Purpose instead of mission statement: How companies have to reinvent themselves

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More and more studies indicate that Company gain significant financial benefits when dealing with the higher goals and the deeper meaning, ie the purpose of their organization extensively. And that has nothing to do with the usual concepts of the past.

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“Purposeful Organizations” are winners

The value consciousness, just like the economy, is changing. People increasingly want to know which one Company there is an offer, what drives it, how it deals with its customers and employees and what ethical attitude it credibly represents. They demand a reconciliation of profit and sustainability.

Who serves the good of the planet and people's lives are improved, their success is all too well supported. Such companies can easily attract and retain both a solvent clientele and top talent. They are appreciated by the society and receive the popularity of the media. They are able to gain a following of followers who are highly inspired to become evangelists of the corporate cause.

"Anyone who wants to make profit in the 21st century has to go through the eye of the needle with a good profile," says the German media philosopher Norbert Bolz. Is there any evidence of this? Oh yeah. For example, Ernst & Young's 2018 Global Leadership Forecast showed that “Purposeful Organizations” can achieve 42 percent better than average financial results.

Main task of the companies of tomorrow

The main task of a company of the future is thus to make a contribution to the quality of life or to the professional or business success of its customers. Increasingly, it is also important to make it plausible how it wants to contribute to a better world. Entrepreneurship must therefore start today with the following questions:

  • What effects does our economy have on society and the environment?
  • What contribution do our solutions make to a future worth living for?
  • How do we create a home port for our employees?
  • How do we create a longing for our customers?

Utility and meaning are in

It is about utility, willingness to join, willing to join and meaning - embedded in an increasingly technological world. This utility, the sense of being, the why of a company in English is called "Purpose".

He determines the identity of a company and secures its future. "Start with Why," British-American author Simon Sinek calls this concept, his Golden Circle. One first defines the "why" of his activities, the big idea, before addressing the "how" and then the "what".

Organizational restructuring: What are the purpose of companies?

Anyone who wants to start an organizational change must first of all deal with the purpose of his company. This has little to do with the mission statements of the past, often referred to as a vision or mission statement. The purpose of a company is to the outside, whereas classic mission statements are directed inwards.

Classic models often sound similar, usually banal, almost always interchangeable and somehow hollow, just as if you had used a mission statement generator. They celebrate no unique benefit for the customers, the market and the world, but the dream of their own greatness and glory. So it sounds like: "We see ourselves as a market leader with 1a products." Or: "We are global leaders with our brands." Or: "We are the technology pioneer in our industry."

Old models: self-loving and self-centered

Usual mission statements and the associated statements are not only self-centered, the very special of a company does not come through. Rather, it trickles platitudes ("We are customer-oriented."), Matter of course ("We are reliable.") And phrases ("We draw our strength from our employees."). That does not touch. It does not inspire. And it certainly does not get internalized.

If you ask employees for the mission statement of their company, you get empty looks. With a bit of luck it says: "Remind me dark, we have done sometime, I believe on the website." But what stands there or in pamphlet brochures is nothing but communication prose for the public, to which internally anyway no one believes.

Most of the models are not lived at all

Unfortunately, the superiors all too often do not act according to the guiding principle and values ​​that they literally “adopted”. With such a lack of integrity, hanging up posters of values ​​is pure cynicism. In a fairly well-known company, “Lügenbaum” is the name of the pillar on which photos of executives hang, who make mission statements. In addition, if the core goal is linked to supremacy and profit maximization, this can lead in the most dubious directions. There are enough well-known examples of this.

Those who work for the ego-goals of others, feel like a lackey of the system. If, on the other hand, an attractive corporate purpose is developed, a high degree of attraction is created. After the most talented employees, the most interesting partners, the best suppliers, the most liquid investors and the highest quality customers, you no longer need to search laboriously, you will find that.

The difference between mission statement and purpose

The Purpose is therefore the meaning and purpose of a company, its purpose, the philosophy behind the business model, the essence, the guiding principle for all action. It expresses why the company exists, what it wants to bring to the world and what the employees of the company work together.

For example, Google does not self-focus as the largest global search engine operator, but "organizes the information of the world." Amazon does not want to be the number one buying portal, but reach "the highest customer satisfaction in the world". Tesla "is driving forward the transition to sustainable energy." TED does not see itself as a well-known conference provider, but wants to "share valuable ideas".

Solve the problems of humanity

Profit is never the purpose per se. If the purpose is to solve an urgent human problem and thus heal the world in a small area, then something really big can succeed. Where the biggest problems are, there are the biggest markets. In the end, the best magically attract the best. The result is then a good profit.

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  1. Albert

    Because of purpose: Since there were two rejections in the e-mailbox on Monday, I remembered this blog again. I believe that employers are now looking for a much more specialized workforce than they used to be. It used to be enough to be a mechanical engineer to fill a technical position. A lack of specialist knowledge was then obtained on-the-job ”. Today we are looking for engineers in mechanical engineering specializing in production technology with a specialization in machining for the construction of a 5-axis CNC milling machine. This annoying development is also made clear by the fact that more and more universities of applied sciences are offering more and more specialized courses. Today, employers no longer want to invest in staff, but keep searching until they find exactly the right piece of the puzzle with the right corners. No wonder you scream “shortage of skilled workers”. And on the other hand, there are thousands of engineers waiting to be molded.

  2. Evelyn

    Excellent! You really do not need more words to describe this blog.

  3. Lilly

    I don't see any sense in companies: Unfortunately, arrogance and arrogance has established itself in many HR departments, especially in large corporations, where I actually ask myself whether they are really looking for the best employees, as they say, or only interchangeable work slaves.

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