Relaxation techniques in the stress test: The Serenity Project {Review}

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Many people find everyday life stressful, and at the same time the market is booming with relaxation techniques. But which offers are really worth your money? A successful overview of the book by Best of HR –® Author Professor Dr. Martin-Niels Däfler.

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A look through the jungle of relaxation techniques

Study, job, family and hobbies: For hardly anybody, everyday life is not stressful. Therefore, almost everyone is looking for a way of relaxation. But so many offers are once on the test.

Because the market for relaxation techniques seems to explode and share on Instagram fit, healthy and happy people pictures that they show during yoga, detox or dancing. But what relaxation techniques do what they promise - and not just nice to look at?

08 / 15 Relaxation - Knitting against stress?

It looks very graceful when supermodels relax at the QiGong. The ex-biathlete Magdalena Neuner, however, swears by the knitting, in which she lets more stress from stitch to stitch (and advertising knitting wool).

But what really helps the average guy on the street? Martin-Niels Däfler is Professor at the FOM Hochschule in Frankfurt / Main and expert in stress reduction, resilience and burnout prophylaxis. His life with his wife, children and career is also exhausting and every now and then it comes out of the skin.

18 relaxation techniques in the test

Once again he has set himself a task: Within a year, he tries out 18 relaxation techniques, which he rates according to six different criteria.

Among them are such special things as fly fishing, classic esoteric offerings, we paint sound tours and the mandala and relaxation techniques, as the stars love them: tattooing and the detox.

When anti-stress programs lead to stress

Step by step Däfler works on his 18 projects and lets the reader share his experiences. He is himself 40 end and has the typical everyday life of a person who is in the middle of professional life. He is so fabulous as an identification figure.

The reader suffers from Däfler when, after a short time, he no longer wants to paint on the mandala when coloring in the mandala or the evening smoothie in the detoxification treatment tastes like cough syrup.

Odd dislocations in yoga

In his book “The Serenity Project. 18 Relaxation Techniques in the Ultimate Self-Test ”allows interested parties to get to know various relaxation techniques impartially.

On the other hand, if you are already a fan of yoga, you will not be misled by descriptions of the yoga exercises as “contortions, which can easily do bodhisattvas in the Himalayas, which are perhaps 1,60 meters tall and weigh 50 kilograms, but not normal-weight Central Europeans who are strong head for the 50, ”says Däfler.

Torture program leads the top list

Despite the “torture program”, the yoga class actually tops its evaluation. But that's not all for Däfler. The targeted stress relief in courses, workshops and intensive hobbies also has its disadvantages.

If you want to know what you have actually learned with your "Serenity Project", you should actually read this extremely successful book.

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