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{Replica} Recruiting, Human Capital, Human Resources: The Dehumanized Employee?

Recently there was on LinkedIn and then on Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®.de an exciting discussion on vocabulary in recruiting. The shows: Who throws too fast with buzz words, dehumanizes his staff.

human capital

Employees as insatiable tools?

By Anne Schüller came recently a contribution, which was about the fact that far too many corporate cultures still aim to break the will of their employees.

With sound bites like "You have to break the will of young people when they are new to us", Schüller pointed to a frequent grievance Company attentively.

Treacherous word creations

This was followed first by LinkedIn, and later by the blog, an exciting discussion about the treacherous word-making in the HR industry.

This is how Serap Lipinski, HR Manager Dirk Rossmann GmbH commented: The company success also depends on good employer branding. If the employer brand is not convincing, the company loses its long-term human capital and also its customers and partners.

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Word of the year

Immediately there was resistance. Thomas Frühwein and Edda Cekinmez criticized the use of the word “human capital” as unattractive and not very appreciative.

The term was not inadvertently the word of the year.

The dehumanised employee

Also author Anne Schüller intervened again in the discussion and brought the thing to the point:

“Anyone who calls their employees top performers or calls them human capital dehumanizes them.”

Be careful with fashion terms

It turns out that just as a recruiter should be a little more cautious with supposedly hip fashion terms such as human capital - and not only because of the employer branding:

Too fast, these trend words gain an inhuman component - and that awakens unattractive historical associations.

From Human Resources to Human Relations

But the term human resources has also bothered me personally for a long time, since it associates that people can be grasped and “grown” like a renewable resource.

Therefore, I would very much welcome the abbreviation HR soon to be no longer for Human Resources but for Human Relations, a suggestion I have recently read, in the context of a modern way of working. How do you see it?

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11 responses to "{replica} recruiting, human capital, human resources: the dehumanized employee?"

  1. Katharina Daniels says:

    Votiere for HR Human Relations, because that is what the company is all about
    - Exciting contributionaoIFUGmnZV via @SimoneJanson

  2. Anne M. Schüller says:

    About unwords - and why they are so dangerous - Exciting contributionej6fiaXBLH

    • Anne M. Schüller says:

      Clearly, I like human relations better. I will use from now so in my work.
      Anne Schüller

  3. MartinGaedt 44Questions says:

    RT @matsblog: About treacherous word creations of the # HR industry
    - Exciting contributionmWVbsmw13t

  4. Mats says:

    About traitorous word creations of the # HR industry
    - Exciting contributionmWVbsmw13t

  5. Stefan Döring says:

    @Berufebilder Whether human resources or relations is irrelevant: It depends on the attitude - Exciting contributioneOY5digyO6

    • Anne M. Schüller says:

      Dear Stefan Döring,

      I do not think so. Words, especially when used often enough, shape thinking - and thus behavior. And: behavior is always subject to peer pressure. This is exactly how trends are created - and trend words too. Therefore, words must first be carefully considered and then chosen wisely.

      In addition, I have written a professional contribution, perhaps interesting for one or the other:

      Anne Schüller

  6. Competencepartner says:

    Recruiting, human capital, human resources: The dehumanized employee ?: Recently there was a ... - Exciting contribution0XLb9v6TIi #Profile #Development

  7. Thomas Eggert says:

    Recruiting, Humankapital, Human Resources: Der demmenschlichte ... via BERUFEBILDER - Exciting contributionmshJJKIcEl

  8. Margrit Bielmeier says:

    RT @KanzleiJob: Recruiting, Human Capital, Human Resources: The dehumanized employee ?: Recently there was on LinkedIn and… http: //t.…

  9. firm-job says:

    Recruiting, human capital, human resources: The dehumanized employee ?: Recently on LinkedIn and ... - Exciting contributionj0Gg7ny0Ub

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