Recruiting Leaks from Job Interviews: The Top 10 of the nastiest questions

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"What are you asking in the interview?" This question occupies all applicants, countless guides are on the subject. However, no advisory author would have come up with these questions.

Recruiting Leaks from Job Interviews: The Top 10 of the Worst Questions job-interview

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Black sheep ...

The more me occasionally from the application practice German Company the ears, the more I have to shake my head.

From staff who throw application kits on the ground and sort them out, which falls out. Of staff, according to the zodiac signs. And similar crass stories.

and positive examples

Of course there are also positive examples. I am thinking of Kristo Käärmann, co-founder of TransferWise, the startup funded by Facebook investor Peter Thiel and Virgin founder Richard Branson:

I liked the idea of ​​the job interview: "For example, we ask what applicants can do that we can not do ourselves - such as playing the piano or a particular language. And then we ask if he or she can teach us that, "I said Käärmann in the Intverview.

Why recruiters tremble in front of glassdoor

But the black sheep must tremble. No wonder an outcry went through the German recruiting scene when Galssdoor came to Germany a few months ago.

The 2008 company, founded in the USA, has more than 27 million members worldwide and combines free and anonymous ratings, star ratings and salary information with job offers.

Recruiting Leaks

The company, which is financed by Google Capital, Tiger Global, Benchmark, Battery Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures, DAG Ventures and Dragoneer Investment Group, is doing what the name has already been said: it makes the company's recruiting practices clear really behind the doors, which many managers would like to keep locked.

This is also the case for job interviews. At Glassdoor, we have now made the effort to evaluate over a thousand questions from the talks held by German applicants in the past 12 months on the job and career community.

The Top 10 of the nastiest questions

The result is this admittedly very creative top 10 list of nastiest questions in the interview - which shows that the questions do not necessarily have anything to do with the job.

  1. "Explain how to cook eggs perfectly." - Appointed to the Fraunhofer Society as a research assistant (Sankt Augustin).
  2. "If you were an animal, which animal would you be?" - Submitted to Estée Lauder to an applicant for an internship (Munich).
  3. "How would you proceed to measure the height of a building with a barometer?" - submitted to Unicredit Management Consulting as a business analyst (Munich).
  4. "Which 30 companies are in the DAX?" - Asked by Roland Berger for an applicant as a consultant (no location).
  5. "What is your favorite event in history?" - placed at eFront Financial Solutions as a business analyst (Frankfurt am Main).
  6. "What is your personal secret?" - Applied at Apple to an applicant as Genius (Hamburg).
  7. "How do you call all prime numbers as soon as possible?" - submitted by Zalando to an applicant as a software developer (Berlin).
  8. "Please try to assess the annual consumption of Clearasil in Germany!" - submitted by Reckitt Benckiser to an applicant for a brand management internship (Mannheim).
  9. "Tell me about 7 things you can do with this pen." - At the HitFox Group, presented to an applicant as Head of Customer Support (Berlin).
  10. "Imagine a machine that can produce all the milk that Starbucks needs worldwide on an average day. For this, only the right number of cows must go through this machine. How many starbucks stores exist worldwide? How many cows would I need? How quickly would they have to go through? "- Asked at Bain Company for an intern for the internship (Munich).

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