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University Ranking of Top Universities in Germany: Studying with Job Guarantee?

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Yesterday, a new university ranking published by our cooperation partner Universum, access KellyOCG and Wirtschaftswoche. For them, the top 10 universities were also immediately the job guarantors for their graduates. But can one say that - and is that even desirable?


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Ranking for penguins?

Students can be happy to be so easily and clearly put in the nose, where you should study the best. And yet such a ranking, especially garnished with the promise "job guarantee" is also dangerous - and indeed for Company, It suggests: just study according to Scheme F at the University of XY - and then you will find a job.

I have only recently been in a Lecture by Marcus K. Reif, Personnel at Ernst & Young learn that companies should be concerned about diversity: penguins, who are always recruiting new penguins, are important for companies, but cross-heads.

However, they often came to the finish line by a detour and had to cope with their own failure. As an example one has only to look at the career of the manager Thomas Sattelberger , who took it from the Communist to the Executive Board of the Telekom, introduced the women's rate there and repeatedly expressed himself against MBA and elite education.

Only studied subjects close to the economy

It is also possible to argue about the tactics of the rankings. Studis Online has done this and cursed:

... the approach seems rather limited. Only economically oriented subjects were taken into the race. The eight chosen subjects at the universities are: Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration (BWL), Business Informatics, Electrical Engineering, Economics (Economics), Natural Sciences and Industrial Engineering.

Of course, only subjects that seem to be of interest to companies are of course consistent - because, unfortunately, in Germany, too much attention is still being paid to the field of study in comparison to other countries.

How subjective is the rating?

But I am a little different: For the university ranking Universum and access KellyOCG since 2007 annually surveyed only 500 personnel responsible for Germany. This selection I find a little unrepresentative. And also subjective.

The results reflect the staff 's perception that the universities and universities of applied sciences are best suited to the needs of companies, which criteria are important for the selection of applicants, and in which soft skills the staff of the higher education institutions have more commitment to the education of the students.

The self-fulfilling prophecy

As I know from conversations with many people responsible for personnel, such personal assessments often involve very personal experiences: not only good or bad experiences with the graduates of this or that university, but perhaps the person responsible for the personnel himself has studied at the university.

He maintains good relations with the respective professors. Or even worse, he knows such rankings and has, often unconsciously, joined the general opinion about the university XY. Such things play much more often a valuation than many a good one, and thereby become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Top Colleges with Job Guarantee?

But what are the top universities with an alleged job guarantee? Previously, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), which has won the top spot in three disciplines. The technical university, which is focussed on engineering and natural sciences, is ranked first in the fields of economic engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science in the assessment of more than 500 employees in Germany.

RWTH Aachen occupies the top position in the fields of electrical engineering and the natural sciences. At the Fachhochschulen, the staff responsible for personnel chose the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences in the fields of business administration (business administration) and business engineering. The Berlin-based universities and technical colleges made a great leap forward.

The TU Berlin has improved in all areas and is among the top ten in five specialist areas in this year's ranking. The Humboldt University of Berlin and the Freie Universität Berlin were also able to jump into the top ten in three or two disciplines. At the Fachhochschulen, the HTW Berlin in the mechanical engineering sector climbed for the first time, an improvement by eight positions compared to the previous year.

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