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Very honored founders, that independence means that one has to work at least in the initial phase itself and constantly, is not new. I realized, however, that sometimes this is not enough!

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Above average use

Above-average diligence, a complete overview, clever planning and the optimal use of all available resources are a prerequisite for the success of a successful business start-up.

From the ARGENs, grants are given as support for a start-up from the unemployment, which depending on the case are quite different in their kind, magnitude and duration. From this usually too small capital one must then deny its livelihood and also bring at least 125% of the employment rate for the start-up.

From the ARGE to self-sufficiency

I myself am a gamedesigner, a play and a book author, and my ARGE pushed me to become self-employed, even though I was only very briefly unemployed.

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I have been independent since 7 months and I noticed very quickly which financial obstacles are placed in the way, so that you can be successful quickly and safely.

The problems with start-ups in the area of ​​authors are as follows:

  1. It is necessary first to work out works, which alone is very time-consuming. For a well-elaborated book or game you need an average of at least 3 months, depending on the type and scope. Well done on average!
  2. Finished works must then be signed, which can also take a long time or may never succeed if you have bad luck.
  3. What each author remains in the case of publishing is the self-marketing of his own products. However, depending on the case, this costs more or less money, which is usually not left over.
  4. The jungle of the funding does not offer for authors also after my intensive research no means, in which you do not have a high proportion of the desired sum already have to get money, if these are granted. If you do not have this percentage sum, there is not the corresponding funding money and it is with it.
  5. In the current economic situation, banks are also overly cautious with loans if they can already have successes from earlier times. What counts alone is collateral of a financial nature. If you do not have sufficient resources, there is no money.
  6. Game authors can then only develop more games and bomb more publishers and / or agencies with them and hope for success. It is not possible to make a game yourself without financial support and to market it professionally if you want to raise it so that it can exist and this is the least Sense and purpose of starting a business.
  7. Book authors seem to have - and I stress that - much better opportunities today. You can have individual books produced by very different service providers. That procedure is called BoD. You only make a book if you have a safe buyer for it. That sounds good, because you do not need a high start-up capital, no storage space for a large edition needed and with most service providers, the shipping is easy to handle. But is that the optimal solution? Even if you can master the proofreading and correctional task yourself perfectly and are also graphically experienced enough to be able to design neat covers yourself, there is still a huge dark side, which does not strike you for the time being. The catch is the price and the delivery time. Books made using BoD tend to be more expensive than making a larger run at a print shop / bookbindery. However, the high unit price deters the buyer even if he finds the product somewhere. Why should someone buy a guide from an unknown publisher and unknown author at a high price if he gets it in half from a well-known publisher and popular author? Since books need to be made via BoD after ordering, this usually takes 5 - 7 days to ship to the customer longer than usual. This is rumored and then deter the buyers, since today usually the delivery time must specify.
  8. Since many BoD writers publish their works without a professional proofreading and correction, they are often full of errors. Well, if only the content and not the grammar and / or spelling is interested, then this would be a good guide for a reasonable price. But the prices are not cheaper and then still bad quality? Anyone who has been disappointed by a BoD product will, in the future, refrain from doing this and certainly will not make advertising through oral propaganda, on the contrary.
  9. Finding the work is usually also a big problem. Many BoD service companies are loudly advertising the fact that the work is listed in the list of available books and is offered on their web pages. Even with other well-known sales pages one is listed. Okay, I do not want to do that badly. Today only a few people go out for a book purchase, because they order over the Internet. Since you can find a work there, it can also be bought. But I emphasize - can -! I had one of my works marketed with such a service provider in my initial period. When I entered the sales pages, however, product-relevant catchwords, I found my right expensive work only after many pages. Accordingly it was then also sold.

social insurance

If you as an artist - and this is a writer - found and publish your own publishing house, then further problems are on the rise. As an artist you are usually insured with the artist 's social insurance fund (KSK), which has many advantages.

If you suddenly become a publisher, depending on the case, it can lead to the exclusion of the KSK because you are predominantly involved in commercial activities and not purely artistically. If then the business is not going well, you are not even well insured!


However, in order for the business to run smoothly, the following prerequisites must be met:

  1. You have to have the money so that you can have the corrective board and editing done properly.
  2. You need the money to make a run in the high, so you can be competitively priced.
  3. If the work is globally valuable, then you need money for translations and so on.
  4. The financial resources for effective advertising - and I emphasize effectively - must be available. Today everyone can advertise on the Internet. But even there, effective advertising is usually forbidden and can lead to high financial penalties in case of misuse or it costs just money. Tips and tricks there are lots of ways to advertise on the Internet free of charge, but after checking these possibilities, I unfortunately have to say that the free advertising possibilities regarding time expenditure and positive effect are in no relation to each other. Search engine optimization is still the only trick that brings honestly very good results compared to other advertised possibilities. For freelancers, there are even legal limits as regards advertising opportunities.


So you can not go without moss! I would like to give you a brief overview of what I have done in the 7 months of my business.

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  • Daily Average working hours with weekends and holidays = 13 Std.
  • Developed games / puzzles for TV 58 pieces
  • 1 developed TV format
  • Developed company games 5 pieces
  • 1 Guide to the topic “Game addiction in PC / console and online games”
  • 1 non-fiction book for the reinterpretation of the Big Bang with its own conclusive theory
  • 1 Fantasieroman completely reworked
  • Further written on another novel part
  • 3 theme concepts for new social games developed
  • I'm deliberately leaving work on research, and so on, as they are time-intensive, but they would break the boundaries

So I literally opened myself up to the point of being successful. The result is that after 7 months 3 of my TV puzzles were bought, 1 Roman at a publishing house came, 1 company game will come under contract and the rest is either still at publishers for the examination or was rejected.

In my life I have already several games and books with publishers under contract. Often, one has to try several times to get under contract, since not all publishers have the same assortment or the same taste. The problem is that you get only a minimal sum for each sold piece, even in the case of publisher success.

Earn the same 0

If you do not have a publisher with corresponding sales numbers, you deserve very little. If you move yourself, you can earn quite a bit with your own diligence, but in order to do this you need enough money in advance.

For example, I am completely convinced that my guide on “Game addiction in PC / console and online games” could become a global success. But I lack the money for production and translation.

Even my non-fiction book on the subject of "Re-setting the Big Bang Theory" has already been described as an absolute hit by experts, because I offer a completely new view of our environment and interior world and completely eliminate the centuries-long conflict between religions and sciences, without me bothering anyone Tie, because I have eradicated the basis of the argument through my theory ... Many of my game ideas could be sold themselves. But I also lack the money for this self-marketing and none of the grants apply to my project as far as I got information.

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No funding for authors

What shoud that? Why are not serious writers properly funded? Has not anyone informed the relevant ladies and gentlemen that producing books and games and selling them costs hard cash, if you want to do it seriously and with economic sustainability? Anyone who founds a business today in the technological field for the production of new energies will be offered umpteen funding pots. Of course, I'm also in favor of clean and cheap energy, but should you honestly set different standards in terms of funding? I do not think so.

My clear conviction goes in the direction that it would be much more sensible to start a business start-up right from the start, so that the founder can exist in the long term and possibly create additional jobs. Everything else is humbug! After these 7 months of existence, I feel really exhausted and quite at a loss and let the state go down to say it nice. I still have 2 months, then the promotion time is over.

Advice and action

Well, in 2 months, I can develop more games, write more books, and so on, but if the fat success does not come, I will have to go to the ARGE ashamed and say that my attempt to start a business has failed due to lack of financial support. This is exactly what I do not want. I hate to have to go to any office because I am by no means lazy and want to earn my own money. But for a business start-up as an author or author, you need more to cover your running expenses. All above-average diligence helps only a little.

I would be very happy if someone could help me with advice and / or action, because already at the word ARGE a cold shiver runs over my back!

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