Recruiting & Cultural Fit: The Top 9 interview questions

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The cultural fit is rarely tested in recruiting. At the same time, new employees who do not fit in with the corporate culture cause numerous problems and costs right from the start. The following interview questions help you to find exactly the right employees.

Recruiting & Cultural Fit: The Top 9 Interview Questions Recruiting & Cultural Fit: The Top 9 Interview Questions

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The 9 best questions about Cultural Fit


You want to find employees who are best like a few twins to yours Company fit? Then you should involve the Cultural Fit in recruiting more strongly and purposefully.

In the interview, pay particular attention to answers based on past experiences, past experiences, examples that identify candidates and their priorities.

  1. In your opinion, what makes good teamwork and what are your experiences?Teamwork occupies an important place in most jobs. With this question you get to know whether the basic attitude to team work is positive and if and what experiences you have made with it. In the experience, make sure that they are consistent and relevant with the requirements of the job advertised by you.
  2. What do you think really allows good performances?An indirect question about motivation, simply on an objectified level. But since this answer also puts a lot to the capacity for abstraction, it should only be posed for certain positions. You can also put this question less openly: "What in your opinion are the conditions for above-average performance?"
  3. Describe to me as concretely as possible what is especially important for you in a good working atmosphere.Here you can see a lot of examples and experiences. Check out to find out more examples or make important things concrete. Also a scale inquiry can help: How important is for you "team spirit" on a scale of 1-10? Or: Which one to two points are the most important for you?
  4. What does a company owe its employees? Again, this is an unexpected and extraordinary question, but for that very reason not only the answer, but also the behavior or the reaction to it can reveal much. It forces interviewees to think outside the box and to think critically. This shows which values ​​of a corporate culture are important to him and what he understands, for example under fairness or opportunities for further development, and what ultimately motivates him.
  5. Please describe to me your ideal supervisor. When describing ideal images or ideals, people are always strongly encouraged to express themselves carefree and to "let their imagination run free". There may be areas where you want to deepen certain information (character, personality, sensitivity, open space expectation, etc.) with a follow-up question.
  6. What is a good working environment in which you feel comfortable?Is it the human environment, the team and the supervisor? Or are other criteria important, such as the spirit of innovation or an employee culture that respects and encourages employees? Of course, it is also important to compare the criteria mentioned above with those of your company's working environment and to observe similarities.
  7. Which positive and negative factors played an important role in your last job? The question leading to a more concrete answer, what has fallen and what not. Pay attention to whether these are relevant factors for your case, and how the relationship between positive and negative realities, whether it is just frustration and allegations that come up, or whether the positive events are paid attention - that says a lot about the fundamental positive or negative attitude of a candidate. For example, who leaves the previous employer only because of anger and disappointment, that is, without constructive goals such as getting ahead, is hardly the ideal candidate.
  8. What kind of people do you enjoy working with? Indirectly, this shows the expectation of teammates, a working environment, the nature of the candidate and his tolerance range. Possible examples from practical experience are of particular interest. Together with an experience, the statement gains credibility and becomes more concrete. The way in which it is used (such as wording, priorities, people involved, tasks, etc.) is interesting and enlightening.
  9. What characterizes a team in which you feel well? Is it a "dream team", are it realistic aspirations and expectations that fit the personality of the candidate or is it even an answer that incorporates your interview information, environment and job profile? Of course, pay special attention to the congruences with the existing team, in which the candidate would come with a job. Another question on this topic could be: What do you attach particular importance to in professional life? You can thus learn interesting personal values ​​and preferences as well as conclusions about the behavior in the workplace. Of interest is the matching of the relevant characteristics with the important points of the requirement profile and to what extent the values ​​of the applicant match those of your corporate culture. Similar questions can be formulated just as well with other topics in order to get more detailed and individual information.



The exact fit of the employee to the corporate culture is enormously important for the successful integration of the employee in the company and is too often underestimated.

However, with these questions you have a good template to filter out the right employees for your corporate culture from the outset among the applicants.

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