Recruiting, HR and HR in the changing world of work and society

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And Action: The world of work is changing and with it the human resources industry. Traditionally HR has been an activity for managing labor productivity, but today it has to be so much more: the point of contact for employees, ambassadors of the employer brand and, last but not least, the driving force of social change in the world of work. How can this succeed?

Recruiting, HR and HR in the changing world of work and society Recruiting, HR and HR in the changing world of work and society

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


HR and their social understanding

At Zukunft Personal 2018, I held my session on "Social self-image of HR" as part of "Meet The Blogger" in the blogger launch - by the way, in direct competition with Saschal Lobo, who was talking at another location at the fair.

This event was deliberately designed as an open discussion: I wanted to give my listeners a short introduction and then some food for thought, so prepared questions to enter the joint, moderated by me discussion. Anyone who has been to a barcamp by my gentle readers already knows this open session principle.

Objective: Discussion on the changing world of work

My goal would be to constructively consider together how we can improve the reputation of the HR industry and its importance in society. Therefore, we want to discuss together how the new role of HR is shaped and outwardly and in the future Company mediate.

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My point of view is not that of a recruit, I've been watching this industry for over 20 years as a journalist on career and career issues and have seen many trends come and go in that time. Therefore, there are no slides and no handouts - rather, the exchange of opinions was in the foreground.

Work in dialogue

Let me start with a little anecdote: Last week I was at an Oracle event in Frankfurt and had lunch with someone who was working here in Stuttgart at a large corporation.

When I said then I'm a blogger, he moved closer and then asked slightly suspiciously pitying: "And you have to live from blogging?" That's a similar stupid remark as if I had said to his remark that he was a bargain hunter: "Oh 'Do not you earn enough?'

Must work hurt?

But the self-understanding of blogging should not be the topic here: Such a remark shows above all, the self-understanding of work in our society prevails: work must be hard and difficult, it must hurt and if it makes fun, it raises distrust.

The Austrian-US-American philosopher Frithjof Bergmann coined the term New Work, which is currently on everyone's lips. For example, he interviews factory workers in Michigan about what they really, really wanted to do, and founds the term New Work. Behind this is the idea that the world would be a better place if people could unfold their true potential.

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Does success make you happy?

The HarvardProfessor Shawn Achor has been concerned for many years with the question of what makes people happy. Through his research, he has also gained the very exciting insight that makes people successful - because both are directly related.

Achor realized that we can be much more successful in our professional lives when we are happy. Our brains are more productive in a positive state - 31 percent more productive than negative.

Or does luck make success?

Most of us can not access this 31 percent more productivity, however, because a crucial misconception has crept into our society:

We believe that we will be more successful if we work harder. The harder we work, the more successful we will be. And the more successful we are, the happier we will be. But that is a fallacy, as Achor explains.

Positive emotions increase performance

According to Achor, sellers increase their performance by 37 percent. Doctors work 19 percent faster and more accurately when their brains are in a positive state.

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In short, happiness and satisfaction make you more capable, more creative and more successful. And it is these very positive emotions that distinguish us as humans from machines and artificial intelligence and set us apart - when many jobs are automated.

What sets us apart from machines?

It is precisely this satisfaction and positive performance that we urgently need in a digital work environment.

And who knows, this is perhaps the fundamental problem in the self-image of the HR industry. Because traditionally many personnel do not care about the potential development of their employees. But they simply manage the employees in many places.

Human Resources = Employee Management? A traditional definition

This becomes clear when you look at how Wikipedia defines human resources - I quote:

"Human resources refers to the field of business administration, which deals with the production factor of work and with the personnel. Human resources is a function that exists in all organizations, whose core tasks are the provision and the targeted deployment of personnel. In human resources practice, many companies include not only the leadership process and business process, but also the interaction issues, as well as the action and emotion of the staff. "

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The best minds win: What recruiters have to do in digitization

This shows how much the traditional understanding of human resources is still shaped by the understanding of the industrial age: human resources manage labor productivity, efficiency and performance.

In digitization, however, completely different points are important: networking, satisfaction and motivation of employees or the fact that eg employees are fully behind their company, keywords corporate influencers. Because only if the employees exactly fit the objectives of the companies and support them, they are also satisfied.

Employer Ratings: Who cares?

And only if employees are satisfied with their employer, there are no negative reviews on Kununu. And that in turn is an important point to gain more good employees for the company. After all, only those companies that can really inspire the best minds win and for that, the personnel have to inspire and convince them accordingly, standard recruiting measures do not help.

So what surprised me most in our discussion is how far the attitude is still prevalent, employer ratings and social media feedback are not detrimental to employer branding. Because, the comfortable attitude is still in the year 2018 of some staff still: For what is said on the Internet, no one is interested.

The reputation of personnel

Recently, for example, I was on a podium discussion from Samsung and talked about how recruiters today find employees on active sourcing in social media - and you could see from the audience's reactions that they had never dealt with it before and that this whole area even gave them something was scary.

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Of course, this does not just lift the reputation of personnel, on the contrary, they are still considered an enemy image for many applicants. And what people think then, are privacy scandals, just think of Cambridge Analytica, or, it is already a little since, the scandal at the Deutsche Bahn that employers read applicants eMails.

Technology and Tools - The Self-Image of HR?

In my personal assessment, the human resources industry is also to blame: it deals with some self-referential with tools and the technical possibilities - something provocatively said she is downright on the tools and technical possibilities.

It does not matter which event you look at, but most of the time it's all about measuring and increasing reach, collecting and collecting profile information and CVs as well as managing applicant databases.

Is man on the track?

What then often goes by the wayside is the human being. This is why personnel are also of major importance to society, for example when it comes to finding exactly the right employees for the corporate culture and acting as their companion and contact person.

Because it is exactly these exactly fitting employees who support the success of a company and thus are an important competitive factor in digitization and globalization

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    Recruiters have not yet understood the extent to which their profession will change. Therefore great contribution, keep it up.

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