Relaxed hiking on the Moselle: Decelerate on a short trip {Review}

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Hiking on the Moselle means deceleration in a beautiful landscape - and not only in autumn. The region is also ideal, because it is easy to reach by a short journey. A review.

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Decelerates hiking on the Moselle

Not least because hiking tourism on the Mosel is booming, new, exciting hiking trails are constantly being reported. No wonder, the Mosel is for me one of the most beautiful, most varied regions of Germany with vineyards, picturesque side valleys, rocky precipices and panoramic high plateau.

For this purpose, the region of metropolitan areas such as Frankfurt or Cologne is relatively easy to reach, which makes it an ideal destination for short breaks or hiking trips.

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Affair Moselschanze

The new Moselsteig-side skip Moselschanze is with 17 KM and altogether 700 to mastering altitude meters as a difficult track. However, the route, which is actually designed as a circular route from Traben-Trabach via Bernkastel Kues and back, can be shortened and simplified.

For example, by going the route in the opposite direction, as I do, only from Traben-Trarbach to Bernkastel Kues. But one after anonther:

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Relaxed journey through the vineyards

Already the journey from Bullay to Traben-Trarbach through the wide valley of the Mittelmosel with its vineyards is a dream. Now I start my walk at the train station of the picturesque Art Nouveau town Traben-Trarbach.

First, I have to walk about 2 KM to the starting point of the hike on the road Wolfer way on the other side of the Moselle. Then it's a narrow cobblestone path up the vineyards to the vineyard Taubenhaus, a great shady resting place for those days, with a picturesque view down to the right bank of the Moselle on the border of the twin town Traben Trabach.

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Meditative distant view at the edge of the forest

The infidelity traverses the campers Bach later. A piece of the way runs without much difference in height through the slope. Continuing in the forest, it goes steadily uphill over a rocky ridge, interrupted by level passages.

Unfortunately, the vegetation leaves only a few places a small view of the valley. After a long turn, it gets steep again in the forest. Only at the edge of the forest can you with a great view over the Moselle valley to far into the Eifel a meditative rest.

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Hiking and historical exploration on the Graacher Schanze

The ascent to the Graacher Schanzen leads over the exciting Schanzenweg, which runs in large parts on the wall of the jump, through the forest and over a motorway bridge to the viewpoint Traver Kupp, which becomes quite steep at the end. Over a green bridge the B50 is crossed again, a surprising experience for me.

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The Graacher Schanzen, namesake of the way, is a defense system. She became the end of the 18. Built in the 15th century. Here the Prussian army entrenched itself against French revolutionary armies.

The system of ditches and ramparts is still recognizable today. With 434 m this is the highlight of the Moselsteig side jump, whereby I find the view from the Graacher Schanze far less impressive than from the following refuge of Maria Zill.

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Climb to the panoramic view of Maria Zill

And this is precisely where my path leads me: Although you can also descend directly from the Graacher Schanze over the Moselsteig, past the Graacher Schäferei, to Bernkastel-Kues or via the Mosel-Cammino, the Way of St. James on the Mosel, to Traben-Trarbach to return.

But I choose the way along the paved road and then through the forest up to the refuge Maria Zills. The slope here offers a much more magnificent panoramic view of my terms from Bernkastel on Wehlen to Zeltingen-Rachtig and Monasteries Machern.

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Descent via Moselsteig and through the vineyards

Following the escapade and Moselsteig trail, it is now easy to go downhill to the junction Horstenkreuz. Here, after a detour to the viewpoint Horstenkreuz, I turn right to reach through the forest and vineyards Bernkastel Kues. Here I finally take the bus to Wittlich. From there you could also get back to Traben-Trarbach.

The actual infidelity would continue now, namely the Bischofsmütze, a built up of quartz rock formation with a beautiful view of the Kautenbachtal, and through the Knallenfelstal, past the Moseltherme, where swimming in the thermal water in the open air is possible in winter, back to Traben -Trarbach, where you would arrive near the Protestant church again.

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