[Live] Reinhold Messner about goals and failure: "I always followed my passion"

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[Live] Reinhold Messner about goals and failure: In August I interviewed the extreme climber Reinhold Messner at Sigmundskron Castle near Bolzano / South Tyrol. In the video interview, he reports extrinsic motivation and how to achieve extreme goals. Reinhold Messner is one of the most famous mountaineers in the world. Together with Peter Habeler 1978, he was the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest without the help of bottled oxygen and was the first man to reach the summits of all fourteen eight-thousander peaks (1970 - 1986, each without bottled oxygen). He was also the first to climb an eight-thousander solo (Nanga Parbat 1978). He was also the second to reach 1986's Seven Summits. He also crossed the Antarctic (1989 / 1990 with Arved Fuchs), Greenland (1993) and the Gobi Desert (2004). After all, he is a former politician, author, speaker at managerial seminars and runs several museums in South Tyrol.

Here writes for you: Simone Janson is a publisher, German Top20 blogger and HR communication consultant. Profile

Mr. Messner, how important is motivation?


I'm not a friend of motivational seminars, if you mean that. You can not impose motivation on others, for example through money.

The whole motivation gurus and motivation seminars are therefore rausgeschmissenes money. Motivation is much more in us, you can only wake them up and then be amazed.

How does it work best?


I have always only done what I like to do - in my own way. And most of all I have approached things that no one else has done before me.

The critics, who once again told me "That's not possible," have been lying with my actions. My motto is: With stones that put someone in the way, you can build big things. Resistances must be accepted and overcome.

Have you ever failed?


But, very often - about one third of my activities.

However, I have learned a lot more about the failure than the successes, because I have come to what I did wrong.

What motivates people to extreme performance?


Common goals are the basic prerequisite: I basically only started with people who have the same motivation as myself. Example Antarctic traversal:

If my co-workers had been motivated only by money, they would probably have given up after a week. That would have been impossible.

Can a good leader motivate?


Guide works in an archaic world very differently than in our understanding: the leader is chosen by the group that decides together and instinctively for the strongest personality. A power struggle occurs only when the strength of the leading person suffers a burglary.

Mutual exchange is one aspect that is often ignored: the leader gets the energy of the entire group. However, if he gives his leadership, he must return the energy. Therefore, he is often the weakest member of the group.

How do you motivate yourself?


I have always had the highest demands on myself. Success means finding a completely new approach to a problem and alternative solutions. If I can not find it, I can not do something. This applies to my expeditions as well as to my entrepreneurial activities.

However, there must always be passion: everyone should feel passion in his job and do what he likes to do. Only then is he really good. Difficult and socially unjust is that it is not possible for everyone.

Some might consider this selfish..


Who is not? But it is important that you do what you like to do. Only those who get on their own feet can help others.

Good comes only through creativity. However, compromises in the creative field are always a bit strange. But I can only tell from my life, as it has worked for me.

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