Psychology for work and everyday life - 5 book tips: Why are we so and what can we do better?

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How do we manage to be happy? What do the habits of Germans look like? And why are men and women the way they are? 3 current books provide information.

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Here writes for you: Simone Janson is a publisher, German Top20 blogger and HR communication consultant. Profile

The darn X: men and women


The title is provocative and suggests a wild pseudoscientific argument of emancipation. Far from it: This book has written man!

And that explains plausibly, scientifically sound and understandable to laymen, although not why women are smarter than men (here it is shown that the intertitles promoting market intentionally was chosen something exaggerated), but why men are just more susceptible to malfunction due to their X-chromosome , What do you want to do with the knowledge? It's just interesting.

With Hempels on the sofa: Flotter title, serious content


The casual title misleads a little beyond the content: in no case does an ironic view of everyday German life be offered, but numerous statistics and facts from social research and social anthropology are brought together.

They are condensed into an interesting work that, despite the scientific background, does not cause boredom. From dealing with the time on fashions and eating habits to men and women's images is all there is to know about Germany politically and culturally.

Maybe the book should be distributed by default to immigrants? But also for German to think for sure to recommend - even if a (still) larger pinch of irony would have done the book sure.

Instead of information: K (l) a wisdom for happy


If you are expecting much, you will soon be disappointed. So it is with this book: instead of little wisdom, there is no wisdom!

I ordered from the series published by Evelyn Polt-Heinzle, "Little Wisdom for Lucky". But there are also the wisdoms for various other groups like lovers, friends, family people, etc.

But that is the problem with the expectation: Under small wisdom I had imagined something "meaningful". In fact, the book is nothing more than a collection of various proverbs, sayings and kitchen wisdoms. Honor annoying as meaningful, not even particularly original.

The stupid sex


It is clear that this book led to misunderstandings: No, it is not propagated here that women absolutely have to climb up the career ladder!

But those who do not, should always make clear why they have decided differently. This is called consequence - and that is, I have to agree with the author, in many women in short supply.

Women - dissatisfied and bitchy?


Afterwards, the woman is dissatisfied and bitchy, lulls herself into his insecurities, because it is so convenient and practical and makes life difficult for those who live differently (happier?) - eg by calling her a raven mother ...

As far as so beautiful and the chapter on child rearing is particularly successful. However, I do not have the impression that the phenomenon described here is restricted to women, also many men prefer to stay comfortably in their lethargy than to get up and pull down others with.

Striking theses


Overall, this book is a bit too bold for me, there are wild numbers lined up (where you should not trust any statistics that you have not falsified yourself!) Without any solutions.

And too bad that as a way to power, reputation and success then only the "male" power model is drawn as a template - how about some alternatives for self-confident women who want to go their own way and power games just not necessary to have.

Mental training: learning for everyday life


Finally, a book on how we can do better. By learning! Yawn, we know that from school and study: learning for exams.

But in times of constant restructuring and technical innovations, we need learning more and more often in our working life or even in everyday life. Only: how do you learn best?

Daily work schedule


Those who structure their learning time well, learn more effectively, are more motivated and recognize necessary breaks. Because they must be necessarily.

Experts recommend a time share of 25 percent. In the 75 percent learning time you gain experience to prioritize and estimate the time spent on subtasks.

Text diversity


A lot of text, a lot of knowledge, this is essential learning element. In order to quickly filter out, evaluate and store the most important information from a wealth of texts, the five-step method helps:

  1. 1. Overflight: What fits at first glance to the learning task?
  2. 2.Fragen: Ask questions about the contents of the texts.
  3. 3.Arevices: Read the texts thoroughly and mark the answers.
  4. 4.Generate: To summarize the sense sections themselves.
  5. 5.Repeat: Answer the subordinate questions with your own answers and from your memory.

Extract text


In order to extract the really important information from a longer text, you should create your own text extracts. Note these on a separate sheet or card.

Learning diary


A learning diary is a mix of learning calendar and learning protocol. Whoever conducts a learning diary regularly and consistently cemented his learning strategies, which are much easier now. Include a learning diary

  • the learning objectives,
  • Learning planning goals and the review of the planning steps,
  • Examination dates,
  • interdisciplinary links,
  • Experiences with learning methods and learning partners.

Order helps with learning!


A decent and well-organized workplace is a basic requirement for effective learning, because order creates the necessary peace.

Storage facilities, ready-to-use work equipment and a clear layout are the basic requirements. A good trick is to store material in boxes sorted by topic to make room on the desk.

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