Quickness First Aid: Anger is like swallowing poison

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Reprint: This text is from the book """Einfach schlagfertig: Zehn Methoden, die jeder anwenden kann (2015)" by Peter Kensok, Petra Schächtele-Philipp, published at BusinessVillage Verlag, and was left to us for reprint.
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We want to be ready to be ready when the air suddenly leaves us with indignation or shock and we feel helpless. One of the first (self-) help measures is that we get back to our breathing and set up a protection zone - literally or in a transcendental sense. Challenging First Aid: Angry is How to Swallow Poison Impetical First Aid: Anger is like swallowing poison

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Here writes for you: Petra Schächtele-Philipp is a trainer and rhetorician. Profile
Here writes for you: Peter Kensok is Peter Kensok is communication trainer, coach and psychotherapist. Profile

Conscious breathing


Behind every feeling is a need! Pay attention to your feelings and give them space. Get rid of yourself by breathing. Take a deep breath and exhale through pursed lips or through the nose with a Darth Vader sound. As a result, the exhale takes longer and calms.

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Breathing is the best remedy for stress. Breathe consciously after an attack, and, perhaps, six to eight times a minute. Inhalation - Pause - Exhale. Soon your pulse calms down. Relax your forehead instead of putting it in folds. Focus on your creative possibilities. Remember: every disaster is the core of an anecdote!

Your motto or positive self-talk


Talk carefully. If no one listens, like loudly: "I'm calm. One by one. How do I find that? Calm down, everything will be fine. "

Positive self-talk are not cheap or even ineffective tricks of success trainer of the last century. Already Émile Coué, the founder of modern, conscious autosuggestion, healed his patients with the sentence: "I am getting better and better every day in every way!" This affirmation releases affirmative, unconscious powers.

From positive thinking to affirmation


A generation later, the priest and author Norman Vincent Peale became the most popular representative of positive thinking outside of psychotherapy. His approach is by no means old style in the new millennium among mental techniques and can be found in the Concept the affirmations of Noah St. John even an increase.

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Other than the affirmations, affirmations trigger actively formative processes on the mental level - and this through a small and powerful "editorial" intervention.

The power of the unconscious


While Émile Coué would offer us an assertion like "I get more and more gagged every day," Noah would ask St. John a question, "Why am I already ready?" As with any question, the subconscious will automatically seek answers that we can only then understand when we empathize with them.

This is also the case if we really should not be ready at all. But we are already getting ready to be ready and to develop our resources: we will be able to cope better even in difficult situations, because we already know how quick-wittedness feels.

Annoying is like poison swallowing


Note: Annoying is like swallowing poison and hoping that the other will respond. We are in such a successful environment with such approaches. Modern mental techniques were one of the most important pillars in the training concept of the German national football team 2014. Joachim (Jogi) Löw and his team were world champions after all. You too can bring it to mental mastery in repartee with mental hygiene measures!

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The best way to begin with a life motto is how people who are dormant will like to have one. No matter what happens, they always put themselves back on their own inner strength. Which of the following sentences does this have for you? Does it perhaps cover something that has already been shown as a motto in your life?

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  1. Franz Josef Nephew

    Coué showed: If you have a problem and it does not get you (from you), then you do not stand on your side but on it.
    Coué showed that we are ALWAYS running AUTOuggestion, but mostly in favor of the problem.
    We think of it and strengthen it.
    The energy we put into the problem is withdrawn from us.
    We all make it so stupid, because that was brought to us all by pedagogy so:
    We give and take care - and get it.
    We are struggling - and are consequently strained.
    We do not give up - and are consequently tense.
    We overcome ourselves - and then we overcome.
    Who would dare to treat his boss so barbarically?
    Coué had a worldwide success and people had success worldwide through their model and their clear demonstration of problem and solution.
    Coué is still highly relevant today.
    Everyone can only benefit from his examples when he tests them and learns them.
    Read more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x335h-Wq_A
    Good luck!
    Franz Josef Nephew

    • Simone Janson

      Thanks for this (ad) note, I will look at this.

      • About

        Love Simone
        Franz Josef Neffe has written a short concise article.
        In-depth is the interview.
        How thoughts are purposefully used to mobilize forces,
        shows the youtube video on the method of autosuggestion by Emil Coué.
        A new insights

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    First Aid - Part 1: Annoying is like poison swallow via BERUFEBILDER - Exciting contributionvBp8I3qxCH

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