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Find exactly the right employee in recruiting: Quality instead of quantity!

Whether on your own corporate homepage, in print media or on different job boards, Company use a variety of channels to advertise potential candidates through job advertisements. But can you really find suitable candidates?

For candidates-

The litter loss of job advertisements

Although the display of one of the oldest communication tools and still today the most popular communication tool, job advertisements often have a high litter loss, which leads to no or even a large number of unsuitable candidates.

But how to seek out the right candidates. The success of the job advertisement depends not only on the content and design, but also on the dissemination media used and the legal framework.

Why job ads are important to the image

Before a job posting is published and published, it should be remembered that a job advertisement is more than just a means of communication for addressing potential candidates.

The job advertisement and its publication is the section in the recruiting process at which you, as a company, first come into direct communication with potential candidates. In addition, the job advertisement also represents a general communication tool for external corporate communication, which has an influence on the corporate brand and image.

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Targeted to address the right candidates

In order for your job advertisement to lead to the desired success, you should consider the previously named four factors individually and coordinate with each other. These factors are once again under review:

  • Content,
  • Layout,
  • used dissemination media
  • and legal framework.

Caution AGG: Caution is better than forbearance

When formulating your job advertisements, observe the current guidelines of the AGG. This also applies to all subsequent communication templates. Be a little too petty in your phrasing as you make a mistake.

Such an error can cause a great deal of attention, which not only entails an imagery, but also a high cost. Do not just make sure that your job advertisements are flawless, but also train all employees involved in job interviews to help prevent potential damage.

Qualitative instead of quantitative range

Although the wide spread of job advertisements in the most diverse media channels entails a long reach, the quantitative reach does not guarantee the desired quality of the applications.

Especially medium-sized companies are increasingly using regional media or their own career page on the company's website, but this use of the media channels very much limits the potential target group and requires a targeted search by the candidate.

Spread job advertisements - but how?

Such a limited distribution seems only useful if the company places a strong focus on regional employees. This specification should, however, be reconsidered in relation to the professional deficit. However, a wide spread across all media channels does not necessarily have to be more meaningful.

Even so, the desired quality is not guaranteed, but there are high costs.

Finding the right channels

As companies have already defined and enforced the desired requirements for potential candidates prior to publication of the job posting, it should be inferred from these requirements which media channels address the desired target group.

The media channels can vary greatly depending on the company level and area. Therefore, the dissemination strategy should be rethought and planned for each job advertisement.

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7 answers to "Find exactly the right employee in recruiting: Quality instead of quantity!"

  1. Felix Schorre says:

    Targeted to address the right candidates - 1 / 2: Quality instead of quantity!

  2. Martin Gaedt YOUNECT says:

    RT @DanielsOnFly: Valuably valuable for employers, via @SimoneJanson plus: interesting for you? @younect

  3. Martin Gaedt YOUNECT says:

    RT @DanielsOnFly: Valuably valuable for employers, via @SimoneJanson plus: interesting for you? @younect

  4. Katharina Daniels says:

    For employers factually valuable, via @SimoneJanson plus: interesting for you? @younect

  5. Katharina Daniels says:

    For employers factually valuable, via @SimoneJanson plus: interesting for you? @younect

  6. Sinan says:

    Thanks for the information.


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    Addressing the right candidates in a targeted manner - 1/2: Quality instead of quantity !: Regardless of whether it is… #profession #education

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