Rainer Trunk

    #ARD Report: The Legend of # Trademark Attitude

  3. Stefan Schack

    Good #ARD report - the mission to the legend of the shortage of skilled workers @Heinrich_alt @JohannesPonader

  4. Instant philosopher

    Good #ARD report - the mission to the legend of the shortage of skilled workers @Heinrich_alt @JohannesPonader

  5. Trolli Schmittlauch

    The Legend of the Experts
    Incorrect calculations and many job searches

  6. Marcus

    Good #ARD report - the mission to the legend of the shortage of skilled workers @Heinrich_alt @JohannesPonader

  7. TonTon

    #ARD Report: The Legend of # Trademark Attitude

  8. Raphael

    #ARD Report: The Legend of # Trademark Attitude

  9. Petra

    #ARD Report: The Legend of # Trademark Attitude

  10. Babbaga

    #ARD Report: The Legend of # Trademark Attitude

  11. daymare

    #ARD Report: The Legend of # Trademark Attitude

  12. fracking

    Good #ARD report - the mission to the legend of the shortage of skilled workers @Heinrich_alt @JohannesPonader

  13. Lars Hahn

    A second problem in engineering deficiencies:
    Just today, the Federal Agency for Labor publishes a report in which the shortcomings are listed:
    • Engineers metal construction and welding technology (highly qualified experts2)
    • Engineers of machinery and vehicle engineering (highly qualified experts)
    • Engineers Mechatronics, Energy and Electrical Professions (highly qualified experts)
    • engineers technical research and development (highly qualified experts)
    • Engineers technical drawing, construction and modeling (highly qualified experts)
    • Engineers supply and disposal (highly qualified experts)
    • Highly qualified experts in the field of computer science
    • Highly qualified experts in IT application consulting
    • Highly qualified software development and programming experts
    as well as health and nursing care.

    Problem: At present VDI, BDI and the like are working. Advertised undifferentiated for MINT professions. But that many engineering degrees, especially Bachelor do not belong to the shortage occupations unfortunately goes into the discussion.

    For the rest, the engineers will be the first academics to be in trouble at the next economic downturn.

    Conclusion: Perhaps rather prefer to study according to inclination and not according to labor market forecast!

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Hahn, thank you for the reference and the overview. I will post the same again separately.
      They get to the point: you have to look at the whole topic more differently than many people do. I immediately afterwards interview a company manager, who is looking for a chemist - even specialists!

      Incidentally, I'm a little skeptical when it comes to studying for inclination: it's certainly nonsense to torment yourself through a math program that does not suit you (but makes many apprenticeship candidates to improve your own chances) - on the other hand you may also align the inclinations a little in line with the market. For example, I recently met a high school graduate, who now wants to spend some time in Asia and then wants to start a dual degree in business studies with a foreign language background.

      Many of them just do not have the ideas and the information possibilities, what else is there and then you just study something that you think suits you. And inclinations change in the course of time ...

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