Where do recruiters find good IT talents? Developer Report Germany

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What about the IT nation Germany and where do most programmers work? In a nationwide study, Stack Overflow examined the figures, data and facts of the developer landscape in Germany and examined the metropolitan regions of Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Stuttgart / Karlsruhe and Rhine-Ruhr. The result shows: Germany is very different thanks to its developers.

Where do recruiters find good IT talents? Developer Report Germany Where do recruiters find good IT talents? Developer Report Germany

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The developer report on the German ecosystem

Stack Overflow is one of the most widely used resources in the IT scene. Almost every developer worldwide uses Stack Overflow. From the resulting traffic can draw conclusions on the changes in the global and national developer scene.

In this case, it's about the developers in Germany, of which there are now almost 823.000. Based on the findings of the annual survey, it can be deduced: where do they work? Which technologies do you work with? How is the German developer market different from other European countries? And finally: how to go Company with the continued lack of candidates around?

The number of developers is rising (on and on)

In Germany around the time of the survey in November about 823.000 professional software developers are working. At the same time, good news: Compared to the survey in the previous year, this is an increase of over 114.000. They are surprisingly well distributed throughout the republic: Only 11 percent of them work in Berlin.

Compared to the largest cities in other European countries, this is a relatively low concentration - in London, with 25 percent more than twice as many, in Paris even 36 percent. Berlin is surpassed only by the entire Rhine-Ruhr region with almost 13 percent. In third place is Munich with just 83.000 developers and 10 percent, in places four to six follow Frankfurt, Stuttgart-Karlsruhe and Hamburg. If you want to go into more detail, you should download the report.

Machine Learning & Data Science in Trend

Within these regions, one group is in the front rank: the web developers. With 520.000 workers, they overtake all other developer types many times over. Specifically, the most common profiles include the full-stack web developers with 59,2%. followed by backend web developer with 13,07% and system administrators with 12 percent. The database administrators land on 4 with 7 percent.

One fact that is particularly impressive is the current developments in the IT market: The much younger disciplines Machine Learning and Data Science are now on the same level as desktop developers.

Regional differences show what cities are working on.

Web developers are also dominating the job description in the respective metropolitan regions, but there are differences: An above-average number of mobile developers work in Berlin's start-up scene, as does Frankfurt.

The south of Germany, with Munich and Stuttgart, has an increased number of embedded developers due to its proximity to automobile and technology groups. The Rhine-Ruhr area offers a mix of all disciplines.

Differences in programming languages

The disciplines also include the various programming languages: while Java and Python continue to be the two most widely used technologies among German developers, there are differences in tech ecosystems. In Munich, the IT experts work mainly with Python, which is used in data science and machine learning.

On the Rhine, PHP is strongly represented in the national comparison, since flexible web developments for e-commerce and the Web are made here. The capital boasts of its use of Python, Node.JS and Ruby-on-Rails, as these technologies are especially popular with start-ups, whereas .NET in Stuttgart-Karlsruhe is among the top three of the programming languages.

With more than 10 percent of Stack Overflow's page views, Python has already overtaken Java as the most wanted technology. In second place, the fastest growing technologies are followed by the programming language R, which is also used in machine learning and data science.

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