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92Fiona Elsa Dent is the Director of Executive Education at Ashridge Business School and, as a member of the Ashridge Management Committee, is responsible for one of the two faculty groups that manage programs, customer relationships and management development solutions for Ashridge. Dent is also involved with her colleagues in the strategic direction of the company, with a special focus on human resources. At Ashridge, she has experience as a program and client leader and has worked with a number of organizations and clients nationally and internationally. Dent teaches and advises on a wide range of leadership, personal, interpersonal and relational skills and is trained in a variety of psychometric methods.

vicki_holtonVicki Holton is a Research Fellow at Ashridge Business School, UK, with a focus on researching current trends in management and leadership development, best practices in career advancement, HR, equal opportunities and female leadership development. She has dealt with employee surveys, evaluation and benchmarking of personnel initiatives such as diversity and development and is the author of numerous books and articles on gender diversity in organizations and a member of numerous leading specialist journals.

Quality Management: 7 Tips for Better Leadership

How good or bad one Company works is significantly influenced by the quality of the management. 7 Tips That Help Improve Leadership. leadership01

How to improve resistance

The efforts of many companies are simply to create more effective organizations and more efficient people.

However, there are also a number of ways in which organizations could create more resilience among employees to help them cope better with the pressures and stresses of their daily work lives.

7 tips for better management

But what about good management? We've put together 7 tips that show how you can improve leadership in your business.

  1. Take responsibility: A significant change would result if individuals were encouraged to adopt more self-responsibility for these issues in their own business areas, For example, a senior employee could examine how the business unit works and what might help create more resilience.
  2. Discussing solutions in the team: And teams could regularly discuss what makes the team and individual members more resilient. We also believe that higher investment in education and development is possible and meaningful.
  3. Strengthen team development: Less than half of the managers interviewed indicated that their organizations provided sufficient time for team development, and slightly more than half of the respondents indicated that this is true of their own learning and development. Here is still air up: Improve the team development in their organizations.
  4. Take a critical look at your organization: Any organization that wants to improve its performance should address its own situation - it should be a clear majority of executives who respond positively to such questions as these. The contrasting views of two managers participating in the survey illustrate very different perspectives.
  5. Actively solve problems: Many managers highlight problems that have arisen in some organizations and are described by some managers in our survey. These are problems that could be solved by looking at the change. The second manager describes a great workplace: t.
  6. Create a great work environment: Another manager surveyed describes a great workplace by highlighting the values ​​of the organization, which in turn attracts employees with a strong system of beliefs and values.
  7. Employees: Good employees need high responsibility and the opportunity to go their own way forward. Enable this through appropriate planning.

How it can work - and how not

To conclude, we would like to compare two quotes that show that you can best run good leadership - and how not. Think about it!

Some change projects are a disaster here - they all follow the same path to extinction: too promising achievements, too little need and time, missing deadlines and degenerating into war and disputes or pretending that everything is OK ... we have to learn instead , and we also need to build on learning from self-disconnected projects. I know I may sound disillusioned, but it's really just frustration that we keep making the same mistakes over and over again without learning.

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We are a value-based organization that attracts, recruits and empowers people with a strong belief and value system. We have annual retreats and team building times. Our employees are regularly involved in working groups and are asked about new initiatives. We develop systems that enable more innovation and research and development. The management style of the company is “high responsibility” but “low direction”, which requires strategic planning but also gives employees the freedom to go their own way.

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