Recruiting in SMEs: 5 Reasons for Active Sourcing!

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Whoever wants to win the best talents must be open to them. This also applies to SMEs, but many do not trust Active Sourcing. Thereby, inhibitions are unnecessary - and the chances are great.

Recruitment in SMEs: 5 Reasons for Active Sourcing! active-sourcing

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Qualified young people wanted


A job advertisement in the local newspaper, a notice at the university: To recruit the best candidates, that is no longer enough. If medium-sized companies want to remain the engine of the German economy, they need qualified junior staff - and the right tools to reach them. We are looking for high potentials, the innovations in medium-sized companies Company ahead. They are found via modern recruiting ways.

The up-and-coming talent of the future will no longer want to introduce themselves modestly to employers and beg a job. They want to decide for themselves their dream job and get to know the company and the people behind it - online and personally. Students and graduates are digitally on the road, and successful recruiting starts today. Through interactive platforms employers can address talents on the same level. And this is not as complicated as many small and medium-sized companies think at the beginning: it is about simple selection, quick contact and open communication.

Get in touch and show interest


The keyword is called active sourcing. The contact with the appropriate candidate is entirely personal by the person - and runs much more openly than through classical ways. Companies are looking for suitable candidates, contact them, show interest. Possible tools are Xing's LinkedIn Recruiter or Talent Manager. The Jobbörse also offers companies an innovative way to find the best talents and uncomplicated contact: the TalentBoard.

The idea behind this is to make active sourcing as easy and intuitive as possible. It is so uncomplicated that it can be used alongside classic recruiting measures - and so self-explanatory that neither technicians nor additional staff are required. Small and medium-sized companies are thus able to enter into innovative recruiting and to lose contact with the world of touch. Because often there are reservations: Should one go these ways really, if one is "only" a Mittelständler? And is anyone really able to operate successful active sourcing?

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This is how a tool for Active Sourcing works


The fact that both questions can be answered with clear "yes" proves multiple awards for the TalentBoard - and the response of the staff. Phoenix Contact, a family-owned company based in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, has ventured into active sourcing through this tool. The Hidden Champion is a leader in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation and sees itself as a medium-sized company. This is where students and graduates from the MINT area are constantly being looked for. In the TalentBoard, recruiters from more than 420.000 junior staff filter the appropriate profiles.

In doing so, the requirements of the companies are automatically reconciled with the information provided by the candidates (course of study, university, desired type of entry and desired industry). And then it says: It's a match! The profiles of the suitable candidates are displayed - and in the first step recruiters get only the information they really need: no big cover letter, no inflated CV, no long-term school report. Above all, students who are still at the beginning of their careers have the most important facts - and recruiters at a glance. If so, ask for the release of the CV, invite talents to the next career or even directly to an interview. Successful careers are the result of a few clicks.

Low effort, valuable applications


Phoenix Contact sees active sourcing as a great opportunity to win talents quickly, purposefully and efficiently. And the TalentBoard makes it possible to contact appropriate junior executives before large corporations access them and snap them away from the labor market. "We can learn exciting personalities with little effort and generate valuable applications," says Julia Goltz, Human Resources Officer.

Presumably, not all SMEs will follow this example immediately, but it shows: The trial is worthwhile and the hurdles are low. The technical prerequisites have been created, they have only to be exhausted by the HR managers. If you wait for the first applications to arrive after a job announcement, you risk losing the best talents.

5 Reasons for Active Sourcing


Five reasons why you, as a medium-sized company, rely on active recruiting:

  1. The young academics are growing with modern tools. Go with the times - and say good-bye to processions!
  2. Classic application platforms are complicated and fun. Show students that applying can also go differently.
  3. Forget empty marketing phrases, position yourself as an authentic employer. This includes openness and personal contact.
  4. The mass of college graduates is huge, suitable talent is not easy to find. The right tool helps you and saves you time.
  5. Active Sourcing does not only lead you to the right candidates - it also makes fun on the recruiter side. Just try it.

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    A good example is the employer service of the employment agency. Here, recruiting is not about profit but exact fit. But you forget this way every now and then ...

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      Hello Reminder,
      Thank you. From the employer service of the employment agency I only heard bad because too bureaucratic. Maybe you would like to explain in some detail why it is so good?

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  8. Dirk Ohlmeier

    Good and consistent contribution. Active Sourcing is another building block for successful recruiting. However, we are increasingly seeing a trend that candidates are "tired" to be addressed via portals, networks and Co. Here, the quality of the speech is a key to success. Do not just use the "channel" to spread your job ad, but change your thinking about the information and authentic, that works great with us.

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    Recruiting in SMEs: 5 Reasons for Active Sourcing! from Julia Troesser & Katharina ... via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended VizsNeMaSb

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