The role of social media managers: The battle is not over yet!

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The job profile of social media manager is steadily in the Criticism: So had Best of HR –® - Author Johannes Lenz Emphasizes the importance of enthusiasm for social media managers. And Thilo Specht responded in the Huffington Post.

The role of social media managers: The battle is not over yet! revolution

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Here writes for you:

Katharina A. Heder Katharina A. HederKatharina Heder is Digital Media Manager and Consultant.


My replica on Thilo Woodpecker

The discussion is on LEAD Digital and at the Huffington Post led and also hit waves in other media. She did not keep me completely calm either. So here's my replica on Thilo Woodpecker.

"Dear Thilo Woodpecker,

Thank you for the detailed explanation of the facts. The length of my response also forces me to make my own blog post because I exceeded the comment field of the Huffington Post many times over. Unfortunately, I can not fully agree with you or with your colleague Johannes Lenz. They both address issues that I would immediately sign - as if they interpret them so differently that I do not feel comfortable with any interpretation.

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Social media is more than a situation problem

Social media manager in the sense of a pure social media department in Company was not to be expected from the beginning but seriously: There are far too few companies that have ever understood social media. I hope we all agree that the understanding of the subject matter requires the precondition for proper integration into the corporate hierarchy - as a cutting rather than a staff department.

I myself have repeatedly called for them to dedicate themselves primarily to the subject areas that move one's self: those who are not interested in nutrition will find it difficult to keep up with their customers - and to look beyond their own horizons. This is what creates what is commonly called passion.

That's because creating creative content - that's nothing new - also requires an understanding of the target group. If I did not, the quoted nonsense posts come out. One can argue about whether a photo of the DHL parcel post with the remark We see ourselves good content. Actually, I find the accompanying text rather lousy. The idea and the picture I feel as successful - but we are also at the core of your debate arrived: They talk about taste - and about the can hardly argue.

The digital revolution: Wrong term because bloodless?

Here I had to shake my head several times: The industrial revolution brought a change in the work with it. The social reforms introduced by, for example, a Bismark social insurance scheme were the logical consequence of a change in living conditions as a result of new work. In a nutshell: If the country storms the cities, housing is lacking, illnesses develop and, as a result, things like protection of employees - namely in terms of capturing people as an economic value - are important.

By the way, the industrial revolution came to a similar end. To interpret the first world war as a result of industrialization is just as wrong as the disputes. In fact, we must first understand that revolution does not necessarily have to do with the idea of ​​the French revolution of the power situation. The revolution 1918 / 19 has less to do with it than much more with the content of the word. This is defined as the structural change of a system in a relatively short time. This is not necessarily tied to politics and war.

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Does it always have to be war?

The question of what constitutes the digitization of our society and justifies the concept of a revolution must be answered differently: we change our entire lives by really using social networks. There are things that just do not exist in the future: I remember well how my parents used to rush to get ferries on holiday. We do not have to do that anymore, because we can calculate the route via smartphone, see the traffic jams in advance, and see the next ferry by time or rebook the ticket online.

If this is not understood as a brute change of one's own being, one must ask oneself whether it is necessary to wage wars to recognize the changes in one's own being, in one's own life and in one's own society.

The battle for social media is struck?

This statement really makes me bile up. What attracts you? The statement that social media had arrived. Let's be honest: How can an electronic application arrive? The only active actors in this sense are probably the users - and this distinction alone shows that Cluetrain is no longer as up-to-date as the effects of the Filtre Bubble or the like.

The battle is far from being beaten and this is a victory of marketing to watch over the mind, I consider daring. It contradicts the argument that social media managers are the new PR Fuzzis. In this sense, social media as a discipline would rather be used in communication rather than necessarily in marketing.

Social media as a cut-not administrative office

But this brings me back to the beginning of my letter, to you, Mr. Specht: If social media is understood as a cutting rather than a staff position - namely, that it covers all facets of online marketing opportunities and nonetheless exploits them - then we are only at the beginning.

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By the way, that's also my impression: we're all on Facebook (well, not me, but at least you) - and what's next?

Companies are moving back to secure port

Many companies are overwhelmed with the question of what to do with Facebook and Co. Instead of being able to give a competent answer here, more and more communication (!) Consultants are retreating to the safe haven of marketing ratios - but this is not how social media works.

Recent studies prove once again that social media needs one thing above all: friends who meet at eye level. This includes discussions, exchanges and, above all, a person who understands the other people. If this is missing, a company will be only partially successful. "

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    Correctly written this time: A replica for discussion between @tspe & @JohannesLenz

  3. SimoneJanson

    A replica for discussion between @tspe & @JohhannesLenz

  4. SimoneJanson

    My replica of the current discussion about the role of social media managers: The battle has not yet been beaten!

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